This is a list of all the quotes used by Sakura.

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Do you have time for another beating before my next class?"
  • "Now you know, justice always prevails!"
  • "Victory is mine. Get up loser, so I can smack you again!"
  • "Wow, that was cool, do it again!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. SagatEdit

Sagat: "Those moves?! You know Ryu. Where is he?"

Sakura: "Say please!"

Sagat: "Out of my way, you insignificant gnat!"

Sakura: "You need a lesson in etiquette."

vs. RyuEdit

Sakura: "I've been looking for you, Ryu."

Ryu: "What do you want with me, little girl?"

Sakura: "Is that anyway to talk? I'm your number one fan. That's Ms. Little Girl to you!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Did I impress you? I really hope I did!"
  • "How dare you claim to be a true street fighter! You're pathetic!"
  • "I'll be late for class, but it's okay! A good street fight is worth it!"
  • "Oh, no! I was supposed to go to the mall with Kei!"
  • "Okay, I'll skip class to fight you again! But only this time!"
  • "That must have been a real street fight! I could feel it!"
  • "That's it? I wanted a harder fight!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

vs. E. HondaEdit

E. Honda: "Oh! Are you a street fighter, too little girl? Then you must spar with me just this once!"

Sakura: "Sure! No sweat! I want to fight you, too! Hm, hm (shy smile). It will be great to fight a sumo wrestler!"

Post BattleEdit

E. Honda: "Ouch! I need to train harder! I once fought a man who wore... a headband like yours. He was strong, but you seem stronger..."

Sakura: "What?! Whe... where did he say he was going?!"

E. Honda: "He mentioned many places... India... Thailand..."

vs. RyuEdit

Sakura: "?! RYU!!!"

M. Bison: "Huh? Annoying girl! We are in the middle of a ceremony!"

Sakura: "What have you done to Ryu?!"

M. Bison: "Hmph! I shall test your power...  Ryu! Kill that young girl!!"

vs. M. BisonEdit

M. Bison: "Aha...! Even after I charged Ryu with Psycho Power, you beat him."

Sakura: "You violated Ryu's mind forcibly! I won't forgive you!!! That wild man is not my Ryu! He would never be like that!"

M. Bison: "Hm, hm, hm... Bring him back by knocking me down... If you can!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

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Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Oh no! I forgot to try out that new combo I was practicing yesterday."
  • "What's that? A rematch? You've got it! See you next time."
  • "C'mon! Get back up! This is too fun to give up soon."
  • "I guess I don't know my own strength."
  • "I can't allow myself to lose! I have my reasons..."
  • "I'm learning a lot of new skills today. And I'm just getting started..."
  • "That was fun! Let's do this again sometime!"

Pocket FighterEdit

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Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboEdit

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Capcom vs. SNK seriesEdit

Millennium Fight 2000 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Come on! Show me how tough you really are!"
  • "Why I haven't met such tough opponents like this before?"
  • "Was I the star of the show?"
  • "Now who's next?"
  • "What if my school finds out about this tournament?"
  • "...Huh, you were strong. So, how did I manage to win?"
  • "I can't lose to someone like you!"
  • "I grow stronger with each step! That's my belief."

Mark of the Millennium 2001 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "I can't believe that I've almost won this tournament..."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I can't lose to someone like you!"
  • "...Huh, you were strong as I expected. So, how did I manage to win?"
  • "Was I the star of the show?"
  • "Why have I not met such strong opponents like this before?"
  • "Now, who's next?"
  • "I grow stronger with each step! That's my sincere belief."
  • "Come on! Show me how tough you really are!"
  • "What will happen if my school finds out that I entered into this tournament?"

The Match of the MillenniumEdit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Work on you guard, sieve!"
  • "Whew! I love a good mix-up!"
  • "Street fighting's my communication!"
  • "You don't got the moves, pal!"

Win Quote (vs. Ryu) Edit

  • "Can we rub knuckles again?"

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit


  • "Pleased to meet you!"

Personal ActionEdit

  • "Get ready! Here I come!"
  • "Careful, you might hurt yourself."
  • "Fight!"
  • "Give it your best shot!"
  • "Are you for real?"
  • "This is really fun!"
  • "Oh, come on!"
  • "I play for keeps."

Prologue (SFIV)Edit

Sakura: Hi! Is Hibiki-san here today?

Dan: Sakura! Since when do we say 'hi' when we enter a dojo? You know better than that! And, start calling me 'Sensei' too. How many times....seriously....

Sakura: Uh, OK......Whatever you say Sensei. Anyway, did you find out anything about you-know-who? You promised, remember? And like, 'He was an apprentice of mine, so he stops by all the time to say hi!'

Dan: Oh, uh....Yeah, well....Ya see, the thing is....

Sakura: Let me guess....You didn't hear anything, did you?

Dan: No way, kid. Nobody said that, now did they? There's a fighting tournament coming up, you see? And word on the street is that Ken Masters will be there. know....I guess if Ken's gonna be there....I mean...Chances are that your buddy will show up too, right? I mean....they hang out. Right?

Sakura: Oh, I can't wait to see him! Ryu-san!

Prologue (SSFIV)

"Date: 25th. Weather: Sunny... Today's training regimen: 100 laps around the deck, 500 push-ups, 500 pull-ups, 500 sit-ups, and 800 squats. Um... What else was there? Oh, yeah! I swabbed the decks, cooked dinner for the whole crew, and then there was that arm-wrestling tournament with Hibiki-san, Blanka and the Captain! Aha ha ha ha! That was a blast! Have I really gotten stronger? Am I closer to my goal of getting strong like him? Like I used to wish for? He's out there somewhere... under these same stars... It doesn't matter, though. I'll get to see him soon enough at the tournament! Hang on, Ryu-san! I'll be there before you know it! Hope you're ready to fight!"

Rival CutsceneEdit

Vs. RyuEdit

Sakura: "Ryu-san!"

Ryu: "You! Long time, no see. Have you been practicing?"

Sakura: "Aha! Why not take me on and find out?"

Ryu: "Alright, take your shot, kiddo!"

Sakura: "Kay!"

First attack (Sakura): "Gotta be impressive."

First attack (Ryu) : "Looks like I got it started."

"Let's begin." (Ryu)

"Get ready." (Sakura)

"I won't give up." (Sakura)

"Go on, attack me!." (Ryu)

"Attack harder!" (Ryu does Shoryuken at Sakura)

"Tired?" (Ryu)

"Oh....What should I do?" (Sakura)

Focus attack Lvl 3: "Did that hurt?"

"Wow! Not bad!"(Ryu) - After focused attack by Sakura.

K.O (any attack) (Sakura): "Thank you so much."

K.O (Ryu)(any attack): "Keep your eyes on the fronts."

Ultra Activation (Sakura) : "I'll inherrit you one day."

Ultra Activation (Ryu); "Take this!"

Super Combo Finish (Sakura): "Y-Yeah! I won!"

Ultra Combo Finish (Sakura): "What did you think of my moves?"

Ultra Combo Finish (Ryu): "You have gotten stronger. But you still have a long way to go."

Ending (SFIV) Edit

Sakura: Ryu-san!

Ryu: Stay back!

Sakura: Ryu-san...

Ryu: Sakura! Shoryuken!

Sakura: Hi...Good to see you again.

Ending (SSFIV)Edit

Sakura: "Thank you so much, Ryu-san! It was really awesome getting to fight you again!"
Ryu: "Yeah. You, too. Let's do it again soon!"
Sakura: "Alright!"
Dan: "Hey, Sakura! Better get on board before we leave ya behind, kid!"
Sakura: "I'm coming! Well, bye, then!"
Ryu: "Take care."
Sakura: "Bye! We'll meet again! I promise!"

Win QuotesEdit

Round WinEdit

  • "I'm only gonna get stronger!"
  • "Ugh...I need more training."
  • "I'll be a great fighter one day, just you wait and see!"
  • "Well, I guess that's about it."
  • "I seek opponents stronger than myself...(short laugh) just kidding!"

Defeat Edit

  • "You're just... too strong..." (Chip KO)

Street Fighter IVEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "What do I want to do when I grow up? I know... gym teacher!"
  • "Wow! Not bad!"
  • "I hate to say it, but your moves are just plain booooring."
  • "You could use some improvement in the technique department."
  • "I feel great! All that jogging must be paying off!"
  • "Nice move! I think I've got the gist of it. I'll try it myself next time!"
  • "Cool! We finished in time for me to meet up with Kei after all!"
  • "I really got a sense of how strong you are during the fight!"
  • "Uh-oh! I forgot to text Karin! Can I borrow your cell for a sec?"
  • "No sweat!"
  • "It feels great when you can pull off combos just how you imagine 'em!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "You don't look like you're having much fun. Something on your mind?"
  • "Eep... My knees are still shaking...!"
  • "Judging by the look on your face, I thought you'd be stronger than that!"
  • "Is that gigantic chin the source of your power?"
  • "Have you seen Dan around here? He totally owes me five bucks..."
  • "That was a blast! Let's do it again sometime!"
  • "We oughta change costumes with each other sometime! That'd be fun!"
  • "I wanna be like you when I grow up! You have a kid? How old is she?"
  • "Oops! Sorry! I really thought you'd be able to dodge that with no problem..."
  • "I bet those arms come in handy when you run out of toilet paper in the washroom!"
  • "You're all over the headlines back home. Won't your boss get mad at you?"
  • "Fighting and food? Personally, I like both, but I really prefer fighting!"
  • "Ha ha! That was just like being in a movie! Except you lost this time..."
  • "Maybe you'd be stronger if you chose a single style and stuck with it!"
  • "You remind me a lot of Ryu. You're a lot bigger than him, though."
  • "Your fighting style is simple, but sophisticated. Thanks for showing me!"
  • Yes! At this rate, I'll be at Ryu's level before you!"
  • "You should get out more. Wanna go get a bite to eat?"
  • "You've got a really unique style, but you're not actually that good a fighter."
  • "Ha ha! Guess I grew up a lot since we last met, huh?"
  • "Thanks for the fight! I learned a lot!" (Vs mode)
  • "I totally understand your obsession with Ryu. Isn't he just dreamy?"
  • "You convert your opponents' moves into data? Sounds boring to me."
  • "If you're a ninja, do you have secret passages in your house and stuff?"
  • "Phew! One more throw from you and I would've been a goner!"

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  1. "Training is fun if you set your mind to a specific goal to work toward!"
  2. "Yes! I´m doing great! Gotta keep this up!"
  3. "Awesome fight! I´m on top of my game today!"
  4. "Oh no! I forgot I´m s´posed to meet Kei today! I´m gonna be late!"
  5. "I got some kind of invitation in the mail from Karin. I´d better reply!"
  6. "Yeah! That was great!"
  7. "That was so fun! We have to do it again soon!"
  8. "Phew! That was a close one! Wanna go again?"
  9. "You´re pretty strong, but you need to mix up your moves a bit more"
  10. "Thanks for fighting me!"
  11. "That´s a wrap!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "Really? I have a dog, too! I go jogging with him all the time!"
  • "Fighting should be fun! You looked really angry the whole time."
  • "I was concentrating so hard, I can't even remember how I won!"
  • "You weren't as strong as you loo- ...Ha ha! Just kidding! Don't get mad!"
  • "You're looking for Hibiki-san, too? I wonder where he got off to..."
  • "We'll have to take our time and enjoy the fight next time!"
  • "Take me to work with you sometime, will you? Please?"
  • "So American prisons really DO have uniforms like that?"
  • "I thought your moves were pretty cool until I realized you used those gadgets!"
  • "You OK, Hibiki-san? Looks like your eyes are rolled back into your head..."
  • "Sorry! I was too busy fighting to listen to your rhythm!"
  • "I wish I could teleport like that when I'm running late for school!"
  • "I never realized there were so many different styles of boxing!"
  • "I saw you on TV, Honda-san! I hope everything works out for you!"
  • "Y'know, seasoning is a really important part of cooking."
  • "Ryu-san! Wake up, please!"
  • "Are you looking for any extras for your new movie?"
  • "You sure have a lot of moves! But I prefer quality over quantity!"
  • "So you were Ryu-san's teacher? It's so nice to meet you!"
  • "Your moves allow you to cover ground and aerial attacks! I'll have to try that!"
  • "Comfortable shoes are a fighter's best friend!"
  • "Nice moves! Now, to go wash this oil off my hands..."
  • "Don't you stand out walking around in those silly pajamas all the time?"
  • "Hey! Chill out! This isn't supposed to be a fight to the death, ya know!"
  • "Aha ha ha ha ha! I've grown stronger, huh?"
  • "It takes more than flying and teleporting to impress me!"
  • "Nice moves! Wanna go again?"
  • "My body can't stop shaking...How did I win that one!?"
  • "I know what you mean. I hate waking up in the morning, too."
  • "Will you teach me how to ride a motorcycle some time?"
  • "Wow! I did it! I really won! Can I try again?"
  • "I'll keep training so Ryu-san will consider ME his rival one day!"
  • "The best way to learn new moves is to pay attention and practice!"
  • "Your homeland sounds like a great place!"
  • "Why do you wear that mask? Is there a festival or something going on?"
  • "I can lend you some hairspray if you need to fix your bangs."
  • "Eep! Sorry I ruined your hat! Don't worry, I'll get you a new one!"
  • "I'd better gain some weight so you can't toss me around like a rag doll."

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "Phew, that was fun! Come to Japan next time and we can hang out!"
  • "I wish I was a bit taller. It must be nice to be so big!"
  • "I like your shoes. I bet it took a lot of practice to walk in them."
  • "Military training, huh? I could see how marching and singing could be fun..."

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Match Start Edit

  • "'Kay! Let's go!"
  • "Mmm... 'kay! So, are you ready for the fight? (...) Alright! Let's do our best!" (When paired with Blanka)

Match Win Edit

  • "That was so awesome!"
  • "I love fighting. And it's made of awesome!"

Defeat Edit

  • "Noooooooo!!"
  • "You're just... too strong...!" (Chip KO)

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "I had to watch out for your throws, but once I got in there, I got all my moves off!"
  • "Whew, I'm tired. Time for a break!"
  • "Your punches are pretty powerful, but I could see them from a mile away."
  • "That was a lot of fun! Let's fight again someday!"
  • "Oh, you were in the middle of working? Sorry! Can I text you later?"
  • "You're still pretty young! I thought you were older. I know how it feels to be stuck at the same age..."
  • "No matter how many times I see it, those stretchy arms are way weird..."
  • "I see. So, it can be dangerous to just blindly rush in... I'll practice more self-restraint. Thanks!"
  • "I'd be happy to be your friend, Elena!"
  • "Your moves certainly are very precise! I'm still working on polishing my stuff."
  • "Hey, I know those shoes! We used them in gym class! Are you sure they're ninja shoes?"
  • "Whatever I lacked in size, I more than made up for in spirit!"
  • "What a cute pet raccoon! His name is Don-chan? Mind if I pet him? ...Aww, he's so soft!"
  • "I told you, you should have taken me more seriously! I'm a dedicated street fighter too!"
  • "I win! Yay! Next time Ken-san! Just barely, but a win is a win, right? Hehehe..."
  • "Ruling the world seems like a lot of responsibility. It's not for me, personally, but good luck with that, I guess."
  • "Maybe it's easy to move around in those clothes... But man, I'd die of embarrassment!"
  • "The army? No way! I'm not cut out for that at all! I like to sleep in and I'm always running late!"
  • "Don't you get tired of talking all the time?"
  • "Whoa... I won? Really? Wow, cool! Thank you for the fight, Ryu-san!"
  • "Let's fight again someday! ...Whew, don't take it personal, but you still make me really nervous!"
  • "I didn't know there were ninjas in Spain. I've never heard of any."
  • "Hey... do you think you could teach me how to put out the Hadoken like you do?"


  • "You say you're not a robot, but people don't throw their hands and stuff at you..."
  • "I've never been to Osaka, but I'd like to go someday."
  • "Your movements were all over the place, but I pulled out the victory!"
  • "You gotta work on your fundamentals! That was the first thing I learned."
  • "Eddy-san? I've never heard of him... I'll ask around for you, though!"
  • "Whew, I won. But I bet this is gonna sting tomorrow."
  • "I also need to learn how to put more of my body weight into my attacks..."
  • "Is it just me, or did this guy fire a laser?"
  • "I got a peek at your face while fighting, but don't worry! I won't tell anyone."
  • "I hope it's not a crime to beat up on bears..."
  • "Sorry! I might have overdone it a bit... I was just so happy to meet you in person!"
  • "A part-time job? Thanks, but no thanks. Fighting keeps me plenty busy!"
  • "You remind me of one of my friends. She also rides around in limousines and stuff. Same laugh, too."
  • "Hmm... I wonder if my punches lack power?"
  • "You're really pretty... How old did you say you were again?"
  • "That win was pure luck. But I guess luck is a part of fighting skill too, right? Heh heh heh..."
  • "Oww... Punches from boxers sure do hurt. How'd you get to be so fast?"
  • "It's dangerous swinging around a sword like that... You could put someone's eye out!"


  • "You have a thing for sailor uniforms? Um… I dunno what you’re talking about. Silly cat."
  • "That’s a pretty cool helmet! Did you make it yourself?"
  • "I’m not really sure what you are… but thanks for the fight!"

Street Fighter VEdit

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Character Selection Edit

  • "Yeah! Let's go!"

Intro Edit

  • "Uh-oh! Pleased to meet you!"
  • "Yeah! Start training!" (Training Mode)
  • "I really like to exercise. And training is a lot of fun." (Training Mode)
  • "Yeah. I'm focused now." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Let's both give it our all." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "A serious battle's really fun." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "I'm so glad you're worthy opponent!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Critical Art activation Edit

Round Victory Edit

  • "Hahaha, I did it!"
  • "Whew... that was a bit close." (low health)

Round Loss Edit

Taunt Edit

  • "Come on! I'd do it if I were you."

Idle Animation Edit

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Ha ha! Fighting's so much fun!"
  • "That was an awesome fight. Thank you very much!"
  • "How about a runback? ...Is what I'd like to say, but it's time for work..."
  • "I've gotten pretty strong... Don't you think?"
  • "Well, I guess that's about it."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Fighting these big guys really tires me out. Maybe I should try a little weightlifting..."
  • "Is this what it means to become strong? I may have to start rethinking some things..."
  • "I thought your punches were pretty good, actually. I definitely did not want to get hit by one of those."
  • "I know adding weight makes for an advantage, but... It's not exactly fitting for a swimsuit."
  • "No roughhousing in the store, Jimmy! I'll get yelled at by the manager!"
  • "Yeah, that was a good fight! Fighting isn't always about life and death, ya'know!"
  • "Your kicks are just as beautiful as ever. Let's do this again sometime soon!"
  • You're into underground street fighting, aren't you? I could tell by your moves."
  • "You get weirder every time I see you. Are you sure this is yoga?!"
  • "Foul-mouthed and straightforward... Kind of like a child."
  • "There's something familiar about your power... I bet you'll get a lot stronger if you try real hard to control it."
  • "And the victory is mine! ...But hey, that means you got second place!"
  • "Cool cosplay, I guess. You s'posed to be a president or something?"
  • "Your moves are as refined as ever. But hey, I'm no slouch either, right?"
  • "Seems like your training is pretty difficult. And sorry, I don't know any guys I could introduce you to..."
  • "I like fighting, sure... But you and I are most certainly nothing alike."
  • "Whoa... I've gotta make sure I don't end up like you."
  • "Hmm, let's see...I think I'm in the lead now for our battle total."
  • "What did you say your style was, Matsuda? I'll check it out!"
  • "Oh no! I beat up a cop! I can't go to prison! I have homework to hand in!!"
  • "What's with the scary face... I won't be intimidated by you."
  • "There is definitely something different about you..."
  • "Huh? What? Leave me off your dinner plate, thank you very much!"
  • "Pro-wrestling? I wanna get a job, but not that badly."
  • "Wind power? I've never seen that before. Fighting with all sorts of people really is fun!"
  • "Yeah! Victory for Sakura! The crowd goes wild!"
  • "For better or worse, this is me."
  • "We fought before, right? But you seem kinda different..."
  • "You were coming after my face with that claw, weren't you... Thank goodness it broke."

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