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Saikyo Tenjinsai (サイキョー転塵砕 lit. "Strongest Turning Dust Break"?) (aka. Zenshen) is a previously-unimplemented move that dates back to the first Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV. It eventually sees the light of day as a move in Dan's OMEGA Mode.


Saikyo Tenjinsai in action

Dan tackles the enemy in a quick shoulder throw, and stomps on them, while striking a pose with hands on his hips. In the EX version, he follows up with a downward punch. It looks similar to Karin's own throw, even with the command input, but with Dan's usual showboating added.


With this addition, Dan has the ability to throw off turtlers and gives him a reliable ticking tool. While his throw reach isn't as great as the normal grapplers of the game, it does more damage than normal throws, and can't be tech'ed out of.



  • This throw's initial execution looks similar to Karin's back throw while the second part of his EX version looks similar to Makoto's own back throw.