SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition (SNK VS. CAPCOM カードファイターズ2 EXPAND EDITION?) is a Japan-only sequel to SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash. It is the second card game in the SNK vs. Capcom series and it was released in 2001, after Capcom vs. SNK 2.


In addition to the 240 "Character" and 60 "Action" cards from the first game, 124 new cards are included in this sequel. Included in these new cards are 40 "Reaction" cards. Reaction cards are similar to Action cards, but they can be used during the opponent's attack. Also, the character cards that were in SVC: Card Fighters' Clash now have new super deformed illustrations made by a different artist. Another new feature is special character cards with alternate versions of various characters depicted with regular artwork instead of the super deformed style.

An English translation titled Card Fighters' Clash 2 is now available in the form of a fan translation patch to the original game file. This project is aimed at bringing the second Card Fighters' Clash game to a wider audience.

Street Fighter related cardsEdit

Except for the illustration, most cards are the same from the previous game, with some being changed (E.Honda and Balrog have more SP, for example) and new cards available.

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