This is a list of quotes used by Sagat.

Street Fighter Edit

  • "You've got a lot to learn before you can defeat me. Try again, kiddo." (Generic win-quote)
  • "You've outlast the best! You are now the strongest Street Fighter in the world!" (Defeat Quote)

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "You are not a warrior. You're a beginner."
  • "I am not satisfied until I have the world's strongest title again!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "I will regain my title as the Muay-Thai king."
  • "Someone like you could never scar me."
  • "You've got a lot to learn before you can defeat me. Try again, kiddo."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit

  • "I am the one true champion. It's time you learned your place."
  • "I won't be satisfied until I bear the title of World's Strongest again!"
  • "Kick me as hard as you can... you'll only break your leg!"
  • "I will win, no matter how many new scars I gain along the way!"
  • "Your training has failed you. Hang up your gloves and quit!"

Lost Quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "You still have a lot to learn. Try again!!"
  • "I cannot lose until I'm the best in the world again!!"
  • "No matter how many scars I get, I will always win!!"
  • "You are too weak! You make me yawn!!"
  • "With such skills like that, you barely left a scratch on me!!"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "Is that all you can do?"
  • "Such a pitiful technique..."
  • "In Shadaloo, I am the law."
  • "The Shadaloo Tong will always be ruled with my iron fist."
  • "Crawl back to your own country, before we cane your hide."

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha Edit

  • "Accept your weakness. Never return here!"
  • "Do not challenge what you cannot defeat!"
  • "It will take more than you to best me!"
  • "Now who is the strongest?"

Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs. Ryu Edit

Sagat: "You scarred me and sealed your fate. Now the scales will be balanced. You took my honor and I'll destroy you!"

Ryu: "You just don't get it, do you?"

Sagat: "Shut up! I won't lose this time!"

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs. Adon Edit

Adon: "How could you lose to Ryu? You deserve to die!"

Sagat: "It's time I teach you respect. It's your lucky day. You will share Ryu's fate."

Vs. Ryu Edit

Sagat: "Ryu, now is the time for revenge."

Ryu: "You still haven't recovered from our last duel."

Sagat: "I have something new for you. This time you'll be scarred."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Defeat has brought me anger... Anger which leads to victory!"
  • "Hatred spares no one!"
  • "How does it feel to have your body torn by my fist?"
  • "I promised this scar, that I would never be defeated again!"
  • "Man, beast or god... My punch smashes all into nothingness!"
  • "Pathetic... Will you now beg me for your worthless existence?"
  • "Your flesh is soft. My fists are invincible. Realize your agony."
  • "Your weakness will not satisfy my vengeful rage!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs. Dan Edit


Dan: "Sagaaaaaaaaaaat!! You killed my FATHER!! Remember my name before you die! I am Dan Hibiki!! I am the strongest martial artist! Feel my wrath!!"


Dan: "I don't believe it! Why couldn't I beat him with my mighty power? One more chance... I must fight!"

Sagat: "I can't bear to watch... He's just like the way I was! I need something... Something other than hatred..."

Vs. Ryu Edit


Sagat: "...!! WHAT'S THIS?! What have you done to Ryu, Bison?"

Bison: "Hmm... What are you waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted? I charged Ryu with Psycho Power to make him stronger. This is everything you could have ever asked for!"

Vs. M. Bison Edit


Sagat: "Did you really think that I would appreciate this? I wish to fight Ryu when he uses his true power from within... I have no need for your tampering and cheap tricks!"

Bison: "Hah! Then perhaps you'll never be a great fighter after all... Your pitiful pride will lead you to your own destruction... I'll show you your weakness!"

Capcom vs. SNK seriesEdit

SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-battle Dialogues Edit

Capcom Edit

Vs. Akuma

Sagat: "I, slayer of Bison, you cannot hope to outshine this emperor!"

Akuma: "Equal me do you think? I'll do away with you with one finger."

Sagat: "Your murderous spirit pierces my being. Oh, I'll enjoy this!"

Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs. Balrog

Sagat: "Boxing's all hands. You can't match me."

Balrog: "Weak dogs bark loudest. And you prove it."

Sagat: "...I won't kill you, but know you will give me your hand."

Balrog: "I'm gonna carve a new wound in that chest of yours. And smash that other blob of foul jelly!"

Vs. Chun-Li

Chun-Li: "I know you won't tell me anyway, but it can't hurt to grill you."

Sagat: "Give it a shot."

Chun-Li: "Where is Bison? Cough it up!"

Sagat: "...You got me."

Chun-Li: "I didn't see that coming. Very well. I'll just beat Bison's Location outta ya."

Sagat: "You got the look. But it ends here."

Vs. Dan

Dan: "Finally! The time's come. I will avenge my father! Here I coooooome! Ah-hyaaaaaa!"

Sagat: "Clamorous brat! If you want to die, just bring it on. But keep your voice down!"

Vs. Demitri

Demitri: "Have you any inkling to serve another? I offer eternal life."

Sagat: "I'm an emperor now. I bow to no one."

Demitri: "Prideful mortal. Very well. I'll make you crawl before me."

Sagat: "Hmph! I'll make you eat those words. You're in for a rude awakening!"

Vs. Dhalsim

Dhalsim: "Gigantic sir, you have suffered long..."

Sagat: "What do you know...? Beat it!"

Dhalsim: "You won't fight well with a disturbed soul. And I will defeat you."

Sagat: "You talk too much...I'm going to put you in a coma for a few days!"

Vs. Guile

Guile: "Where's Bison? Answer me, Sagat!"

Sagat: "Me, tell you. Insulting! Without a fight, you think I'd tell you?"

Guile: "Then I'll make you talk after I beat you silly."

Sagat: "I'll break your jaw so you can't beg for mercy."

Vs. Hugo

Poison: "Not much presence with this one. Well, you can't have all stallions in your stable. He'll do."

Sagat: "What is this chatter?"

Poison: "Talk of business. But it won't mean anything to you. Oh, Huuuugo!"

Hugo: "A kick boxer, eh? Not bad, but you can't hope to equal me."

Sagat: "And what can a useless lug like you hope to do with one such as me?"

Poison: "Do with you? Pulverize you, of course."

Vs. Ken

Ken: "The kick boxing emperor! You'll make a formidable opponent, I hope."

Sagat: "I have no time for you. If you see Ryu, tell him I'm looking for him."

Ken: "Yeah, I'll tell him. I'll tell him that I kicked your butt!"

Sagat: "Don't monkey with me!"

Vs. M. Bison

M. Bison: "Hmph! Sagat, you dare rise up against me?"

Sagat: "Those who keep tigers risk becoming prey."

M. Bison: "Very well. I'll make you realize your fantastic folly."

Sagat: "Here I come!"

Vs. Mirror Match

Sagat: "Things sure get weird in a life of combat."

Mirror Match: "But this is too much: meeting your imposter."

Sagat: "Who's the imposter?"

Mirror Match: "I don't really care. The last one standing is the real emperor."

Sagat: "I agree on that. Let's see who it is!"

Vs. Ryu

Sagat: "I've been waiting, Ryu."

Ryu: "Sagat. I knew it was you. Your bloodthirst beckoned me to this place...

Sagat: "This wound still hurts. Unless I defeat you...."

Ryu: "Put 'em up, Sagat!"

Sagat: "Come, Ryu!"

Vs. Tessa

Tessa: "A formidable physique. Hidden power within. A wonderful subject. But those wounds hold you back... How unfortunate."

Sagat: "What would a girl like you know about it?"

Tessa: "Sorcerologically speaking, It's just a wound. You're just hindered by your own mawkish self-pity, big boy."

Sagat: "If you want to live, leave it there."

Vs. Vega

Vega: "Sagat, your life's mine."

Sagat: "An interesting jest, Vega. How do you propose to get it?"

Vega: "I cannot permit one so ugly to defeat me. After you, Bison's next."

Sagat: "Judging all by beauty. A narrow standard, indeed, young nobleman."

Vega: "Die!"

Vs. Violent Ken

Violent Ken: "Oooooh-whoa! S-sagat?"

Sagat: "Whoa, Ken. Your thirst for power brought you to this. And I still rule!"

Violent Ken: "Still rule, do you... Ooooooh-whoa!"

Sagat: "That's right, and I'm gonna prove it."

Vs. Zero

Sagat: "..."

Ciel: "(Zero. It's the kick boxing emperor, Sagat. Beware. He's tough.)"

Zero: "I hear you...Ciel. Anyway, let's do it."

Sagat: "What a charming tot. Be honored to become victim of the emperor!"

Vs. Shin Akuma

Sagat: "What a spirit! What murderous intent!"

Shin Akuma: "You won't escape... Die!"

Sagat: "Me?...Escape?! I'm not a cowardly emperor like you!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy..."

Vs. Red Arremer

Sagat: "Where am I?"

Red Arremer: "Gyah-gyah!"

Sagat: "Hmph...Foul creature! Can you amuse me more than a tiger?"

Red Arremer: "Gyah!"

SNK Edit

Vs. Choi

Sagat: "Vermin. Get out of my sight!..."

Choi: "Why don't you see if I'm vermin or not!"

Sagat: "No need. Vermin is vermin. I've no time for vermin. An emperor like me touches not vermin."

Choi: "Vermin. Vermin. Vermin. You're making me mad!"

Sagat: "...Looks like you, you're vermin to me."

Vs. Earthquake

Earthquake: "Hey, you kick boxers must have a lot of cash. Snort. Just leave it with me and you can walk away."

Sagat: "Defeat me and you'll get enough money to play around a while."

Earthquake: "Snort. Really? If you're lying, I'll take more than money!"

Sagat: "Commoner. In the end, I guess you're just one of the many..."

Vs. Geese Howard

Geese: "Won't you work for me? I could use someone with you brute power."

Sagat: "I serve only my heart..."

Geese: "Then I'll just have to get your heart to have you work for me."

Vs. Genjuro

Sagat: "Only a fool would believe a sword makes you any stronger. A fool like you."

Genjuro: "Just like a buffoon who's big believes that makes them tough. A buffoon like you."

Sagat: "Touche. Care to find out how tough I really am?"

Genjuro: "I don't plan to use the back of my blade. Prepare yourself!"

Vs. Goenitz

Goenitz: "Hmph. Insult, hate, revenge, rage.... How...Exceptional!"

Sagat: "Who are you...? You're awfully chummy."

Goenitz: "That raw bellicosity. You'll make quite a catch."

Sagat: "You seem to think I'm making idle threats. I'll make you crawl!"

Goenitz: "Hoo, hoo, hoo. A good wind blows... Let us begin!"

Vs. Iori

Iori: "Hmph. Loser..."

Sagat: "...Say what, tiny? You must be at one with meaningless defeat."

Iori: "And just what is a meaningful defeat, fool? To be is to live or die."

Sagat: "Impudent knave! You dare mock me? An emperor?"

Iori: "Ah, to live in disgrace. Don't worry, I'll say a nice requiem for you."

Vs. Kasumi

Kasumi: "Cough it up! Where's my father?"

Sagat: "What chatter is this? You have the wrong man."

Kasumi: "You dare act stupid? Defend yourself!"

Vs. Kim

Kim: "How could such a noble fighter become a lap dog of evil?"

Sagat: "Evil and justice do not exist. I crave power!"

Kim: "If you do not believe in Justice's might, I'll prove it exists."

Sagat: "Very well. Prove it. As emperor, I will vanquish all challengers."

Vs. Kyo

Sagat: "Get lost, punk. You can't hope to touch this!"

Kyo: "Quite an attitude, pops. Underestimate me and I'll do more than touch you."

Sagat: "Oh yeah, junior? Take your best shot."

Vs. Mai

Mai: "Being up against a honey pie like me, how about a little smile?"

Sagat: "Is that how you face life-and-death battles? Foolish little girl."

Mai: "Now don't get all shy. Let's do it, big boy!"

Sagat: "..."

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "Beep boop boop bap!"

Sagat: "...."

Mars People: "Beep boop bop!"

Sagat: "Is this too part of being an emperor...? Forgive me..."

Vs. Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "Strength, moves, speed. Quite remarkable. However..."

Sagat: "Hey, silly masked man. What do you mean by that "however"?"

Mr. Karate: "I can't express it. Let me beat it into you."

Sagat: "Supercillious jester. You stick in my craw."

Vs. Orochi Iori

Iori: "K...I...L...L..."

Sagat: "The end of the road for a drunkard of power. Is this my future, too?"

Iori: "Oooooh-whoooaa!"

Vs. Ryo

Ryo: "Wow! I've never seen a kick boxer as big as you are, jumbo trunks!"

Sagat: "What's it to you?"

Ryo: "Never, ever, ever."

Sagat: "...That's why I'm the ruler here, tiny. An Army Cannon wipe out that fact!! You'll see for yourself."

Vs. Shiki

Shiki: "..."

Sagat: "What, a female?"

Shiki: "I'm looking for... Someone not like you..."

Sagat: "..."

Vs. Terry

Terry: "Joe!"

Sagat: "...."

Terry: "Whoops. Hey, you're big! OK, big boy. Bring it on!"

Sagat: "Itching for a fight, huh? ...Very well... You'll taste the burn of this emperor's wrath!"

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

Sagat: "I will test you with my fists!"

Mr. Karate: "Hah, ha, ha! A kick boxer? How nostalgic!"

Sagat: "I'm an emperor! No one can beat me!"

Mr. Karate: "Very well. Whenever you're ready."

Vs. Athena

Sagat: "What place is this?"

Athena: "This is heaven. Your fighting has jarred the dimensional door open in some way."

Sagat: "I don't follow you, but it looks like you won't send me back. Very well. Then I'll do it myself."

Athena: "Here I come!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Fatuous fool. Challenging me with such puny strength."
  • "Had enough, have you? This makes you one of life's losers."
  • "Be satisfied that you laid your fists on the emperor!"
  • "You are too weak! You cannot even entertain the idea of wounding me!"
  • "My speed and strength kills!" (vs. Ryu)

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit

Personal ActionEdit

  • "Show some backbone!"
  • "Do not enrage the king."
  • "Move!"
  • "You will taste defeat."
  • (laughs triumphantly)
  • "Show more respect to the fight!"
  • "Hmm!"
  • "Heh, what's the matter?"
  • "Take your shot!"
  • "Do your worst!"

Round Win QuotesEdit

  • "Once again, victory is mine."
  • "They call me king for reason."
  • "You are powerless!"


Sagat: "Tiger Uppercut!"

(Later, after another match)

Adon: "Look what we have here. If it isn't the former king!"

Sagat: "I'm looking for something. Something to reignite my spirit."

Adon: "Jaguar Tooth!"

Sagat: "Tiger...Destruction!"

Crowd: "Sagat! Sagat! Sagat! Sagat!


Sagat: "I've spent so long thinking only of defeating Ryu...feeling like a loser. But now, I realize that winning is of little consequence. What matters is communicating through one's fists. Maybe THIS is what I really desired all along. You...Your fists were mute. They had no soul. I was once empty like you. Have I changed? Only one man can answer that question."

Rival Dialogue Edit

Ryu Edit

Ryu: Sagat! It's been a long time.

Sagat: Hmph...A promise is a promise.

Ryu: Hooooh!

Finish Quotes Edit

  • "I'm not finished with you!"
  • "That's all that you have, Ryu?" (Super Finish)
  • "The meaning of the battle it's clear to me again." (Ultra Finish)

Other Rival Quotes Edit

  • "Here I come, Ryu." (match start)
  • "With that, we have begun." (first attack)
  • "Is that again?" (Level 3 Focus Attack)
  • "You're as strong as ever." (struck by Level 3 Focus Attack)
  • "Very well." (Super Gauge filled)
  • "One shot is all I need." (Revenge Gauge filled)
  • "RYUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" (Ultra Activation)

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Only those with the courage to face me are granted a rematch."
  • "What a feeble attempt! Did you actually think you could hurt me with that?"
  • "There is no disgrace in defeat provided that you learn from your own mistakes."
  • "Only the powerful deserve a chance to take a shot at my throne!"
  • "Did my kicks dizzy you or are your punches always so sloppy?"
  • "I am not called the king for nothing! I could never lose to you!"
  • "Your weakness is a disgrace to those who actually deserve to take me on!"
  • "You see now why they call me the king!"
  • "How foolish of you to take me on! Did you not know my strength?"
  • "If you can get up after that, I'll happily treat you to another beating!"
  • "You have potential. We should fight again one day."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "You cannot defeat the king if you hold doubt in your heart, fool!"
  • "Your power is not to be taken lightly! Will Ryu one day grow to be like you?"
  • "You might actually stand a chance if you stop showing off, fool!"
  • "It takes more than instinct to defeat me! Even an animal should know that!"
  • "Fear not! Your true power has only just begun to reveal itself!"
  • "If you wish to take on the king, you must rid your heart of mercy, girl!"
  • "I have no patience for cheaters who rely on tools to get the job done!"
  • "Your bitterness does not interest me. A true warrior needs to have pride!"
  • "You cannot master two disciplines at once! Return to your country at once!"
  • "Only a fool boasts of his strength but cannot back up his words with action!"
  • "You used my fists against me! It won't happen again!"
  • "This is more than a sloppy bar brawl! Show some pride in your actions!"
  • "You and Ryu may have a lot in common, but you can't compare to his strength!"
  • "This fight is not over yet, Ryu! Stand and let's do it again!"
    • "The Ryu I knew was more powerful than you! Are you trying to incur my wrath?"
  • "You have a long way to go before you can compare to him, child!"
  • "Only a fool would spend his whole life based around his own ego!"
  • "You claim to fight for your country, yet you cannot even defend yourself?"

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Prologue Edit

  • "The moment I fell to his Shoryuken changed me forever. First, I was wracked with anger... humiliation... impatience. All I could think about was growing stronger and exacting my revenge. However... During my countless battles, I began to catch a glimpse of something. The meaning of victory... of defeat... of the fight itself... I want to know. I want to know the ultimate purpose of the fight. My scar burns. My fighting spirit grows restless. What is it you see in the ring?"

Ending Edit

  • Boy: Sagat, welcome back!
  • Girl: You're back so soon.
  • Monk: Calm down, you two. He's only just returned. Don't be a bother.
  • Sagat: It's alright.
  • Girl: How was your journey?
  • Sagat: You know, I actually had fun.
  • Boy: You actually had fun?
  • Sagat: Let's just say I met an old friend.

Win Quotes Edit

Vs. Mode Edit

  • "A strong fighter is not one who always wins, but one who stands after defeat."
  • "All the world's fighters must bow before the undisputed king!"
  • "Do not place so much importance on winning. The fight itself has value."
  • "Have you tested him in battle as well? Impressive. I shall remember you."
  • "I will not rest until I know the meaning of the fight!"
  • "I'm inspired by the courage of those who have fallen before my mighty fist."
  • "Now you know the power of the king!"
  • "Stand up!"
  • "They call me the king for a reason, fool! You never stood a chance!"
  • "You are not a warrior. You're a beginner."
  • "You are not yet strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the undisputed king!"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "You are not yet ready to face me. Find your path and see where it leads."
  • "The fact that you were once my apprentice is a source of great shame."
  • "The lengths you have gone to gain your power make you less than a man!"
  • "Throw away your past and a new door to the future will make itself known."
  • "Do not attempt to dethrone the king unless you are ready to fight!"
  • "Your rebellion does not show strength, but betrays your cowardice!"
  • "If you cannot fight by your own power, you have no business in the ring!"
  • "You are far too weak to attempt your silly quest for revenge."
  • "Showmanship alone is no match for the king of Muay Thai!"
  • "Standing up in the face of defeat is the only path to true victory!"
  • "Your technique is to be admired, but your heart is simply not in the fight."
  • "Your attention is too scattered to call yourself a true fighter!"
  • "I am so disappointed, Ryu! Is this the power you so desired!?"
  • "A braggart like you is not worthy of my attention!"
  • "You have mastered many moves, but your fists have no soul."
  • "If you truly fight for your lost friend, you will stand up and fight again!"
  • "You put up a good fight, but your skills were no match for the king!"
  • "Do not expect lenience because you are a child! You are simply too weak!"
  • "Your moves are useless against the undisputed king!"
  • "You are no god! But I am a king!"
  • "You lost not because it was preordained, but because you allowed yourself to."
  • "Words only muddy the waters of battle! Have you not yet learned this lesson?"
  • "This is not over, Ryu! We will meet again!"
    • "You threw the fight! Why would you deny me the pleasure of a fair victory?"
  • "Your bluster is nothing but a facade behind which you cower like a child!"
  • "No matter how much you struggle, you cannot escape the grip of a tiger!"
  • "You have not earned the right to claim to fight for your country."

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "I don't care who you are. There is nowhere to run, once you're in my sight!"
  • "You'll need more resolve, if you ever hope to be number one as you say."
  • "Those who fight with their body alone will never be true warriors!"

Defeat Edit

  • "Im...possi...ble!" (Chip KO)

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

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Intro Edit

  • "No mercy!" (paired with Dhalsim)
  • "Treat every battle as your last."

Round Win Edit

  • "They call me 'king' for a reason."
  • "You're not worthy!"
  • "You don't know half of what I'm capable of."

Defeat Edit

  • "How did...?" (Chip KO)

Win Quotes Edit

Street Fighter Edit

  • "Now you understand the power of the king!"
  • "Your fist is different from his... you are quite strong. But I swore to never be consumed by defeat again!"
  • "How ironic... you, who value wealth so much, are not worthy of life."
  • "Even dogs can bark and howl! Where is your fight?! What happened to your "ferocious" jungle?!"
  • "Your face says you are ready for battle, but you cannot yet call yourself a soldier."
  • "Your speed is impressive but, that's all you have. You can't lay a finger on me!"
  • "Running away from your problems by fighting is the sign of a sad, pathetic, broken man."
  • "There is no need to hold back against me, Dhalsim! Fight me with your all!"
  • "If you have time to groom your mustache, you are not dedicated to the fight!"
  • "If you want to dance, go to a club! This is a fight!"
  • "You must fight for yourself! Fighting for fame or the sake of your art is meaningless!"
  • "Stand up! I will make you regret baring your fangs to the King!"
  • "I have no more use for you and your madness. Never appear before me again!"
  • "Fighting is not a show! I have nothing else to say, be gone!"
  • "Coward! If you were a true soldier, you'd challenge me man to man!"
  • "Words are meaningless on the battlefield! Speak with your fist!"
  • "Do not disappoint me! After all your training, was that the best you could do?"
  • "The path that man follows is a difficult one. Have you prepared yourself to follow in his footsteps?"
  • "An imitation will never claim the title of the king."
  • "Ridiculous fool, you cannot see past yourself and you will never be able to best me!"

Tekken Edit

  • "In a fight, my fists are gender-equal. If you don't like it, stay home!"
  • "I will not bother to even remember your name."
  • "Your fists cannot back up your words. Go crawl behind a rock and die."
  • "Even in defeat, your resolve remains strong... Interesting! I'm looking forward to challenging you again!"
  • "Coward! Can't you fight without relying on evil power? That man is more of a warrior than you are!"
  • "If you put on the mask of a tiger, you should be prepared to fight like one!"
  • "A tiger will always devour a bear!"
  • "I see your resolve in your eyes. You are worth remembering."
  • "If you have the power to make excuses, stand up and fight! Stay down when you are dead!"
  • "The powerless fighting for justice is a total farce! You should curse your own inexperience!"
  • "The arena is no place for spoiled brats!"
  • "Is that body just for show? Fight me for real or don't fight at all!"
  • "Were you really able to take lives with that level of fighting ability?"
  • "A fist that knows no pride will never reach me!"
  • "Nonsense! Speak with your fists!"
  • "Did you think you could defeat me with parlor tricks! You are more of a clown than a fighter!"
  • "This is the meaning of power, boy! If you hate me, train yourself and challenge me again!"
  • "You cannot protect even yourself!"
  • 'The king cannot be defeated by petty traps."


  • "Those who have no training have no business fighting! Remember that well!"
  • "No cat can tame a tiger!"
  • "Did you really think you could defeat me with that?"
  • "I have no idea what you are...but you are not fit to even grovel at the feet of the king!"
  • "My scar aches... Why can a cat perform a Shoryuken?!"

Street Fighter V Edit

Trailer Edit

  • "My skill goes ever higher!"

Character Selection Edit

  • "Dare you challenge the king."

Intro Edit

  • "Your words are not needed."
  • "There is no victory without daily training." (Training Mode)
  • "I must be strong. That is responsibility of the king." (Training Mode)
  • "I've been waiting for you." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Come at me." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "Now, surrender!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "I'm using full force!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Taunt Edit

  • "Come."

Tiger Shot Edit

  • "Tiger!" (Low, Medium and High)
  • "Tiger Shot!" (EX)

Grand Tiger Shot Edit

  • "Tiger!" (Low, Medium and High)
  • "Crush you!" (EX)

Tiger Uppercut Edit

  • "Tiger Uppercut" (Low, Medium and High)
  • "Begone!" (EX)

Tiger Knee Crush Edit

  • "Knee!" (Low)
  • "Tiger Knee!" (Medium)
  • "Break you apart!" (High)
  • "Tiger Knee! Rrrrrargh!" (EX)

V-Reversal Edit

  • "Useless."

V-Skill II Edit

  • "Bursting of power!"

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Try against some of this!"
  • "Cannon!" (Tiger Cannon)

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "Prepare!"
  • "Spike!" (Tiger Spike)
  • "You're unguarded!" (Tiger Spike fully charged)
  • "Be erased!" (Tiger Rush)

Critical Art Edit

  • "Let's see you beat this! Rrrrrargh! Tiger...Rampage!"​​​​

 Round Victory Edit

  • "Huhahahahahaha, ahahahaha!"
  • "Not yet! I'm not done!" (Low health)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "...Weakling!"
  • "I am king! None shall defeat me!"
  • "Use your defeat to rise again!"
  • "Let's see how brave you really are."
  • "I am the king!"

Versus Mode (character-specific) Edit

  • "If you seek strength, then you're a long way from achieving it!"
  • "I know the power you seek, but the king shall not walk that path."
  • "You disgust me... But it takes guts to face the king. I'll give you that... but only that."
  • "Go and train. Or would you rather die a fool?"
  • "You think your claws and fangs can threaten the king? Ha! You're like a little kitten!"
  • "Is that it? You're not even fit to be Willa Maiu's plaything!"
  • "I don't look to the gods for meaning in battle. Being king is meaning enough!"
  • "Why emulate that fool of a man? Stand on your own two feet!"
  • "My fights are my own. They belong to the king, and no other!"
  • "You call yourself an emperor? You aren't deserving of that title!"
  • "Still wanting to fight? Then stand!"
  • "You need more than jumps to surpass the king!"
  • "Enough whining! Face your own weakness!"
  • "It will take more than you to break the will of a king."
  • "Call yourself a noble? With that attitude? Don't make me laugh!"
  • "Only those who hone their skills and power can challenge the king. Can you call yourself worthy?
  • "You have no right to appear before the king while blinded by power."
  • "If you don't fear the king, then I suggest working on your technique and challenging me again!"
  • "Your resolve is weak! Your moves are all weak!"
  • "It's over. You and I will never share the same path again."
  • "Hmph. I don't care for predictions. A king is prepared for anything!"
  • "Devour a king?!" Impossible!"
  • "Fighting is not for show! Never forget that!"
  • "The fist of the king can shatter even the wind!"
  • "I know the path you walk...but now I stand in your way."
  • "Refine your techniques, and seek your own path."
  • "You are the shed skin of a snake. May the earth consume you."
  • "It's repulsive to down one's soul in beauty and strength. Wake up, fool."
  • "Work less on your muscles and more on your heart. With a heart of steel, you can't be kept down."

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