The Ryusokyaku (竜爪脚 Ryuusoukyaku?, "Dragon Claw Leg"), commonly called the Axe Kick, is one of Evil Ryu's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. It makes a reappearance in Kage's arsenal in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCF+Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing a half-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Evil Ryu or Kage lifts his leg high up and then brings it crashing down in an arcing motion. The move has different properties depending on the kick button pressed; Light Kick starts the fastest but has the most recovery time, whereas Medium Kick is slower to start but faster to recover. Heavy Kick is slowest to start but is a knockdown on hit, while the EX Special version is an overhead Knockdown.

The attack has limited reach, but the hitbox during the arc makes the attack useful for evading and then punishing attempted jabs and shorts. The attack is therefore useful in a frame trap.

In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the Light version of the move is unsafe on block, but can be cancelled from a Crouching Medium Kick. The Medium version can make some of his Heavy normals safe as a true block string. While it does not result in a knockdown, Kage is in range for a throw mix-up if the Medium version hits the opponent. The Heavy version has a lot of startup, but is +3 on block. This allows Kage to maintain pressure with his 4-frame normals or throws to keep them off-balanced. The EX version hits as an overhead. While this version is unsafe on block, it is an excellent way to surprise the opponent and secure the round when they are low on health.


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