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"You've got a lot to learn before you can defeat me. Try again, kiddo.
—Sagat (Street Fighter & Capcom vs. SNK)

"A strong fighter is not one who always wins, but one who stands after defeat."
—Sagat} (Street Fighter IV)

"Your words are not needed.

(言葉は必要ない。 Kotoba wa hitsuyōna i.?)
—Sagat (Street Fighter V series)

Sagat (サガット Sagatto?, Thai: สกัด) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as the non-playable main antagonist and final boss in the original Street Fighter. He later returned as a boss in Street Fighter II before becoming playable in its update, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. He is the "Emperor of Muay Thai" and a former member of Shadaloo, where he acted as a personal bodyguard for M. Bison. He later changed sides to redeem himself and became one of the protagonists in the series.



Sagat is characterized by his intimidating appearance and towering muscular build. He wears Muay Thai trunks with colors varying from purple with yellow trim, to blue with red trim, to blue with yellow. He also wears the hand and feet wraps common to many Muay Thai practitioners.

A younger Sagat.

With 7 ft 5 (226 cm), Sagat is the fourth-tallest character in the whole Street Fighter franchise, behind T. Hawk, Hugo and Abigail. There is evidence to suggest that Sagat's height was the result of him suffering from GigantismW disorder.

In his youth, Sagat used to have long hair, which is shown to be reddish-brown in one of his alternate costumes in Street Fighter IV. Either he lost his hair over the years or intentionally shaved them off at some point. Additionally, he wore a MongkhonW.

Ever since Sagat's right eye was gouged out in his fight with Go Hibiki before the events of Street Fighter, it is covered by a black eye-patch. Another notable injury was inflicted by Ryu during their fated fight in Street Fighter; a massive diagonal scar across his chest. Oddly enough, the Street Fighter II V anime series depicts him with neither of these injuries.

Street Fighter Alpha 2[]

Sagat's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2 shows him in a white muscle shirt, grey jeans and grey fingerless gloves. In the same scene, Balrog wears the same clothes (while keeping his boxing gloves on), implying that it may have been an official Shadaloo uniform.

Street Fighter V[]

In Street Fighter V, Sagat mostly remains unchanged, he now wears a dark blue tattered capris with an orange and yellow belt and is covered with a short green tattered cloak with matching wraps on his arms and feet. He has smaller scars around his chest and covering his limbs.

His first alternate costume is his original violet and green outfit. The eye patch is replaced with matching pink cloth bandages.

His second alternate costume is the same as his current outfit but it is ochre with gold trim and his tie was Capri blue and he wears a gold necklace with a sapphire gem on the front adorned with a loose white necklace with rose designs.

Graphical Issues[]

In the Street Fighter II series, Sagat's in-game sprites did not display his highly muscular build despite having been portrayed that way in his Super Street Fighter II Turbo ending and other Capcom artworks. Starting with the Street Fighter Alpha series, the games began to match his graphics to those of the comics.

Due to an inherent technical limitation with 2D spriteW-based games, the position of the eyepatch and scar appear to change sides whenever he turns around.


It is generally believed that Sagat is based on a real-life Muay Thai, fighter named Sagat Petchyindee (สกัด เพชรยินดี),[12] but Capcom has yet to confirm this. Alternately some have argued that the inspiration came from the tall, unbeatable Muay Thai fighter Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn.[13][citation needed]

As compared to Reiba, from Karate Baka Ichidai.

Sagat himself was also said to be inspired by Reiba, the Muay Thai lord from manga Karate Baka Ichidai.[14] Evidence of this shows up in Inafune's original design. Sagat's alternate costume in Street Fighter IV may hint at this, as the costume has matching leggings like Reiba in the manga. In Sagat's Street Fighter profile, he was called "The Dark Lord Emperor of Muai Thai", the same title Reiba had in the manga.[15][16] The events of Street Fighter, also mirrors the events in Karate Master, where the main protagonist defeats other Muay Thai users to prove his skill to Reiba.[17]

According to Street Fighter co-creator Finish Hiroshi, Sagat's style was modeled after dramatic television kickboxing personalities; particularly that of Muay Thai.[citation needed] The central theme of Sagat's character is "tiger"; this is a likely reference to an old Muay Thai tale about a king during the Ayutthaya Kingdom, King Suriyenbodi, nicknamed Siamese Tiger King (พระเจ้าเสือ), who loved competing in Muay Thai and became legendary for defeating the best fighters of his time.

Dragon vs. Tiger as shown in Street Fighter EX2 Plus.

In the context of East Asian culture, the tiger and the dragon have often been considered as equally strong rivals and are symbolic of many dualistic traits; the dragon is often associated with the heavens, the concept of spirit, things of yang affinity and the eastern world, while the tiger is often associated with the earth, the concept of matter, things of yin affinity and the western world. Also, in martial arts, the dragon is symbolic of a 'soft' style and internal-based martial arts, whereas the tiger is symbolic of a 'hard' style and external-based martial arts. This makes his rivalry with Ryu (which means "dragon" in Japanese) especially notable.


Sagat encompasses a stereotypical "proud fighter" personality since he is very powerful and strong-willed, as well as hard-working; he is dedicated to the martial arts life in both body and spirit. According to various bios, his natural size drove him to become a powerful fighter. Sagat's uncommon physical appearance makes him menacing and downright unfriendly at first glance, which is true to a certain extent.

After he was beaten by Ryu, he drew power from the hateful memories. But with his purpose later being defined by the "heart of battle", his more honorable traits came to the forefront. In his Street Fighter IV prologue an old priest who lives in the same village as Sagat noticed this change.[18] He has a lot of regret and bitterness towards his former sins, especially the killing of Go Hibiki, despite the latter taking out his eye. Sagat spared his son Dan when he came for revenge, seeing how easily hatred can corrupt the soul.

Another sign of goodness can be seen in Street Fighter × Tekken, where he helps Dhalsim find and rescue missing village children. Even when offered the mighty power of Pandora, Sagat refuses, stating that "a king like him doesn't need the power of the Gods" and makes the children's safety his top priority.

Sagat appreciates opponents that are worthy and strong-minded while greatly despising people who take unfair and dishonest advantages in combat. His win quotes show him to be a proud and belittling man; this has long since given way to a more honest, advisory side, that still contains his characteristic straight-to-the-point bluntness.

Character relationships[]

As a former member of Shadaloo, Sagat has made a lot of enemies, including its members after he defected. Though, after his redemption, he has made friends as well. His relationship with Ryu as a former enemy turned rival molded Sagat into what he is today, with Ryu having indirectly help him cope and recover from his defeat and clouded mind, and later, from the Satsui no Hado.



Sagat and Ryu.

After his defeat, Sagat initially fed on his hatred towards Ryu and his shame, seeking a new chance to challenge and defeat him to restore his title of greatest fighter and his lost 'honor'. His hatred towards Ryu has long since cooled and the two are now more amiable rivals; in Sagat's Alpha 3 ending, both he and Ryu admit that he was the stronger fighter and that Ryu was not ready to face him.

As such, despite enjoying tournaments, he turns most of his attention towards Ryu, the person he now considers "the only man able to defeat him and worthy to be faced in a life or death battle". In Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, if Sagat faces Evil Ryu as a boss, his win quote against the latter states his dismay for Ryu as he gave into the Satsui no Hado.

As revealed in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Sagat is also under the influence of the Satsui no Hado. Finally understanding why Ryu needs to purge the Satsui no Hado in order to be a true fighter, Sagat was inspired to do the same thing.[19][20]


Though he disapproves of Dhalsim's mercy, Sagat has a strong respect for the yoga master and even trains with him in the UDONcomics.

In Street Fighter × Tekken, Dhalsim asks a favor of Sagat, telling him of missing children from his village. The two decide to team up and search for Pandora, believing the power within it may help them find the missing children. Eventually reaching the Antarctic, the two find the missing children and Pandora opens before them. Dhalsim tells Sagat that Pandora "is said to be a power to rival the Gods". Sagat decides that "a king has no need" for the box, and the two walk off into the distance, with Pandora closing behind them.


Gouken has long desired to fight Sagat to test his strength, stating he is worthy of the title of "King". Sagat noted that Gouken's fighting style and power are similar to Ryu's and wonders if the two have a master-apprentice relationship.



Adon became Sagat's student three years after Sagat became God of Muay Thai. After his master was defeated by Ryu, he became mad at his former teacher for being unable to uphold Muay Thai's honor. Adon scorns Sagat, calling him "a tiger who has lost his fangs". Sagat himself finds his former student "a source of great shame".

M. Bison and Shadaloo[]

SFA2-Sagat Ending-2.jpg

Originally, Sagat was one of Bison's top enforcers but left and excommunicated himself from Shadaloo and its activities after Bison tried to take advantage of his rivalry with Ryu by corrupting the latter with Psycho Power.


Normally, Sagat regards him as a nuisance, as most other characters do. However, Sagat was responsible for the murder of Go Hibiki during his time as a Shadaloo enforcer, prompting his son Dan to seek revenge. By the time Dan finally encounters him, however, Sagat is in the middle of a spiritual crisis and throws the ensuing match to satisfy Dan's desire for revenge, as Ryu did for him.

Dan has since been unhostile to Sagat, which likely indicates that he has moved on, though occasionally brings up his father's death in a less demanding way.



Since a young age, Sagat had an affinity for fighting, but constant brawls on the streets as a child left his right eye with significant injuries that soon made it a weak point.[21] Realizing that learning on the streets was not the way for him to learn fighting, he soon took up the martial art of Muay Thai to discipline himself and grow strong. As he grew up and picked himself back up from a struggle of defeats in his early career, his size eventually became his advantage, and by the age of 15, he was able to fight his way to the top as a worthy champion in the world of Muay Thai.[21] [22]

A year later, Sagat would participate in his first title defense that occurs once every year,[23] the challenger was a nameless masked man who refused to give out his name upon confrontation, who was none other than Go Hibiki. Sagat attempted to fight on an even level, but Go noticed Sagat's weak right eye and proceeded to direct all attacks at it. When one of his attacks landed and gouged out Sagat's right eye, Sagat retaliated in anger with countering an oncoming clincher knee kick with a new attack that summoned a great power deep within him and obliterated Go: the Tiger Shot.[21]

Sagat gained his title of "The Emperor of Muay Thai" after defeating Nuakan, a powerful fighter that was also considered an emperor of Muay Thai. Adon witnessed their battle and asked Sagat to take him as his student.[24]

Street Fighter[]

Ryu defeats Sagat using Shoryuken.

One day, word began to spread on an oriental person who defeated 20 Muay Thai practitioners: a young martial artist named Ryu.[25] Sagat accepts Ryu's challenge to defend Muay Thai's honor. Ryu, however, defeats Sagat with a nearly-fatal Shoryuken, grievously wounding Sagat and leaving a massive scar across his chest.[26][27][28][29] Sagat swore revenge on Ryu.[19]

Street Fighter Alpha[]

In the retconned events of Street Fighter Alpha, Sagat gets his revenge on Ryu. Although pleased that he got his revenge, he somewhat felt empty after the fight. Sagat realized that Ryu didn't give it his all and he believes Ryu held back. Sagat eventually gave up this vendetta, considering it to be foolish and pointless. However, Bison's plane arrives at the scene. Bison comments that Sagat had succeeded in defeating Ryu, but suggests that he must master the Psycho Power if he is to be feared.

Street Fighter Alpha 2[]

Sagat dedicated himself to learning a move to rival the one that scarred him and developed the Tiger Blow. Consumed with rage and hatred, Sagat eagerly joined the criminal organization known as Shadaloo; M. Bison had offered him Shadaloo resources to find Ryu and provide Sagat with a rematch. Sagat's nearly indomitable power provided him with the position of Bison's bodyguard, one of the feared "Four Heavenly Kings" of Shadaloo. He then immediately set about tracking Ryu down.

Sagat reflecting on his fight with Ryu.

Sagat soon caught up to Ryu and challenged him to a fight, with Ryu protesting that Sagat had not fully recovered from their last one. Sagat persisted and won. Afterward, he couldn't help but feel that the victory was hollow somehow, and realized that Ryu had let him win; after the match, Ryu had not said a word, and merely gave him a mysterious look. Sagat determined to train even harder and win cleanly the next time. He worked on honing the Tiger Blow, which would later be perfected as the Tiger Uppercut in his ending.

Sagat also encountered Dan Hibiki, now an adult seeking revenge for his father's death in the fight with Sagat ten years previously. Sagat, his thoughts still lingering on how Ryu had let him win in their last match, felt a sort of kinship with Dan during the match and he purposely threw the fight, which allowed Dan to satisfy his anger (although he doesn't know that Sagat deliberately did so).

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

"Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay Thai." The scar upon his chest serves as a reminder of his defeat... to Ryu and his Shoryuken! He fights for vengeance alone... But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited."
—Sagat's Profile in Street Fighter Alpha 3

Sagat realized that his scar was a result of the Satsui no Hado, which possessed Ryu. He understood that true rivals should not be blinded by rage and hatred, nor be seduced by it and realized Bison's true intentions.

However, Bison presented him with a brainwashed Ryu and told Sagat he could have the rematch he always wanted. Despite his disappointment at fighting a corrupted opponent, Sagat still fought Ryu but sought to break Bison's mind control. He implored to Ryu that a true warrior would not give in to such treachery. Ryu awakened from Bison's control and, rejecting the Satsui no Hado, defeated and drove away Bison temporarily. Sagat finally realized that rivalries must have their limits. Sagat tells Ryu that he was almost destroyed by the corruption and is not yet ready to take him on again. Ryu then leaves Sagat, promising to return when he becomes a true master. Sagat realizes that he must defeat Ryu, not for revenge, but his destiny.

Super Street Fighter II[]

While Sagat's goal in the World Warrior Tournament was a clean rematch with Ryu. Afterward, he resigned from his Shadaloo post. Sagat continued to train his body and mind in Thailand, hoping to become the world's strongest fighter once again before he became too old to do so.

Main Article: Super Street Fighter IV[]

Sagat defeats Adon.

After the World Warrior Tournament, Sagat lapses into a depression, "feeling like a loser". Attending one of Adon's matches in search of "something to reignite [his] spirit", he is mocked and challenged to a match by his former pupil. Defeating Adon with his Tiger Destruction as he is cheered on by the fans, Sagat feels reinvigorated, and then enters S.I.N.'s new tournament in the hopes of a rematch with Ryu and discovering the "ultimate purpose of the fight". He eventually finds Ryu and battles him. The outcome of the battle is currently unknown.

After the tournament, Sagat reflects on his obsession with Ryu, realizing that instead of focusing on victory or defeat, what's truly important is communicating one's soul to the opponent through one's fists. Sagat compares his former self to Seth, whose fists Sagat says were "mute" and wonders whether he has changed now. In his ending, as he returns home to his village, he is greeted by Chit, his sister and a monk (characters who all appear in the second volume of Masahiko Nakahira's Ryu Final manga) who ask how the tournament went. Sagat replies that he "actually had fun" because he "met an old friend" (presumably Ryu). Meanwhile, Adon watches him as he leaves, vowing to dethrone him and become the new God of Muay Thai.

In a recent patch, Sagat has been added to Street Fighter IV for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Battling Kage and the Satsui no Hado[]

Main Article: Street Fighter V series[]

Before his DLC announcement, Sagat didn't make a physical appearance in Street Fighter V, the likely reason being to maintain character balance at the time.[30] In Rashid's character story, among the many fighters using social media was Abel, whom stated that he found Sagat hidden deep in the mountains. He questions why the former Shadaloo king was at his present location.

In the Lair of the Four Kings stage, F.A.N.G's statue is replaced with one of Sagat in the former's character story fight with M. Bison since it takes place at a time when Sagat had not yet been replaced within Shadaloo.

Sagat became a playable DLC character on August 6th, alongside G. Sagat has a pet tiger named Willa Maiu (ウイラメーウ Uira Mēu?), whose full name is Phicit Willa Maiu (ピチット・ウイラ・メーウ Pichitto Uira Mēu?), meaning "victorious courageous cat" in Thai. Sagat found him when he was just a cub, naming him "Maiu", simply meaning "cat", but as he developed into a fully-grown tiger, calling him "cat" didn't feel right, so the children of the village gave him his full name.[31]

Sagat overcomes the murderous intent

In his character story, Sagat was training as usual when he is tormented by the Satsui no Hado. Seeing Namupun, in a demonic visage, instilling him to "kill them" (possibly referring to other fighters), Sagat manages to overcome this power and his desire to kill by unknowingly tapping into the Power of Nothingness. Then at the same time of Kage’s character story, he starts to fight against the evil energy, seeking the same path as Ryu, even notes that Kage cannot be compared to his former host Ryu, such as lack of heart aside having different strength than the latter due to Kage’s nature as a soulless being before the shadow demon went to Akuma.

Crossover appearances[]

Capcom vs. SNK series[]

Sagat appeared as a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, Mark of the Millennium 2001/EO and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Street Fighter × Tekken[]

Sagat & Dhalsim in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Whilst training by a waterfall, Sagat is informed by a villager that the young girl he once saved has gone missing. Listening to the brother of the girl's pleas for help, Dhalsim appears before him and asks a favor of him, telling him of missing children from his village. The two decide to team up and search for Pandora, believing the power within it may help them find the missing children.

Eventually reaching the Antarctic, the two find the missing children and Pandora opens before them. Dhalsim tells Sagat that Pandora "is said to be a power to rival the Gods". Sagat decides that "A King has no need" for the box and the two walk off into the distance, with Pandora closing behind them.

Street Fighter × Mega Man[]

Sagat is one of two hidden bosses in Street Fighter × Mega Man. He was added in the Version 2 release.

Granblue Fantasy[]

Sagat appears in the 2015 seasonal event Granblue Fighter Ultra.[32]


Street Fighter Alpha manga[]

His battle with Ryu is shown in a flashback, where he mocks Ryu for not taking advantage of his weakness. With Sagat nearly emerging victorious, Ryu taps into the Satsui no Hadou and scars him. His defeat led to Adon joining Shadaloo to get revenge for "insulting Muay Thai" with his defeat.

He is last seen about to have his rematch with Ryu.

Street Fighter III: Ryu Final[]

Sagat after easily defeating Hugo.

In the Ryu Final manga, flashbacks of Sagat coping with his loss to Ryu are shown. He is distraught due to his loss and is shown rampaging in grief. Sagat becomes a lost soul, but after protecting two orphans from poachers, he finds new meaning in his life.

He is shown to be a hermit in Thailand during the present time and is often visited by the orphan siblings and a monk he befriended. He is first shown fighting Hugo, who arrogantly claims that he would win since Ryu (who is famous for beating Sagat) fought him to a draw. Sagat berates him for his ignorance and easily defeats him.

Right before his match with Akuma, Ryu seeks Sagat out to have a rematch. A fierce battle commences, and though Ryu is the first to be knocked down, Sagat's chest scars reopen as well. Sagat thanks Ryu for the good fight, and tells him to be ready, as he is tired of waiting and will seek Ryu out next time.

UDON comics[]

A younger Sagat is shown during the Chun-Li miniseries as the main antagonist. In this series, he is portrayed as far more evil and ruthless than even his earlier incarnations, serving as Bison's enforcer in secretly stealing priceless artifacts.

His portrayal in all other series is a mix of his various incarnations: Though he chooses to remain a member of Shadaloo unlike his Alpha incarnation, he remains honorable. While he wants his rematch with Ryu, he disapproves of his organization's methods and warns Ryu about Shadaloo. After his loss to Ryu, he began training with Dhalsim and became much more powerful, even shocking Ryu with his new strength and recommending that he should train with the Yoga master as well.

During the Street Fighter tournament, he served as the host for the Chinese branch of the preliminary matches and allows Fei Long and Chun-Li to enter if they can defeat all the martial artists who passed the preliminaries. Near the end of the series, he finally has his much-awaited rematch with Ryu, and though he lost, they parted on good terms.

He is last seen leaving Shadoloo and training to improve himself even further.

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers[]

In Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers, he reappears and allies with Felicia, Ken, and Chun-Li to fight the monsters that appear.

Sagat using Tiger Uppercut on M. Bison.

Street Fighter: The Novel Where Strength Lies[]

Similar to Ken, Sagat hears rumors of Evil Ryu beating people to near death. He believes M. Bison is behind this and confronts him. However M. Bison admits that he has nothing to do with Evil Ryu’s rampage and tells Sagat that it was Akuma's meddling which led to Ryu giving into the Satsui no Hado. The two then fight with M. Bison being in control throughout the fight but Sagat lands heavy hits on M. Bison which then leads into a Tiger Knee and Tiger Uppercut. Receiving both attacks back to back, forced M. Bison to retreat and leaves his henchmen to deal with Sagat.

Animations and movies[]

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie[]

In SFII: The Animated Movie, Sagat is shown as part of Shadaloo (or Shadow Law, as it is called in the movie) and as one of its main enforcers, along with Vega and Balrog. He is first seen in the infamous fight with Ryu, in which he receives his scar, an event that makes him go berserk and run right into a Hadouken, and lose the match. Later on, he is belittled by Bison for losing, and his rematch with Ryu is denied by the leader of Shadow Law, who instead sends him to fetch Cammy and Vega. After their failures, they are to be eliminated. It is unknown if Sagat completed this mission or not.

USA cartoon[]

Known as Viktor Sagat, he appears as an ally to M. Bison in the show, serving as his second-in-command of Shadaloo. For most of the cartoon, his rivalry with Ryu isn't present. However, in the episode "Second to None", a flashback is shown where Ryu scars him with a Shoryuken, with Ryu himself winning the fight. After learning of Bison's insane plan to destroy the entire world in the final episode "Cammy Tell Me True", Sagat switches sides and joins forces with Guile, Chun-Li, a reformed Cammy, and Delta Red to help stop and defeat Bison.

Street Fighter II V[]

Sagat appears in episodes 8-10 of Street Fighter II V with both eyes and no scar. He also has no connection to Shadoloo, being a former Muay Thai champion who refused to allow his fights to be fixed at the behest of the Ashura crime syndicate. To punish him, Ashura had him framed as a dealer in drugs and imprisoned.

He encounters Ryu when Donu, an Ashura agent, pulls a similar trick to get Ryu sent to the prison where Sagat is held. After an initial fight, Sagat recognizes Ryu as a kindred fighting spirit and the two become friends, defending each other against the abusive prison warden Nuchi.

After Ryu and Ken defeat Ashura, they present evidence that gets Sagat released from prison, and in gratitude, Sagat tells them to go to India in search of Dhalsim if they wish to master the secrets of Hadou.

Wreck-It Ralph[]

Sagat made a small cameo in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph as one of the portraits in Tapper's.


Street Fighter: The Movie[]

In the live-action movie, Victor Sagat (listed as "Viktor Sagat" in the movie's action figure line) is depicted as an underground mob boss in Shadaloo City and the bodyguard for the insane dictator General Bison. In contrast to his rivalry with Ryu in the games, Sagat was depicted as Ken's rival instead.

Sagat was once a cage fighter named Iron Fist; he retired to head the Shadaloo Tong, which controlled the city's criminal operations. Ryu and Ken (a couple of con artists) attempt to sell him fake guns, but Sagat uncovers the plot and orders them killed. Ryu and Ken manage to beat Sagat's men to a pulp until they are stopped by Sagat's gun-wielding bodyguards. Impressed, Sagat plans for Ryu and Ken to be the next opponents of his cage-fighting champion and best friend, Vega. But just before Ryu and Vega can fight, Colonel Guile crashes into the arena with his tank and arrests them all, including Sagat, Vega, Ryu, and Ken, taking them to the AN (Allied Nations) headquarters.

In prison, Sagat once again orders Ryu and Ken to be beaten up by his men, but Ryu and Ken hold them off for a good while until Guile, Cammy and T. Hawk spot them, deciding to recruit them as allies to the AN. Guile outlines a plan with Ryu and Ken to "escape" from prison and "kill" him in the process while carrying a homing device that Guile and the AN will use to track Sagat to Bison's lair. The plan goes well, and Sagat accepts Ryu and Ken as his allies, unaware that they are spying on him.

Sagat and his men all flee to the AN headquarters and seek refuge with Bison at the black market, where they all watch a magic show by the Benbelli Brothers (in reality Chun-Li, Balrog, and Honda, all bent on revenge). Here, Sagat shows Bison a sample of the weapons he will be supplying him with, and the crafty Bison attempts to pay him with a trunk of Bison Dollars which he will establish after taking the Earth over. An enraged Sagat refuses and calls Bison a raving lunatic, prompting them to terminate their partnership until Ryu and Ken (in a desperate attempt to get the homing device to Bison's fortress and call Guile) inform them of a lorry (filled with explosives by Chun-Li, Balrog, and Honda) heading straight for them. Allied once again, Bison, Sagat, Vega, Ryu, Ken and the two armies flee the tent just before the explosion.

Sagat and his men then go with Bison to the hidden base, where they are "welcome to stay". Sagat is also present at Bison's attempt to blow Guile's stealth boat up with mines, where he is horrified to see Guile alive; Bison refers to his eyepatch as the cause of his not knowing of Ryu and Ken's escape plan with Guile. Sagat also witnessed the execution of the fifty-three relief workers Bison had taken hostage. After Guile and his army finally arrive just before the execution, Sagat and Vega deduce Ryu and Ken to have led them there and plan to ambush and kill them in revenge.

Sagat and Vega corner Ryu in the locker room and start to beat him up, until Ryu knocks Vega aside and Sagat himself is punched aside by Ken, who found Ryu after getting separated from him. Ken and Sagat then fight their own battle in the base's gym while Ryu and Vega fight. At first, Sagat appears to have the upper hand, until Ken manages to use some of the gym equipment to hurt Sagat and finally score a knockout, hitting Sagat into a nearby wall. But just before leaving with Ryu, who knocked Vega out, Ken gives Sagat a golden figurine he had stolen as a sarcastic "thank-you" present, quipping that had Ken not met Sagat and seen how evil he was, he might have ended up becoming a monster like him.

With the base collapsing, Sagat abandons Vega and escapes with Dee Jay through a secret passage to avoid being arrested by the AN. They make it out just before the explosion and swim through a river to shore with a trunk full of Bison's money, only to find it filled with the now-useless Bison Dollars.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist[]

Sagat himself doesn't appear in the Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist series but is revealed to be the killer of Dan's father in a deleted scene.

Other appearances[]

Street Fighter EX series[]


After losing his championship title in the first official Street Fighter tournament, Sagat was devastated. He couldn't explain to himself how the victory was stolen from him by an incomprehensible attack of a young fighter. Seeing Sagat saddened and dismayed, M. Bison took that opportunity to recruit him into the Shadowloo army as his anger could be used to shape up new soldiers.

Sagat accepted the position to fulfill a purpose in his life but never stopped thinking about the fighter who ripped his chest apart and knocked him out. He wished to know about Ryu's secret power and wanted that power for himself. He trained night and day mercilessly with his students, perfecting new techniques and honing his power. Sagat was waiting for the day he would challenge Ryu to a rematch.

M. Bison withheld the existence of a second EX tournament from Sagat as he was needed for an operation in a different part of the world. When Sagat eventually learned about the tournament's existence, he pleaded Bison for a chance to fight Ryu but an upset Bison disregarded his concerns and sent Vega and Cracker Jack ahead to investigate. When Bison set off to visit the tournament personally, Sagat insisted on coming along; Bison, tired of listening to the giant's begging, finally gave in.

Sagat prepared mentally for the challenge ahead of him and ripped through most of his opponents without a second thought, focussing only on his eventual fight with Ryu. When Ryu and Sagat squared off once more, Ryu was sure to keep the power of Satsui no Hado in check. They both fought for a long time and Sagat, ultimately, prevailed; by refusing to tap into his dark force, Ryu simply could not muster up the strength needed to topple the kickboxing champion.

Having proven to himself what he knew all along, Sagat's victory over Ryu felt hollow; although he defeated his foe, the scar would always remind him of the stolen victory. He decides to enter the third tournament to prove that he was, once again, a champion.


Street Fighter EX2 Plus[]

...It seems that some words kept resounding in his mind.
"Those stronger than myself...must be defeated!"
He moves forward while believing in himself.
Just like a true emperor.

Street Fighter EX3[]

No one knows what is on the mind of the great Emperor Sagat. Now that he is at the height of its power, he is ready to enter the lair of the gods. He thinks about how he will challenge and defeat all who stand in his way of becoming the greatest warrior of all-time. He raises his fist to the calm and quiet sky and screams, "I surely will..."

Street Fighter EX3 (in a team with Ryu)[]

As Sagat leaves the battlegrounds, he notices that there is no rage or resentment in his fists for his sworn enemy. Does he finally understand what it means to be a warrior? His old wound will not ache anymore. He raises his fist to the sky and screams for he is no longer an emperor, he is now a god of martial arts...


Fighting style[]

Sagat fights using Muay Thai, with a heavy focus on his big frame that gives him solid kicks with notable physical range.


Sagat's overall style plays similarly to Ryu and Ken, with some notable differences. Sagat focuses on his great offensive game, which allows him to effectively do a lot of damage, and he can punish and inflict knockdown with relative ease. However, his great height makes it easy to duck under certain attacks, and many of his moves are not very safe on whiff or block. Also, his size presents a much larger target, making efficient defense something of a difficult task for players. His size does have some advantages, as his long legs provide a very good range, similar to Dhalsim's long-range foot attacks; because of this, footsies are of little problem to achieve with him.

Sagat's build gives his moves a longer range, allowing for ideal zoning and ground coverage, as well as approaching from afar. In Capcom vs. SNK 2, Sagat's normal attacks akin to the Alpha series, particularly his crouching fierce punch, have unusually high power and priority for solid pokes, making him one of the easiest characters to use effectively in that game.

However, his aforementioned large size is exacerbated further by his somewhat low mobility, as via games such as the Alpha series and in Capcom vs. SNK, Sagat is known for his slightly below-average walk (and/or running) speed, and his low horizontal aerial coverage which leads to more acute jumping arcs; this overall further hampers his ability to effectively position himself movement-wise. However, on the flip side, said jumping arcs when Sagat is up-close can lead to some fairly ambiguous angles of cross-up compared to more obtuse-to-normal jumping arcs. Sagat, as a result, is a character that must focus on being able to properly condition his opponent at all ranges but comes with notable fundamental rewards for doing so.

In Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, there is an alternate version of Sagat that plays like his Super Street Fighter II counterpart.


Sagat's Muay Thai focuses on crushing, hard-hitting blows. He is known for his Tiger Shot, which gained a low-aiming variant in the Street Fighter II series. Sagat also uses the Tiger Uppercut (known as the multi-hit Tiger Blow in the Alpha series), an anti-air similar to Ken and Ryu's Shoryuken; throughout his appearances, the move has become a single-hit attack with increased priority. He possesses the Tiger Knee as well, which works as an approach and a longer-distance punish.

In Capcom vs. SNK 2, Sagat's scar glows while he charges energy for his S-Groove super meter. Later games introduce this concept in the form of the Angry Charge, which powers up his next Tiger Uppercut. This technique is also his first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

In Street Fighter V he retains all of his moves from the previous games and gained more Muay Thai moves. His second V-Skill as of update 4.0 of Arcade Edition is the Hanuman Charge, where he does a Waikruu (a traditional dance ceremony on Muay Thai), surrounding himself with energy and strengthening up his next Tiger Knee.

His first V-Trigger is the Tiger Charge, originally one of his unique taunts in the Alpha series. While in that state, Sagat's special attacks can hit his opponent multiple times resembling his Super Combos. His second V-Trigger is Tiger Assault where Sagat's Tiger Knee gains additional damage and his kicks are now embedded with fire.

Super Combos[]

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Sagat's first Super Combo is the Tiger Genocide, introduced in the Street Fighter II series; it is a Tiger Knee followed by a Tiger Uppercut. The move has remained his most frequent Super Combo in all of his appearances.

The Street Fighter Alpha games introduced two other Super Combos: the Tiger Raid is a barrage of leg and knee blows followed by a flying sidekick, and the Tiger Cannon is a supercharged Tiger Shot that hits multiple times; in some games, Sagat can even throw the projectile high or low.

In the Street Fighter IV series, the Tiger Genocide returns as Sagat's Super Combo; a more powerful version, the Tiger Destruction, acts as his first Ultra Combo; if landed successfully, Sagat adds a spinning, multi-hitting uppercut imbued with flames. The Tiger Cannon returns as Sagat's second Ultra Combo.

In Street Fighter V, his Critical Art is the Tiger Rampage where Sagat knee his opponent followed by three kicks and a spike as the last blow knocks the opponent with a powerful Tiger Uppercut.


In Street Fighter II, producing an array of alternating high and low fireball attacks can confuse and greatly damage an opponent, to the point where his "Old Sagat" incarnation is soft banned in Japan's SSFIIT tournaments; his fireballs combined with the occasional Tiger Uppercut make him overly effective and easy to use. This technique is less viable in later games where projectiles do less damage or can otherwise be avoided. The soft ban, while violated more frequently than the Akuma ban, has allowed a larger cast of characters to flourish.[33]

Additionally, while he is not considered as broken as Akuma, his presence in American tournaments has seen certain characters completely ignored, due to their almost un-winnable match-ups against Sagat.


Pop Culture[]

Sagat/Pop Culture










  • The Thai word, sagat (สกัด), means "to intercept or to stop something from advancing". It can be interpreted to mean "guardian" or "protector".
  • Sagat was the first boss in the Street Fighter series.
  • In the original Street Fighter, Sagat's eyepatch comes off when he is knocked out and is seen on the ground next to him.
  • His original theme tune from the original Street Fighter is in an irregular 11/8 time signature.
  • Sagat was the only boss character from the first game to reappear in the original Street Fighter II.
  • The only Street Fighter (sub-)series where Sagat did not appear in was the Street Fighter III series. However, if a fourth instalment was made, Sagat along with Zangief would've been playable.[34]
  • Sagat's pet tiger, Willa Maiu, is a Thai literal translation of "kitty cat". However, it consists of very unusual words: "Willa" comes from 'วิฬา' (wiḷā), a very archaic term for a cat that is no longer used in the modern Thai language except in poems, while "Maiu" is a transliteration error of "mæw", the word for "cat" in the current usage of the Thai language.
  • Sagat is the first antagonist to switch sides.
  • Sagat is voiced by Robert O. Smith in the 1995 Street Fighter cartoon, who voiced Soundwave in Transformers: Cybertron. Coincidentally, his current voice actor, Isaac C. Singleton Jr. also voiced Soundwave in the Transformers: War for Cybertron games.
  • Sagat's Tiger Shot since his appearance in Street Fighter II makes a roaring sound like a Tiger itself. This characteristic became especially prominent in his appearance in Street Fighter V.

See also[]


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