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Saikyo-Style Kaihi Jutsu (サイキョー流回避術 lit. "Strongest Style Evasion Technique"?) is Dan's V-Reversal, introduced in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Punch x3 (During guard)



Executed by charging backward, then pressing forward and all three punches after blocking an attack, Dan turns the other way and performs a back roll, tumbling underneath and behind his opponent. If no directional input or button is pressed, Dan wipes his forehead with relief before dropping back to his stance.


Like most V-Reversals, the purpose is to stop opponent's pressure or to get out of tough situations. Dan's Saikyo-Style Kaihi Jutsu is a solid escape option. While it does not inflict gray life like other V-Reversals, it is a great way for Dan to get out of the corner, switching sides with his opponent so that they are in the corner instead.


  • The move is an homage to both Dan's roll taunt and Zenpou Tenshin, the move from which the taunt was derived from.
    • It is also functionally and visually similar to a Guard Cancel Roll in The King of Fighters, being an invincible roll performed from a block and costing a resource.