Ryodansatsu (両断殺 Ryoudansatsu?, "Bisection Slaughter") is one of Juri's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick

Description Edit


Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Juri performs a somersault with her legs outstretched, slamming the energy-filled limb against the ground as she lands in the splits.

This move is basically a clone of Chun-Li's Hazanshu from Ultra Street Fighter IV, except that it is not an overheard.

Tactics Edit

Ryodansatsu serves primarily as Juri's combo ender. It is primarily used to counter "zoning" characters. She is airborne and lower body projectile invincible during the startup frames of this move. Juri can use Ryodansatsu to leap over projectiles and inflict a decent amount of damage at the same time. However, this move must be used preemptively in anticipation of her opponent's projectiles. If Juri is able to get a good read on her opponent, she can punish them on the recover frames of the special attack. In addition, this move can be cancelled into Juri's V-Trigger or Critical Art for maximum damage.

The damage inflicted and distance traveled is determined by the strength of the kick button pressed. The Light version has the fastest startup. However, it travels the shortest distance and deals the least amount of damage. Meanwhile, the Heavy version goes nearly full screen and has added projectile invincibility. While it does inflicts the most damage, it has a slightly longer startup than the other versions.

The EX version has the same startup as the Heavy version. It also inflicts the same amount of damage as the Medium version. However, this version is the fairly safe at -2 on block. In addition, the EX version launches her opponent into the air on hit, allowing Juri to follow-up with another move, such as Tensenrin or V-Trigger.


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