The Ryusenkyaku (龍閃脚 Ryuusenkyaku?, "Dragon Flash Leg") is one of Ken's special attacks, introduced in the Capcom vs. SNK series. It appears in Street Fighter V as his second V-Skill.

All appearances Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Kick
Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick


Ken Ryusenkyaku

Ken using the Ryusenkyaku on Akuma.

Executed by performing a reverse Shoryuken motion? and pressing kick, Ken performs a wheel kick at the opponent as he lands on his back.

The height of the kick is determined by the kick button pressed; the light kick hits faster, especially when up close, while the heavy kick covers more range.

In Street Fighter V, the inputs for this move are pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously. By holding down the buttons, Ken charges the move for a split second, before leaping toward his opponent and performing a wheel kick. If his first V-Trigger is active, a wave of flames is projected from Ken's kicking leg.


The move is safe on block, unless blocked in midair. An opponent cannot safe fall after being knocked down by this move, which allows Ken to be ready to apply pressure whenever it connects.

In Street Fighter V, Ryusenkyaku becomes Ken's second V-Skill. While the startup frames are a little bit longer than his first V-Skill, it inflicts slightly more damage. It is not an overhead attack, despite its appearance. However, it can be used to leap over projectiles, as well as other attacks. Using this move on the opponent allows Ken to build V-Gauge, regardless if it hits or is blocked.


Ryusenkyaku is also one of Ken's safer attacks. It is -2 on block and +2 on hit, giving Ken an opportunity to put them in a mix-up situation by mixing up throws and quick normals. Unlike Step Kick, this move cannot be cancelled into any of Ken's special attacks. It can be linked from his Standing Heavy Punch to end combos for respectable damage. However, Ryusenkyaku can be a decent combo extender if linked from one of his two target combos. Hitting the opponent with either Chin Buster 2nd or Lion Breaker launches the opponent into the air and giving Ken a free hit. As the opponent drops to the ground, he can follow-up with a Heavy Shoryuken for optimal damage.

By holding Medium Punch and Medium Kick, Ken performs the charged Ryusenkyaku. It has almost double the startup frames as the uncharged version. However, it inflicts more damage and puts Ken at +4 on hit. With the frame advantage, Ken can link into Standing Light Kick for a solid combo. Even in blocked, Ken is +3, which sets him up for frame traps to amplify his pressure.

This move can also be cancelled into Ken's first V-Trigger. While Heat Rush is active, the damage and stun of Ryusenkyaku are increased. While Ken's first V-Skill emphasizes on offensive pressure, his second V-Skill is more suitable in the neutral game. However, one of its primary weaknesses is that his opponent can treat the startup of this move like a jump-in attack, meaning that Ken is susceptible to an anti-air attack if committed.


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