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Saikyo-Style Otokoboe (サイキョー流漢吼え , "Strongest Style Manly Cry") is Dan's second V-Skill, introduced in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Saikyo-Style Otokoboe I Medium Punch+Medium Kick
Saikyo-Style Otokoboe II Back+Medium Punch+Medium Kick



Executed by pressing (down plus) Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Dan thrusts his fist out as a taunt, which deals a minuscule amount of damage if it connects. However, if another attack is inputted within the first five frames, the animation is cancelled. Like his first V-Skill, it fills both players' V-Gauges when used.


While the move itself is incredibly weak due to its low damage, poor range, and terrible hitstun, Saikyo-Style Otokoboe is actually one of Dan's strongest moves. Dan can cancel into his V-Skill from every one of his normal attacks excluding Crouching Heavy Kick. Then, by performing a Kara Cancel during the move's startup, Dan can cancel into any move he chooses from his V-Skill. This lets Dan perform rather unorthodox combos and hit-confirms, such as two Heavy Punches in a row, or a Standing Heavy Kick into a Crouching Heavy Kick as a knockdown from a poke.

While incredibly risky if performed improperly, Dan can use his V-Skill as a way to create terrifying frame traps that can oppress his opponents and punish their attempts at trying to escape. However, Dan must be cautious of how many times he uses his V-Skills, as both him and his opponent gain V-Gauge from each taunt, allowing them to potentially V-Shift or V-Reversal. Expert Dan players can exploit this, however, by cancelling into safe moves with less recovery such as his Light normals.