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SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium (頂上決戦最強ファイターズ SNK VS.CAPCOM Chijou Kessen Saikyou Fighters SNK vs. Capcom?, "Final Great Battle of the Strongest Fighters: SNK vs. Capcom") is a fighting game for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. The game is part of the SNK vs. Capcom series; it is SNK's first fighting game and overall second game (after Card Fighters Clash) within the series. The Match of the Millennium features a total of 26 characters from SNK and Capcom, eight of which are unlockable.

In September 2021, the game was re-released for PC via Steam.[1]


Play options includes 2-fighter tag teams, 3-fighter queue teams, and of course, fighting solo. After that, the player can choose either a Capcom-style level meter, an SNK-style charge meter, or a 'neutral' meter that enhances super attacks if full.

Every character also has their own rival, whom they will fight at the fourth stage. The last two stages have the player fighting the tag team of Geese Howard and M. Bison, then, depending what the side opposite to their character's is, Orochi Iori or Evil Ryu.

As a side feature, there is Olympic mode, where the player can play themed minigames such as blasting Mars aliens FPS-style or helping Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins hop pits to snatch up treasure, as well as there being time-attack, first strike, and survival events. The players performance in these games earns them special vs. points which they can use to unlock a special attack for each character.

The Match of the Millennium is capable of linking with such other games as the Card Fighters Clash series and even the Dreamcast version of Capcom vs. SNK, but the only purpose this serves is data transfer. The Japanese version could also transfer data to the Dreamcast port of The King of Fighters '98 for character points.

The use of both companies' material is quite extensive, from every character having their theme playing (not always from the first games they appeared in), to the featuring of stages from both universes. There is also interesting screens shown when this game is used in a monochrome Neo Geo Pocket Color, with such things as Alex and K' staring at each other, Shermie dressed up as Morrigan, Morrigan herself donning a suit like that of M. Bison (at which Balrog and Vega stare in embarrassment), Chun-Li doing her taunt pose while Li Xiangfei plays a Neo Geo Pocket, and Lilith and Kaede playing Neo Geo Pocket together.




Sprite Character Origin
Terry-small-stance Terry Bogard Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
MaiSVCMM Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury 2
RyoSVCMM Ryo Sakazaki Art of Fighting
KyoSVCMM Kyo Kusanagi The King of Fighters '94
IoriSVCMM Iori Yagami The King of Fighters '95
AthenaSVCMM Athena Asamiya Psycho Soldier
LeonaSVCMM Leona Heidern The King of Fighters '96
HaohmaruSVCMM Haohmaru Samurai Shodown
NakoruruSVCMM Nakoruru Samurai Shodown


Sprite Character Origin
RyuSVCMM Ryu Street Fighter
KenSVCMM Ken Masters Street Fighter
ChunLiSVCMM Chun-Li Street Fighter II
GuileSVCMM Guile Street Fighter II
ZangiefSVCMM Zangief Street Fighter II
DanSVCMM Dan Hibiki Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
SakuraSVCMM Sakura Kasugano Street Fighter Alpha 2
MorriganSVCMM Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
FeliciaSVCMM Felicia Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors



Sprite Character Origin
AkariSVCMM Akari Ichijou The Last Blade
YuriSVCMM Yuri Sakazaki Art of Fighting


Sprite Character Origin
Akuma-mini Akuma Super Street Fighter II Turbo
BBHoodSVCMM Baby Bonnie Hood Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire



Sprite Character Origin
GeeseSVCMM Geese Howard Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
WildioriSVCMM Orochi Iori The King of Fighters '97


Sprite Character Origin
MBisonSVCMM M. Bison Street Fighter II
Evilryu-match-win Evil Ryu Street Fighter Alpha 2

Olympic Mode only[]


Sprite Character Origin
Rimururu Samurai Shodown III (SNK Olympic Mode guide character)
JubeiSVCMM Jubei Yagyu Samurai Shodown (Blade Arts minigame)
MarcoSVCMM Marco Rossi Metal Slug (Target 9 minigame)
FiolinaSVCMM Fiolina "Fio" Germi Metal Slug 2 (Target 9 minigame, secret character)
Mars People Metal Slug 2 (Target 9 minigame, enemies)


Sprite Character Origin
Karin Kanzuki Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Capcom Olympic Mode guide character)
SagatSVCMM Sagat Street Fighter (Capcom Olympic Mode, only when using Ryu)
ArthurSVCMM Arthur Ghosts 'n Goblins (Ghost Trick minigame)
Firebrand red arremer SVCMM Red Arremer Ghosts 'n Goblins (Ghost Trick minigame, enemy)

DC LINK (Capcom vs. SNK)[]


Sprite Character Origin
BillySVCMM Billy Kane Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (rival interrupts this character's entrance)


Sprite Character Origin
VegaSVCMM Vega Street Fighter II (rival interrupts this character's entrance)


SNK Capcom
Kyo Ryu
Iori Akuma
Terry Ken
Mai Chun-Li
Ryo Dan
Athena Sakura
Leona Guile
Nakoruru Morrigan
Haohmaru Zangief
Akari Felicia
Yuri B.B. Hood
Geese M. Bison
Orochi Iori Evil Ryu

Music Themes[]


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  • This game uses the most cartridge space of any Neo Geo Pocket/Color game.
  • This is the only Neo Geo Pocket Color game to not have the E-rating (E standing for "Everyone").
  • Charlie, Guile's former combat buddy, is addressed by his Japanese name "Nash" in the English version, in contrast to all the other Capcom characters in the game who have different names in the Japanese versions (i.e.: M. Bison, Vega, Akuma and B.B. Hood).
  • Sagat makes a cameo appearance in the game; when the player completes an Olympic event with Ryu, the record screen will lampoon Ryu's ending in Street Fighter II, where a podium appears with M. Bison on the spot #2, Sagat on the spot #3 and nobody on the spot #1, to which appears a comment at the bottom of the screen: "What? Ryu's gone?".
  • Special error messages featuring cameos from fighters who didn't make it into the game appear if a player attempts to play the game on a black-and-white Neo Geo Pocket rather than a Neo Geo Pocket Color. These cameos include: Alex and K', Yashiro and Chris, Yagyu and Genjuro, Kaede and Lilith, Xiangfei and Mars People, King and Chizuru, and Shoichiro Takatsu, SNK's spokesman at the time.
  • In the "Cat Walk" Olympic event, Lord Raptor can be seen on the background playing his guitar.
  • B.B. Hood's special attack Cool Hunting, when used in level 2, has a pair of Huitzils appear instead of the usual hunters.


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