This is a list of quotes used by Ryu.

Street Fighter Edit

  • "What strength!! But don't forget there are many guys like you all over the world."
  • "I wish you good luck!" (Lost quote)

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "You did quite well, but you need more training to defeat me!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "To live is to fight, to fight is to live!"
  • "There's nothing like a fair fight. It improves both competitors."
  • "You must love competition before you can achieve victory."
  • "Don't fight for victory--fight to improve yourself. Victory will come."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit

  • "This was a battle of spirits, not fists. Search your soul if you want to beat me!"
  • "You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!"
  • "I really broke a sweat! How about another round?"
  • "Blind pride can only hold you back. There are fighters out there stronger than the both of us!"
  • "If you want to be a true fighter... go home and train!"
  • "I know you can do better! Get up and try again!"

Lost quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "You have no chance of winning if you can't defeat my Shoryuken!!"
  • "Good work! But it seems you still have a lot of training to do!!"
  • "Is that all of your power? If you have any regrets, come at me!!"
  • "We really wore each other out... It wouldn't be strange if we both lost."
  • "The road to becoming a true martial artist is still long... This is only training!!"
  • "That was a great fight, let's do it again!!"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "Learn to fight, not to flail."
  • "Get up. Let's go again..."
  • "I never lose."
  • "Aren't you used to losing by now... ?"
  • "I'm sure you'll do better once you learn how to fight."

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter AlphaEdit

Win Quotes (Alpha and Alpha 2) Edit

  • "I look forward to our next battle."
  • "You fought well. I was honored."
  • "Now I'll find a better challenge!"
  • "What's wrong? Why do you hold back?"

Rival Dialogue Edit

vs. SagatEdit

Ryu: "Back for more, Sagat?"

Sagat: "Every day I see this scar... and I imagine you broken at my feet. Today I will have my revenge!"

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Win Quotes (Japanese) Edit

  • "The match was a momentary difference, stand up."「勝負は一瞬の差だった さあ、立ってくれ」 [2]
  • "It was a good match, fight me again!"「いい試合だったな、またおれと闘ってくれ! 」 [2]
  • "I don't know which one is stronger after only one match."「たった一度の勝負じゃあ どちらが強いかはわからない」 [2]
  • "I won't miss the chance!"「おれは勝機をのがさない!」 [2]
  • 「修行がたりない ・・・・・・・おまえも、おれも ! 」 [2]
  • "What's wrong, show your true power!"「どうした、おまえの 本当の力を見せてみろ !」 [2]
  • "I...... I’m going to meet a guy who is stronger than me!"「おれは・・・・・・ おれより強いヤツに、会いにいく !」 [2]
  • 「この勝負はもらった いつでも奪いかえしにこい !」 [2]
  • "Have you seen it! The power of the waves that cut through the sky!"「見たか! 空を切りさく、波動の力 !」 [2]
  • 「何も言うな おまえのにぶしが語っていた」 [2]
  • "When I fight next time... I will win again!"「今度戦うときは・・・・・・ またおれが勝つ !」 [2]
  • "You are strong... I understand!"「あんたは (or きみは) 強い・・・・・・おれにはわかる !」 (*)[2]
  • "This isn’t the end! Another round!"「これで終わりじゃない! さあ、もう一戦だ !」 [2]
  • "For me, this is the only fist."「おれには、この拳だけがすべてなんだ」 [2]
  • "I must be able to see something, at the end of this battle...!"「きっと何かが見えるはず この闘いの果てに・・・・・・!」 [2]
  • "As long as my heart is still beating, I can’t stop!”「心ゆさぶるいあるかぎり おれは立ち止まらない !」 [2]
  • "A single blow without hesitation determines the match!"「迷いのない一撃が 勝負を決める !」 [2]
  • "Thoughts that are put into the technique...... I have certainly received it!"「技に込められた想い ・・・・・・・確かに受け取った !」 [2]
  • "That's the spirit!"「その意気だ !」 [2]
  • "When I'm lost, I seek the answer in battle, and I've lived......!”「迷ったときは闘いに答えを求める そうして俺は生きてきた・・・・・・ !」 [2]
  • 「この魂、つらぬくまでだ !」 [2]
  • "You're going to have a long relationship!"「おえとは長い付き合いに なりそうだな !」 [2]
  • 「・・・・・・もう少しで何かが つかめそうな気がする・・・・・・・」 [2]
  • "The true rival is tomorrow's me!"「真のライバルは、明日のおれだ !」 [2]

(*)「きみは, Kimi wa」.........only for Chun-Li and Sakura

「あんたは, anta wa」......... Vs. other characters.[2]

Rival Dialogue Edit

vs. AkumaEdit

Akuma: "Well, we meet again!"

Ryu: "It's been awhile Akuma. So, have you gotten any better?"

Akuma: "You tell me!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I see a strong will to fight in your eyes! Don't give up yet!"
  • "One fight. One more step on the path to becoming a true warrior!"
  • "Sometimes the most important battle, is the battle within..."
  • "The only way a true fighter can suffer, is by not fighting!"
  • "True victory is to give all of yourself, without regret."
  • "Whatever you find worthwhile in life, is worth fighting for!"
  • "Whether we win or lose, all of our battles make us stronger!"
  • "Your strength is equal to that of your will to win!"

Win Quotes (Japanese) Edit

  • "If you want to be strong, you must recognize the strength of the other person!"「強くありたいのなら、 ます 相手の強さを認めることだ ! 」
  • "You say, "Satsui no Hado" ... Someday, I will control it!"「あんたのいう 「殺意の波動」 ・・・・・ いつか 、 制してみせる ! 」
  • "If we have hot fists, we don't need words"「熱い拳さえあれば おれ達言葉なんか要らない」
  • "Anxiety that binds you, afraid of yourself, you must break it!"「君を縛る不安 、 怖れ君自身が 、 打ち破るしかない ! 」
  • "The things that we aim for are different, and the passion that keeps them up is the same."「お互い目指すものは違う力 込み上げる熱い思いはかわらない」
  • "I'm not afraid to lose! I'm afraid to give up!"「敗北は恐くない ! あきらめることが恐いんだ ! 」
  • "You're not weak, you're just missing a step"「あんたは弱くはない あと一歩が足りないだけだ」
  • "It's good to have confidence, I'm wondering if I'm pushing forward!""「自信があるのはいいことだ 迷わす突き進め ! 」
  • "You always exceed my expectations... I'm happy!"「いつもお前は 、 おれの予想を 上回ってくれる・・・・・・ 嬉しいぜ ! 」
  • "Now, stand! I will be your partner as often as you like! "「さあ、立て ! 何度でも相手になってやる ! 」
  • "It's interesting because I don't know what will happen."「何が起こるかわからない だから面白いんじゃないか」
  • "Why don't you believe in yourself and others more?"「もっと自分を 、 そして人を 信じてみたらどうだ ? 」
  • "…...What do you want to say? What is in my future!?"「・・・・・・・何を言いたい ? おれの未来に、 何がある !?」
  • "The next time we meet, I’ll be stronger... Prepare yourself!"「次に会うときの俺は もっと強いぞ・・・・・・・ 覚悟しろ ! 」
  • "Throw away your weapons and armor. I want to fight with my bare hands"「武器も防具も捨てて 素手とうしで戦ってみたいものだ」
  • "If you stick to winning, you lose sight of what's important!"「勝ちにこだわると 大切なものを見失うぞ ! 」

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. RoseEdit


Rose: "Ryu... You are not strong enough to win the battle with that man. Or should I say, you COULD win, but at the cost of your soul..."

Ryu: "...?! Who are you? And who is "that man?" Fight me now... And defeat me, if you can!"


Rose: You must fight with your soul, not with your power! To become a true martial artist is to understand that. You try in vain to look for the answer. But, it lies within you. Keep that in mind... Even when you confront that man!

vs. KenEdit

Ken: "Ryu... It's time! Fight me! Now you will finally see that I am the strongest! Not you!"

Ryu: "Ken? What's wrong? Your eyes... What's happened to you?!"

Ken: "Shut up!! Don't assume that I'm what I once was! We fight!!!"

vs. M. BisonEdit

Ken is lying on the floor. M. Bison throws him out of the screen.

Ryu: "Ken!!"

(Talking to Bison now)

Ryu: "?! Who... are... you?!"

Bison: "Huh ha ha ha ha ha! You're as strong as I had hoped, Ryu! Ken was too afraid that you'll be a master, and that he won't. I gave him great power, but only at the cost of his mind."

Ryu: "What?!"

Bison: "Now it's your turn! Prepare to be seduced by my Psycho Power! I will reveal your dark nature!"

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "My quest continues... I must find a worthy opponent."
  • "Come back for a rematch anytime. I will neither run nor hide from a challenge."
  • "I'm neither superhuman nor invincible. But I can handle the likes of you."
  • "No match for my special moves, huh? Better luck next time!"
  • "You got one good blow in, but it will take more than that to knock me out."
  • "This isn't the end. I'm sure we'll cross paths again."
  • "I must continue to hone my skills."
  • "But, what lies beyond this victory?"

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

Street Fighter III: New GenerationEdit

Win Quotes (generic)Edit

  • "Get up! Show me your true power!"
  • "You're wounded. The hot springs can heal you quickly."
  • "This match... I think I've learned something from this. You're nothing."
  • "What? Out of stamina already?"
  • "You can't beat me with those incomplete moves!"
  • "You still have a fighting spirit in your eyes. I look forward to our next battle."

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Edit

vs. KenEdit

Ryu: "Ken.... It's good to see you! Long time no see, old friend!"

Ken: "Ryu.... You haven't changed! You know the drill. Let's do it!"

vs. SeanEdit

Sean: "Ryu! I've come to challenge you! Let's go! Hyaaah!"

Ryu: "How did you know who I am? That stance; I see. Let's begin."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "These two fists are everything to me!"
  • "It was a good fight. Challenge me again!"
  • "You still have a fighting spirit in your eyes. I look forward to our next battle."
  • "This match... I think I've learned something from this. You're nothing."
  • "Put everything you've got in your fist and challenge me!"
  • "The world is big! There must be no limit to human strength..."
  • "Get up! Show me your true power!"

Win Quotes (Super Art finish)Edit

  • "The ultimate form of wave motion attack... Shinkuu... the power of vacuum energy!"
  • "Shinkuu Hadoken! Its unstoppable power still amazes me!"
  • "You've just experienced the Shin Shoryuken!! Tell me if you've seen any greater force!"
  • "Yes, that is the nature of the attack. If it strikes, you will be crushed!"
  • "Denjin! The electric bite of the Thunder God cannot be stopped!"
  • "Concentrated energy... The longer it builds up, the more devastating it becomes!"

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

  • "I will never stop fighting... I must find "the true strength!""
  • "We are different, but I respect your fighting spirit. I'd like to challenge you again!"
  • "The pride of a fighter... Interesting... I've gained a better understanding now."
  • "Your spirit is in fighting for now, but perhaps your true happiness lies elsewhere."
  • "I wonder if you seek the same things as I do in the fight..."
  • "Your power is splendid! If you sharpen your moves and toughen your mind, you'll be complete!"
  • "It is not enough just to train. To find my answer... I must do more."
  • "Thank you, my friend! A good challenge like the old days, but it's harder than it used to be!"
  • "A good fighter learns constantly. During the fight, you taught me how to defeat you."
  • "Next time we meet, please fight seriously. Only a real challenge will help me to improve."
  • "Mirroring my attacks will not help you to defeat me. Use skill to obtain victory."
  • "If you cannot learn from the battle itself, there is nothing I can teach you!"
  • "If defeat discourages your fighting spirit, think of what you have gained by learning."
  • "I hold the art of Chinese Kung Fu in high regard. Excellent performance!"
  • "You possess great ability at your age! I have rarely seen such potential. Only once before..."

Street Fighter III: 3rd StrikeEdit

vs. KenEdit

Ken: "You never get bored of this, do you?"

Ryu: "I could say the same to you..."

Ken: "Okay then, I'll make this quick and easy for you. Prepare for defeat!"

Ryu: "You may think so, but I've still got the better win record! Stand strong!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "The eyes of a warrior never stray from the spectacle of battle."
  • "To try something new, is to explore your true potential."
  • "Keep your mind calm and pure. Focus on what is important!"
  • "It's better to conquer a hardship than to conquer nothing at all."
  • "A defeat learned from is more important than an empty victory."
  • "Range... Speed... Priority... Know and master all of your attacks!"
  • "Every moment gives us a chance to become more than what we are."
  • "Seek an opponent who is your equal. Only then can you improve."

Street Fighter EX series Edit

Win QuotesEdit

Street Fighter EXEdit

  • "My true rival is the fight within"「真のライバルは明日の俺だ」(Quote)
  • "I will find an opponent even stronger than myself"「俺より強い奴に会いに行く」(Quote)
  • "Don't use your words, speak with your fists"「何も言うな。お前の拳が語っている」(Quote)
  • "What's wrong?"「どうした ?」 (Unused Quote)
  • "Don't hold back. Show me your true power!"「どうした。お前の本当の力を見せてみろ(Quote)

Street Fighter EX2/Street Fighter EX3Edit

  • 「俺にはこの拳だけが全てだ!」
  • 「これが俺の拳道だ!」
  • 「心の極みが県の極みだ。」

Capcom vs. SNK series Edit

Match of the Millennium Edit

Win Quotes (generic quotes) Edit

  • "The path of combat's long!"
  • "I wait for a stronger foe!"
  • "Nice match... Let's go again!"
  • "I want to face the ultimate foe!"
  • "No one's stronger than me, fool!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "Nice going, KEN! But I can't lose!"

Millennium Fight 2000 Edit

Character Select Edit

  • "Bring it on!"「かかってこい!」(`Kakatte koi!')

Intro Edit

  • "Do you want to test my fist?"「おれ の こぶし を ためす か?」(`Ore no kobushi o tamesu ka?')
  • "Come anytime!"「いつでも こい!」(`Itsu demo koi!')
  • "I accept!"「うけってたと!」(`U ketteta to!')


  • "Be serious!"「本気をだぜ!」(`Honki oda ze!')

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You are already giving up? You didn't even try..."
  • "That's it? Has your fighting spirit burned out?!"
  • "I noticed the spirit of a true warrior was within you."
  • "A true warrior follows their own destiny!"
  • "What strength! I won't forget that there are many like you all over the world!"
  • "You were your own worst enemy..."
  • "Stand up and face me again. I have yet to see your best..."
  • "Never give into your fear..."

Ending Quote Edit

  • "This was a good battle. And now, I must search for a new one..."

Mark of the Millennium 2001 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "This should prove to be a worthy battle."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "A true warrior follows their own destiny!"
  • "You are already giving up? You didn't even try..."
  • "You were your own worst enemy..."
  • "I noticed the spirit of a true warrior within your fists."
  • "What strength! I won't forget that there are many like you all over the world!"
  • "Never give into your fear..."
  • "Stand up and face me again. I have yet to see your best..."
  • "That's it? Has your fighting spirit burned out?!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

Ryu & Kyo Edit

Ryu: "I will do my best at all times, that is courtesy!"「いかなるときも全力、それが礼儀だ ! 」

Kyo: "I don't know. Let's take it easy."「カタいねえ。もっと気楽にいこうぜ。」

Ryu & Blanka Edit

Ryu: "Come on, let's get ready for the next match!"「さあ、次の試合も気合を入れるぞ ! 」

Blanka: 「オしはいづでも、 リンゼンイゼイだ !」

Ken & Ryu Edit

Ken: "Did you see Ryu! My gorgeous technique!" 「見たかリュウ! オしの華麗な技を! 」

Ryu: "Just as expected. But don't let your guard down." 「さすがだな。だが油断はするなよ。」

Morrigan & Ryu Edit

Morrigan: “It’s not even, a fight.”「チョいじゃない、格闘なんて。」

Ryu: "There are still strong guys. Don't be discouraged!"「強いヤツはまだまだいる。気を抜くな !」

Ryu & Ryo Edit

Ryu: “I want to ask you to pursue yourself more!”「もっと己を追求する、そんな聞いがしたい!」

Ryo: “I have a good spirit. I like it.”「いい心意気だ。俺は気に入ったぜ。」

SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-battle Dialogues Edit

Vs. Akuma Edit

Ryu: "Akuma..."

Akuma: "... Save the speech."

Ryu: "Ok... Let's do it!"

Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs. Balrog

Balrog: "Oooh-whoaaaa!!!"

Ryu: "Huh?! You. You're Balrog, right?"

Balrog: "Hmph. Blocked? Me?!"

Ryu: "Same as ever."

Balrog: "How about killing some time. And you, too?"

Ryu: "I accept your offer. The first one, that is. Bring it on!"

Vs. Chun-Li

Chun-Li: "Hah! Yah! Hyah! Hah-yeeeeeh!"

Ryu: "Zealous as ever. How about a break?"

Chun-Li: "Ryu! What's the word? You just missed out on the fun. Just wait a while."

Ryu: "Nice timing. How about a fistcuffs, then?"

Chun-Li: "Hee hee. You sure?"

Vs. Dan Edit

Dan: "Huh? It's Ryu, isn't it?

Ryu: "Oh, Dan! How's it going? ...Like I need to know."

Dan: "Hey, I've been working out. I've taken my Saikyo Groove to new heights of pain infliction!"

Ryu: "I'm anxious to see it. So, without further adieu, show me what you've got!

Dan: "Heh, you'll be blown away. I'll knock your sock off. Don't cry! Don't beg!"

Ryu: "Oh, get on with it!"

Vs. Demitri

Ryu: "A vampire... you'll make a worthy opponent."

Demitri: "I'd be privigeled to have you defeat me."

Ryu: "All I seek is a powerful opponent. Do it, Nosferatu!"

Demitri: "I am stronger than you can imagine. If you value not life, then bring it on!"

Vs. Dhalsim

Ryu: "Dhalsim! It's time you showed me what's new with Yoga!"

Dhalsim: "As self-involved as ever. End your foolish conceits and watch and learn.

Ryu: "Yeah, yeah. Let's get it on!"

Dhalsim: "Ho ho ho. Surprisingly, a guy like you may just one day find spiritual enlightment."

Vs. Guile

Ryu: "Guile! It's been a while."

Guile: "You look as fit as ever, not only that, seems you've gotten tougher."

Ryu: "How about you showing me your stuff?"

Guile: "Hey, no problem. I'll show you everything I've got!"

Ryu: "Goes without saying. It's showtime!"

Vs. Hugo

Ryu: "...What a monster!"

Poison: "Are you going to whine about weight classes? I don't give a rip."

Ryu: "Nor do I. The bigger the enemy, the better the battle."

Poison: "You talk a good fight. You'll lose though, you work for us. Hugo!"

Hugo: "Hyaaaaaaaah!"

vs. Ken

Ken: "You're terrible!"

Ryu: "You're a tyro!"

Ken: "...Hmph. Ryu, that's the stuff. You can still take it."

Ryu: "And you can dish it out. That was close."

Ken: "Well then, let's keep it going, Ryu!"

Ryu: "Bring it on, Ken!"

Vs. M. Bison

M. Bison: "Why are you here, Ryu? Have you come to beg for forgiveness?"

Ryu: "No way. I've come to kick your butt!"

M. Bison: "Yah hya hya. Why the hurry to die so young?"

Ryu: "Back at you!"

Vs. Mirror Match

Mirror Match: "What are you...?"

Ryu: "I am I. Its seems you are you."

Mirror Match: "Stupid socratic method!"

Ryu: "Then say it with fists! Bring it on!"

Vs. Sagat

Sagat: "I've been waiting, Ryu."

Ryu: "Sagat. I knew it was you. Your bloodthirst beckoned me to this place.

Sagat: "This wound still hurts. Unless I defeat you..."

Ryu: "Put'em up, Sagat!"

Sagat: "Come, Ryu!"

Vs. Tessa

Ryu: "What a weird get-up... remind me of a fortune teller I met in Genova."

Tessa: "A genoese fortune teller? That sounds intriguing. If you would be so kind, tell me more, stranger."

Ryu: "I'd be happy to, but first let's do it!"

Tessa: "Hoo hoo hoo. You're weird, too."

Vs. Vega

Ryu: "Vega?! What are you doing here?"

Vega: "To clean up all of the ugliness... I see no value in garbage like you."

Ryu: "Weird as ever. Fancy meeting you here. How about it?"

Vega: "Hah ha ha. Very well. I'll make up your corpse with fresh blood."

Ryu: "If you can... hee yah!"

Vs. Zero

Ryu: "The eyes of a fighter. Care to show me what you've got, tiny?"

Zero: "...Impressive. You're good..."

Ryu: "Yeah. And I must keep up my training to be a good fighter...

Zero: "Here I come!"

Ryu: "Do it!"

Vs. Violent Ken

Violent Ken: "Ooh-whoaaaaa! R-Ryu!"

Ryu: "Ken? It is really you? What's wrong, snap out of it!"

Violent Ken: "Ryu... fight me! Ooh-waaaagh!"

Ryu: "Argh! Ken! Pull yourself together!"

Vs Shin AkumaEdit

Ryu: "Th-the Murder Wave..."

Shin Akuma: "Take yourself back, kid. You got what it takes..."

Ryu: "Me... I won't go there. I don't need to sell my soul to become tough!"

Shin Akuma: "It's too late... You're on your way there."

Vs. Red Arremer Edit

Ryu: "Where am I...? A creeping feeling. Such stagnant air...

Red Arremer: "Gyah-gyah!"

Ryu: "What fiend is this? Gulp!"

SNK Edit

Vs. Choi

Ryu: "That's a weird stance. Looks a bit like... Tae Kwon Do!"

Choi: "Eeee-yaoh! I'm a genuine Tae Kwon Do disciple!"

Ryu: "Tae Kwon Do with a touch of steel, eh? Cool! How about a match?"

Choi: "Eee-ya, hah! You'll add to the rust of my claws!"

Vs. Earthquake

Ryu: "A bad guy face... bad guy clothes..."

Earthquake: "What did you say? Do you want to die?"

Ryu: "And bad guy banter. I must therefore guess: you're a villain!"

Earthquake: "You're a real comedian!"

Vs. Geese Howard

Ryu: "Ancient martial arts?"

Geese: "I'm not sure what it is. But it ain't much."

Ryu: "Let your fists show if 'it ain't much'."

Geese: "Hmph. Very well. Taste the strength of I, Geese Howard!"

Vs. Genjuro

Ryu: "Whoa! What are you doing? Those are dangerous!"

Genjuro: "You evaded my blade! Tell me your name."

Ryu: "Put your sword away and I'll consider it. Just who are you?"

Genjuro: "I had intended to give you a gravestone. But now you can forget it!"

Vs. Goenitz

Ryu: "This intense aura! Who is it?"

Goenitz: "Greetings. I am Goenitz. No need to tell me your name. I know."

Ryu: "I'm honored. By the way, what brings you here?"

Goenitz: "A simple request. I've come to test your abilities."

Ryu: "Then what?"

Goenitz: "Hoo, hoo, hoo. You'll find out."

Vs. Iori

Ryu: "Ancient martial arts, eh? You sure remind me of Kyo Kusanagi."

Iori: "You dare compare me! For that, you'll die!"

Ryu: "Whatever, you look tough enough for me. C'mon!"

Iori: "Are you loopy? Die, fool!"

Vs. Kasumi

Kasumi: "Eee-yah! Hah!"

Ryu: "Oh, a Todoh disciple!"

Kasumi: "Who are you?"

Ryu: "Oh, forgive me. I heard you training."

Kasumi: "You'll pay for barging in on my secret exercises!"

Ryu: "I..."

Kasumi: "Disciple of the Todoh. Kasumi Todoh. I challenge you!"

Vs. Kim

Kim: "It's just like you scouting me out before a bout."

Ryu: "Going against a Tae Kwon Do master would give anyone pause."

Kim: "And I heard your name praised, too. Don't be shy. Step into the ring."

Ryu: "...All right!"

Vs. Kyo

Ryu: "Hmm. A martial artist. Kusanagi, I believe."

Kyo: "Just who are you. You're no slacker, I see."

Ryu: "They call me Mr. Ryu! And I've come to fight. Is that okay with you?"

Kyo: "Heh heh. Don't blame me when you're a bloody pulp."

Ryu: "And you are?"

Kyo: "Kyo Kusanagi. Let's do it, dude!"

Vs. Mai Edit

Ryu: "Better ask directions... Holy cow!"

Mai: "W-What's the deal? Getting worked over someone's clothes?"

Ryu: "Those are rather unusual. Where's the circus?"

Mai: "How rude! This is the traditional Shiranui Ninja style."

Ryu: "Ninja style? People can see you coming miles away!"

Mai: "...Looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson!"

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "BOOP BAP BEEP BOP!"

Ryu: "What's this...?!"

Mars People: "BOOP BOOP BEEP BAP!"

Ryu: "You want a fight?"

Vs. Mr. Karate

Ryu: "This guy's impervious..."

Mr. Karate: "What's wrong sonny? We can't start until you make your move!"

Ryu: "You're quite the master. You lack nothing."

Mr. Karate: "You got that right. Attack, and learn. Hi-yaaaaah!"

Vs. Orochi Iori

Orochi Iori: "Ooh-whoa-whoa!"

Ryu: "Y-You! What a fearsome spirit. Are you human?"

Orochi Iori: "Ooh-whoaaaaa!"

Ryu: "Are you insane? I have no choice!"

Vs. Ryo

Ryu: "The mighty tiger. I've heard of you."

Ryo: "That's my father. I'm the dragon."

Ryu: "P-Pardon me. I heard the ratty one was the dragon."

Ryo: "Who you calling 'ratty'? You can't rile me. I'm way past that!"

Ryu: "W-Wait! What's the hassle?"

Vs. Shiki

Ryu: "A murderous intent? No, but..."

Shiki: "Hesitate and die!"

Ryu: "Who are you?"

Shiki: "Shiki."

Ryu: "Shiki? Is that it?"

Shiki: "That's it. Now, you'll die."

Vs. Terry

Terry: "Hey! Katera man!"

Ryu: "Karate! It's Karate! Furthermore, I'm not some two-bit Karate guy."

Terry: "Oh, sorry about that. I guess I'll have to learn more about Katera."

Ryu: "Let me teach you with these two fists!"

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

Ryu: "The air quivers... such strength! He's off the chart..."

Shin Mr. Karate: "Oh-ho! You realize that, huh? You have a discerning eye. I suggest you go home, train, then come back."

Ryu: "You'll underestimate me. Let's do it, big nose."

Shin Mr. Karate: "Hah hah hah hah. That's the spirit, kiddo. Bring it on!"

Vs. Athena

Ryu: "Where am I?"

Athena: "Welcome to Heaven. What are you doing here? This place is not for the likes of you to violate."

Ryu: "Ok. Sorry, bye."

Athena: "Hold on there! I just told you. You can't live here. Defend Yourself."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Nothing like a fair fight. It improves both competitors."
  • "My path is long..."
  • "You can't be finished. Stand up, you simp!"
  • "Those prissy punches affect me not, fool!"

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit


  • "Ken, you have been working hard, I gather. That was some battle."
  • "Ken...! What's happened to you?"


  • "Bulk's not everything. You need constant effort, too."

Street Fighter IV series Edit


  • "The answer lies in the heart of battle."

Personal Action Edit

  • "Get serious!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "You can do better than that!"
  • "Gimme a reason to fight!"
  • "Disgrace to your art."
  • "Well, let's get going."
  • "We're just getting started!"
  • "Talk is cheap."
  • "I walk the path of the true warrior."
  • (grunts)


  • "All right!"


Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. Sagat (SFIV/SSFIV)Edit

Ryu: "Sagat!"

Sagat: "I was waiting for an opponent like you."

Ryu: "Ready?"

Sagat: "Hm!"

Finish Quotes Edit

  • "It's not finished yet!"
  • "That settles our promised encounter." (Super finish)
  • "Now you have my answer, friend!" (Ultra finish)

Other Battle Quotes Edit

  • "I will finish this." (match start)
  • "That's for the starters." (first attack)
  • Ryu : "Gotcha!" (Ultra Activation)
  • Sagat: "RYUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" (Ultra Activation)
  • "Can you keep this up?" (Level 3 Focus Attack)
  • "You're as strong as ever, Sagat." (struck by Level 3 Focus Attack)
  • "Prepare yourself." (Revenge gauge filled)
  • "He is my friend." (Super filled)
  • "You can't fool me." (Sagat on half health)
  • "I know you're stronger than that!" (Sagat on low health)

vs. Ken (SSFIV)Edit

Ken: "Hey!"

Ryu: "You're early."

Ken: "Well, you know me." *holds his fist out*

Ryu: *smiles and bumps Ken's fist*

Ken: "Let's go!"

Ryu: "Hooh!"

Finish Quotes Edit

  • "Neither of us have reached our full potential."
  • "Looks like I won again." (Super finish)
  • "I always learn something new when we step into the ring together." (Ultra finish)

Other Battle Quotes Edit

  • "What do you want?" (battle start)
  • "This is fun." (first attack)
  • Ryu: "How do you like that?" (Level 3 Focus Attack)
  • Ken: "Nice! Ryu." (Struck by Level 3 Focus)
  • "I'll show you what I'm made of!" (Ultra activation)
  • "That's how I want to finish it." (Revenge Gauge filled)
  • "Now's my chance!" (Super filled)
  • "Surprised?" (Ken with low health)
  • "I saw that coming."
  • "That's not like you at all" (Ken while being stunned)
  • "What's the matter?"
  • Ken: "You knew I see that coming."
  • Ken: "You see, Ryu? This is why I enjoy fighting you." (Ultra finish)

Street Fighter IV Edit


Seth: "We need his power if we hope to bring the BLECE project - our ultimate weapon - to fruition."

  • (Ryu reading a letter from Ken)*

Ken: "I got your letter. Looking forward to having a showdown with you at the tournament! -Ken"

Guile: "They're holding a tournament to draw in the world's strongest fighters?"

Chun-Li: "If it's true, that must mean that the BLECE project is still going."

C. Viper: "If they get their hands on his data, BLECE is as good as complete. How many years have we waited for this chance?"

  • (Ryu throws a Hadoken at the waterfall)*

Ryu: "Still no use. Return it all to nothingness... Master..."


Seth: "Bison... This will not... go... the way you... planned..."

  • (Seth dissolves and the machine lights up)*

Ryu: "No... the Satsui no Hado... It's consuming me!"

Win QuotesEdit

Round Win Edit

  • "I must take a break for now."
  • "This time, victory is mine."
  • English Voice: "I still don't have what it takes. I must train harder."
  • English Voice: "Can you stand up after that?"
  • Japanese Voice: "The path of a true warrior is long indeed."
  • Japanese Voice: "Power alone will never defeat me."
  • "Yeah!" (Time Over)
Versus Mode Edit
  • "That look in your eyes... Never forget the fighting spirit you feel now."
  • "I'm ready for a rematch should we cross paths again."
  • "I've a better understanding now of what it means to be a true warrior..."
  • "A clenched fist speaks louder than a hundred words."
  • "What a fight! You have my gratitude."
  • "You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!"
  • "I walk my own path, regardless of what direction other men take."
  • "This is the power of Hado! The spirit channeled through the fist!"
  • "Don´t forget the training you´ve had until now! Get up and fight again!"
  • "Shoes? No, I can't certainly afford them. I go barefoot for comfort."
  • "These two fists are everything to me!"
Arcade ModeEdit
  • "If you have a goal, you must seek it out!! Never give up!"
  • "Your power is worthy of praise, boxer! You need only to fight from the heart!"
  • "Settle down and start a family? I have much to do before I can consider that..."
  • "Close but no cigar, friend. Surely you realize what your technique lacks!"
  • "There is compassion in the way you fight. You have earned my respect."
  • "You must put your strength to use. Simply showing it off is not enough."
  • "I don´t know much about cooking, but your movement and strength impress!"
  • "Your technique reminds me of someone I once saw..."
  • "Such incredible power! There is no mistaking it, Master, you have returned!"
  • "I feel neither anger or sadness in your fists. You have grown stronger!"
  • "Amazing, Ken. Each time I fight you, I feel something new and different..."
  • "You claim to see my future yet it is I who will forge that future myself!"
  • "Any true fight is actually a fight against oneself."
  • "You haven't lost it, Sagat! Let's fight again another day!"
  • "You self-love is not justified! One day, you´ll face men stronger than me!"
  • "You brag too much about your strength! This will always be your weakness!"

Super Street Fighter IV Edit


Ryu: "Another international fighting tournament... And it looks like S.I.N. is behind this one. Can't shake the feeling that something sinister is happening behind the scenes. Hm... This all feels so familiar. I must be on my guard. Fighting always feels familiar to me. Like coming home. Probably because I've been doing it since I was a child. The fight is a form of communication. It can lead to understanding. It holds a meaning deeper than mere words. Looks like I'll be sparring with a lot of fighters this time. And I expect I'll meet some old friends again, as well. Interacting with these fighters will guide me further down the path of becoming the ultimate warrior!"


Ryu: "This place hasn't changed. In my travels, I fought many formidable opponents. I'm curious. Have I become stronger thanks to them? Hadoken!"

  • (Ryu throws a Hadoken going through the waterfall and into the sky)*

Ryu: "Till next time."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit
  • "My journey to become the ultimate fighter has only just begun."
  • "Each time I fight, I learn something new. This journey has been fruitful."
  • "Even if my fists were to turn to dust, I would not give up in my quest!"
  • "The more I learn, the more I realize how far I am from the end of my journey."
  • "The power I am after is the power to win - not the power to destroy!"
  • "You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!"
  • "No need to speak. Your fists told me everything I need to know about you."
  • "If you go into the ring expecting to fail, you will. Believe in yourself!"
  • "Power alone is no guarantee of victory. Keep your eyes on your opponent!"
  • "Give it your all!"
  • "These two fists are everything to me!"
Arcade ModeEdit
  • "Hatred and lust for power are no match for a true warrior!"
  • "What you lack in power, you make up for in speed. Use that to your advantage!"
  • "You cannot run from who you are. The fight won't provide the solace you seek."
  • "Your devices make for interesting moves, but they are easily avoided."
  • "Your stance could use some work. Care to give it another shot?"
  • "I never tire of watching you in action. Your moves are inspiring."
  • "I am grateful, for you have shown me the grace inherent in the art of boxing."
  • "I have no likes or dislikes when it comes to food. I'll eat anything."
  • "There is an artistic quality to your moves. You are a true master!"
  • "You seem sad. Have you been eating the fermented beans I gave you?"
  • "I look forward to seeing what other moves you have in store next time!"
  • "You're speedy, but you have to keep an eye on your opponent if you want to win!"
  • "That was fun, Ken! Let's spar again soon!"
  • "We have different philosophies on how to acquire power. This much I know."
  • "I cannot see the future nor the outcome of my battle. That is why I fight!"
  • "So you're looking for Ken, are you? I'll be sure to let him know."
  • "Just relax and focus. That allows you to read your opponent's moves and react."
  • "Power is more than just the strength in one's moves. Never forget that!"
  • "There exists no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Experience has taught me this."
  • "Try keeping your mind off your looks and you may be able to dodge my attacks!"
  • "Only by finding yourself can you truly live. Remember this."
  • "You lack the power, but possess great speed. You'll be a mighty warrior soon!"
  • "Still unable to cope with my Hadoken, I see."

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "Listen to the sound of the wind, eh? I think I know what you mean by that."
  • "Your nation will no doubt be full of strong citizens."

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Edit

Win quotes Edit

[p] = the name of the character's partner.

[o] = the name of the primary opponent.

  • "Even after a thousand battles, I'm still far from being the perfect fighter."
  • "I'm still not good enough...I need to keep improving!"
  • "Fear not, [o], I won't forget the battle we fought here today."
  • "Get up and fight me again! You still have some fight left in you! I can see it!"
  • "Where one goes isn't important. What matters is following your own path!"
  • "With [p] covering me, we'll show everyone our true power!"
  • "If you keep repeating your mistakes, you will not get anywhere."
  • "That was the first time I've ever seen that kind of attack! This world always has something to surprise me."

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

Capcom Edit

  • "Accept this fight for what it was. The important thing is that you have no regrets."
  • "Getting ahead doesn't come by charging in headfirst. Focus your thoughts, then attack!"
  • "You've taught me a valuable lesson. I've met hundreds of the world's best fighters, but this is the first time I've met one that's a cameraman!"
  • "Your blade is as sharp as my fist is strong. We are true equals in power!"
  • "If you give up now, then you're finished. Could you be satisfied with yourself then?"
  • "Whenever I feel that my soul cannot be shaken, someone like you appears to prove me wrong."
  • "No need to lose heart. You too are a great fighter."
  • "I hope this fight has reminded you what you are fighting for. Thank me by returning to your own path!"

Tatsunoko Edit

  • "A real warrior fights on equal ground, not by outnumbering their opponent."
  • "You've got quite the nice punch. I'm sure we'll battle again soon enough."
  • "Your punches blur past with rage. But you cannot extinguish my flame with such a punch!"
  • "Why do you attack from a distance? I don't mask my intentions, so come at me head on!"
  • ""I'm in no rush for this fight to end. If we continue, I believe we'll find our answers."
  • "As I expected, the famed Ken the Eagle's attacks are relentless and powerful."
  • "Even the most violent of maelstroms weaken. Thankfully, it was worth it to be patient."
  • "You can have a rematch any time. What, in space? I'd be honored to!"
  • "Now that we know each other's true power, we can start fighting for real!"

Marvel vs. Capcom series Edit

Marvel vs. Capcom 3/Ultimate Edit

Match StartEdit

  • "Come on... FIGHT!"
  • "Show me your strength."

Match VictoryEdit

  • "That was a good fight."
  • "Is that all you got?"
  • "Your stance is weak!"
  • "A good wind..."
  • "I feel at peace now."
  • "So..that was K'un-Lun's power..."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "As long as I'm standing, I can still fight!"
  • "Defeating the world's best is no longer enough! I have a new world to challenge!"
  • "I must find a more worthy opponent..."
  • "I still have a long journey before I am a true warrior..."
  • "That's the first time I've seen an attack like that! I must train harder..."
  • "Your last attack was off by a second. And a second is a lifetime in battle."
  • "It was my pleasure to meet a warrior who fights with honor. I hope that our paths will cross again."
  • "I see you are battling your inner demons. You must prove that you are stronger than they are."
  • "Space... If that is where my path takes me next, then I must follow."
  • "And I thought facing someone with one claw was bad enough. You really put me to the test. Thank you."

Marvel vs. Capcom: InfiniteEdit

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Intro Quotes Edit

  • "Heroes from another world? I couldn't ask a better challenge."
  • "The worlds collide, and yet we fight."
  • "Fine, as long as I can learn something from this battle."
  • "It's an honor to work with you, Captain."
  • "Chun-Li, let's enjoy this street fight."
  • "You protect the galaxy? Show me how."
  • "Hulk, let's show them what we can do together!"
  • "Don't hold back, Hulk! Unleash your rage!"
  • "I'd almost forgotten this feeling... Fear!"
  • "Let's let our fists do the talking."
  • "You can't even trust your own power. That is your weakness."
  • "That look... You have the potential to wield the Hado."

Match Victory Edit

  • "It was a good fight."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Another expert fighter at every turn... Your world is an interesting place."
  • "Don't rely on your own perception. Think as your opponent thinks."
  • "Each world has its champions, and each champion has their strengths. I can't wait to see who I meet next."
  • "Good! Your fists were changed with passion. I can tell you've turned your burdens into strengths."
  • "Sometimes standing together, sometimes opposed, always forcing each other up to greater heights. You Avengers are a good team."
  • "Another expert fighter at every turn... Your world is an interesting place."
  • "Your attacks were proof of your military discipline. But too much discipline leads to predictability."
  • "Your kicks are quicker than ever. I'd be honored if you'd fight with me until this is all over."
  • "Face your anger enough times, and eventually you'll overcome it. So come on, let's go for another round!"

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

Character SelectEdit

  • "This is the path of destiny!"
  • "Let's go!"

Arcade ModeEdit


Narrator: "The news of Pandora has reached Ryu, thanks to Chun-Li, as she tracks Shadaloo's movements. The reports of ordinary people displaying unimaginable power due to the influence of the box has Ryu worried."

Ryu: "The box seems to have a power over people. It creeps in, and makes them lose all sense of self. Is it possible that Pandora's Box is connected to the Satsui no Hado...?"

Narrator: "Ryu sets his sights on the Antarctic to discover the true nature of the box. Ken, worried about his friend, decides to accompany him."

Ken: "Guess there's no reasoning with you on this one, huh? Okay. I suppose I might tag along for the ride."

Ryu: "Thanks Ken. I have a feeling I'm gonna need your help."

Rival Cutscene Edit

Ken: "Woah, what are the chances, huh?"

Kazuya: "Apparently you haven't learned to stay out of my way."

Ken: "Come on, why do you have to be such a pain? So... what do you think we should do about these two? Maybe we..."

Ryu: "Hmm? You say something, Ken?"

Ken: "No. Nothing, nevermind..."

Rival Quotes (Kazuya): Edit
  • Ryu (match start): "You look like a worthy opponent."
  • Ryu (landing the first attack): "Fight me!"
  • Ryu (if KO with a Super Art): "Looks like you can't overcome the Satsui no Hado."
Sub Bosses Quotes (Jin) Edit
  • Ryu (match start): "I feel an ominous presence."
  • Ryu (after KO): "You were consumed by your own power."
  • Ryu (landing the first attack): "Let's fight!"
  • Ryu (KO with a Super Art): "You are nothing to me!"
Boss Quotes (Ogre): Edit
  • Ryu (match start): "I sense a power I never felt like before."
  • Ryu (first attack): "That's an Alien?!"
  • Ryu: "You sure are tough."
  • Ryu: (after KO): "I've fought such power."


Narrator: "One day, the mysterious box had come from outer space suddenly disappeared. Along with it, a certain well-renowned fighter also dropped off the face of the earth. It was said that the power of Pandora was an evil magic that could corrupt even those with the most benevolent intentions of trying to save the world."

Narrator: "Did the man who was once tempted by the Satsui no Hado fall victim to its power? Or, did he sacrifice himself to rid the power of Pandora? The answer disappeared along with the box. With the exception of the fighter's disappearance, everything returned to normal. The current whereabouts of the world warrior is still a mystery..."

Narrator: "...At least, for now."


  • "After this battle is over, I can continue my journey."
  • "Feels good to fight side-by-side again, right?" (when paired with Ken)


  • "Get serious!"

Pandora ModeEdit

  • "So much power...!"
  • "Losing...strength..." *sacrificed*


  • "Can you stand up after that?"
  • "Power alone will never defeat me."
  • "I still don't have what it takes. I must train harder." (Final round win)

Defeat Edit

  • "Never felt... so powerless..." (Chip KO)

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Now I'm getting the hang of things!" (Comment 1)
  • "As long as there's still fight in your fists, I'll take you on as many times as you like!" (Comment 2)
  • "These two fists are everything to me!" (Comment 3)

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "So this is the power of the wilderness... You've definitely evolved beyond my expectations."
  • "Your kicks certainly do sting! I'd better be careful next time!"
  • "Your movements are as polished as ever! I'd better train hard to keep up!"
  • "Instead of running away, face your problems head on. I'm sure you will get back on the right track."
  • "So this is the potential of Yoga... Maybe I should take a training trip to India."
  • "I'm almost sure I've heard your voice somewhere before...this isn't our first time meeting?"
  • "Your moves are as sharp as ever! How about another round?"
  • "You certainly are... big. But you can't defeat me with just power alone."
  • "This time victory's mine! How's your family doing by the way?"
  • "A whip isn't a bad weapon to use in a fight, but the more you wave it around, the easier it is to hit you."
  • "Winning isn't everything. It's all about what you take away from the fight."
  • "Ah, you know Ken? If there's anything you want me to tell him I'll be sure to pass it along."
  • "The first step to becoming a true martial artist is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses."
  • "This is just the beginning of a long rivalry, Sagat! We can help to make each other stronger!"
  • "You're going to catch up to me in no time. But I won't make it easy for you!"
  • "Your arrogance cost you this time. All your moves were very predictable."
  • "That was a great fight! It looks like you've finally come up with a way around my Hadoken!"


  • "I'm not really sure what you are...but thanks for the fight!"
  • "I’m sure you’re going to get stronger and stronger! I look forward to fighting you again one day!"
  • "Focusing on my opponent lets me read their moves. Sorry if you thought I was staring. I wasn't. Really."
  • "You need to work on your footwork a bit. Too much show and not enough substance."
  • "I could sense something from you during our fight... As if you had a soul hidden somewhere inside..."
  • "The driving power behind your fists should not be power, but your conviction!"
    • "I would never give up, no matter how tough things were. What will you do?"
  • "Wrestlers sure do pack a punch. That was a tough match."
  • "Great! I haven’t had bear stew in a while…"
  • "Your strength was just as I expected. Your punches were heavy, but nothing I couldn’t handle."
  • "I fight for self-enlightenment. There's no need to take a life for that."
  • "All I had to do was settle down and ignore your illusions. After that, it was pretty easy to read you!"
  • "You're still a bit rough, but you have great potential! Thanks for the nice fight!"
  • "Stay true to your feelings and you'll find true strength!"
  • "This is the cursed sword I've heard so much about. There's definitely something sinister about it."


  • "Did I just fight a cat?"
  • "What an odd fellow... The world sure is an interesting place."
  • "This cat can throw Hadokens... ?! Just what in the... ?"

Asura's WrathEdit


Ryu: "Now where could this be?"

Asura: "Hmm?"

Ryu: "Well, it wouldn't be the first time I've been sent off to some strange land."

Asura: "Who the hell are you?"

Ryu: "I'm Ryu. Who's asking?"

Asura: "... Asura."

Ryu: "Asura, is it? How about it? Care for a match?"

Asura: "Huh?"

Ryu: "You look like a worthy opponent."

Asura: "You have no idea. The question is, are you?"

Ryu: "Well... There's only one way to find out."

Asura: "Bring it!"


Ryu: "... You're pretty good."

Asura: "You're not so bad yourself."

Ryu: "That wasn't the true me. Let's have another go."

Asura: "You'll just end up losing."

Both: "Wha-!?"

???: "What do we have here? Your skills show promise."

(Akuma appears in a red flash of light)

Asura: "Who's there!?"

Akuma: "I am Akuma, and my fists know no equal!"

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Edit

Trailer Edit


  • "Talk is cheap."
  • "Come on!"

Victory Edit

  • "Give it your all."
  • "Your range is one fist short."
  • "The journey... has just begun."

Street Fighter V Edit

Endings Edit

Street Fighter I Edit

  • "The young challenger Ryu stands before the Muay Thai emperor, Sagat. When all is said and done, the emperor is left with a deep wound in his chest, and within his heart."

Street Fighter II Edit

  • Award Girl: "And the winner is... huh? Where'd he go?!"
  • Narrator: "His back turned towards the champions podium, a man can be seen walking towards his next challenge."

Street Fighter Alpha Edit

  • "Brainwashed by Psycho Power, Ryu unleashes the Satsui no Hado. However, having believed in himself and his encounters during his journeys, Ryu finds his true strength. His fist strikes against the true target!"

Street Fighter III Edit

  • "Just what is... true strength? Despite countless battles, the answer still eludes him. Just like a leaf blowing in the wind."

Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "Ryu has finished another fight, but the journey continues. He finds strength in the memories of the strong opponents he's faced."

Street Fighter V Edit

  • "When they lose their way, they find their answers within the fight. Their two fists say everything that needs to be said."

Language Change Edit

  • "As long as the path exists."

Character Select Edit

  • "Go beyond the battle!"


  • "This is the path of my destiny!"
  • "I must push onwards!" (Demo)
  • "Do not hesitate." (Training Mode)
  • "There's no limit to one's strength." (Training Mode)
  • "Let's go." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "I'll take you on." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "This should be a good fight." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "I'll do my best." (Extreme Survival Mode)

Taunt Edit

  • "Make your move!"

Grab Edit

  • "Take this!" (Forward)
  • "Hoargh!" (Backwards)
  • "Damn it!" (Thorw Miss)
  • "No chance!" (Throw Escape)

When Hit Edit

  • "Nice hit!"

Hadoken Edit

  • "Hadoken!" (Low, Medium and High)
  • "Strike!" (EX, fully charged V-Trigger I normal and V-Trigger EX)
  • "Raiko!" (uncharged V-Trigger I)
  • "Oooh!" (uncharged V-Trigger I EX)

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Edit

  • "Tatsumaki!" (Low and all versions in Midair)
  • "Tatsumaki Senpu!" (Medium)
  • "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!" (High)
  • "Shinku Tatsumaki!" (EX on ground and midair)

Jodan Sokutogeri Edit

  • "Seiyah!" (Low, Medium and High)
  • "Jokuto!" (EX)

V-Skill II Edit

  • "Hoom!" (Startup)
  • "Eyah!" (Strike)
  • "Saw that!" (If struck during startup)
  • "Ooryah!" (Follow-up)

V-Reversal Edit

  • "I got you!"

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Now the fight's begun!"

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "The wind!"

Critical Art Edit

  • "Shinku! Hadoken!"
  • "Denjin! Hadoken!" (V-Trigger I)

Round Victory Edit

  • "Good!"
  • "It was a very difficult fight." (20% or less health)

Round Loss Edit

  • "Woargh!"
  • "Damn it!" (chip KO)

Versus Mode (Generic)Edit

  • "I will keep on fighting. I know the answer lies ahead."
  • "The path to becoming a true martial artist never ends."
  • "What I seek is to use my power beyond fighting."
  • "I will never forget this fight."
  • "Prove yourself."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific)Edit

  • "If judging by the force behind your fists, you're the strongest opponent I've yet faced... but, you lack any sort of discipline."
  • "The path of a true fighter never ends. We can only move forward one step at a time."
  • "Boxers definitely punch hard, but with that windup I can see you coming from a mile away."
  • "Huh, you want food? Well, I've got some Natto."
  • "I feel I can learn much from your wild spirit and connection to nature."
  • "You've been working on your combos, I see. Nice moves!"
  • "A fight without purpose provides no answers. That was a lesson I had to learn as well."
  • "Nothing stays the same. Every time we fight, you teach me something new."
  • "I could sense your strong conviction in every one of your attacks."
  • "You rely too much on poison. There's no power in your punches."
  • "I'm not sure how I should feel about this victory..."
  • "Emperor? It doesn't seem like you're all talk. But if you can fight, I'll fight."
  • "Still got that perfect guard, huh? I need to work a bit on my own."
  • "Introduce you to people? If you mean strong fighters, I know many."
  • "I enjoy fighting, too, but I think we'll never understand each other."
  • "If you want to exist, then exist. If you want to leave, then leave."
  • "This isn't finished yet. Right, Ken?"
  • "No need to take me in for questioning. I'm just a martial artist looking for answers."
  • "I won't be defeated by one that seeks nothing more than power."
  • "Fate, huh. Whatever it may be, all I can do is keep moving forward."
  • "The path of vengeance may not lead to the answers you seek."
  • "Fighting wrestlers is about range. You win or lose on one step alone."
  • "You're a real breath of fresh air. I feel invigorated!"
  • "I am no longer plagued by doubt. Confidence will lead me forward."
  • "I hope we can fight again."
  • "I don't know if there's anything I can tell you, but if the answer can be found in battle, I will cross fists with you anytime."
  • "Fighting makes us stronger, but what does it make you?"
  • "There's no doubt you're strong, but your fists lack an essential ingredient."
  • "I've honed a single attack the same way you've honed your body."

A Shadow FallsEdit

  • "I need your help."
  • "Face it?"
  • "...! What's that?"
  • "Dhalsim!"
  • "What's that?!"
  • "The world is in crisis..."
  • "Nice offense there."
  • "Ken?"
  • "But I..."
  • "Sure!"
  • "I have waited... and you have come."
  • "Finally..."
  • "Hadoken!"
  • "Let's go."


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