The Round Timer shows how much time is left during a round in the Street Fighter games. It appears between both players' health meters on the HUD.


SFIII Necro vs Oro

The Round Timer in Street Fighter III: New Generation appears as a simple floating number.

The amount of time per round can usually be determined before the match starts, via options. The timer settings are different for each game; for example, the main series has 30, 60 or 99 seconds, or infinite if desired, while the Alpha series has 25, 50, 75, 99, and infinite.

When the game announcer shouts "Fight!", then the timer starts from that corresponding amount. The timer stops if someone is knocked out, when a character activates a Super Combo, via glitch (i.e. Rose's Time Freeze), or the timer runs out. Should both players be standing when the timer expires, the one with more health remaining is declared the winner.

If both players have the same amount of health, in arcade, this is counted as a loss.


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