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Santamu (サンタム Santamu?) is a member of the Dolls who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo to be trained as an assassin working for M. Bison. Her name is derived from the Vietnamese word for August, Tháng Tám.


Originally from Ethiopia[1] (from Vietnam in early sources[3]), Santamu specializes in spear fighting. She is accompanied by a golden lion tamarin named Kiki (キキ?), which assists her in espionage activities rather than combat. In her alternative profile, she is accompanied by her pet bird instead.

Santamu is cheerful and doesn't worry much with finer details. She doesn't like to harm living beings, being even careful to not hurt enemies too much. Her hair is black.


Street Fighter V[]

A Shadow Falls[]

In Street Fighter V's story mode, A Shadow Falls, her personality appears to undergo a complete about-face, perhaps due to Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. She joins Balrog, Ed and a handful of Shadaloo jobbers in ambushing Guile and Zangief at Apprentice Alley after obtaining a key from Zangief's friend; as she picks a fight with Guile, she seems angered and instinctively takes her fighting stance. Upon losing the fight, her tamarin screams at Guile as she suddenly hurls her spear at him with all her might. As Guile sidesteps the attack with ease, she then flees, presumably to retrieve the spear. At the end of A Shadow Falls, Santamu can be seen being held onto by Aprile and watching the destruction of Shadaloo along with the other Dolls.

Fighting style[]

Santamu's fighting style matches that of the other Dolls, being agile and preferring offense over defense, having access to potent combos. However, her specials are overall faster than the other Dolls, suggesting a style that is a little bit more feral than the other Dolls.

Unlike other Dolls, however, Santamu uses two specials. The Spinning Spear is an excellent anti-air with fast startup, and her ability to link into and out of it. However, its damage is less than impressive without the EX version, which does much more damage and stun, but causes her to always throw the spear afterward, leaving her wide open if blocked.

The Spear Toss is her second special and is potent in its own right. A fast projectile with fast startup and combos into the move, Santamu will typically use the move a lot due to how safe it is. If the Spear Toss scores a Counter Hit, Santamu can combo out of it. The EX version does more damage, but has slower startup; its properties outside of that are not yet known.


  • Santamu is the only known character in the Street Fighter series to not only be from Ethiopia or Vietnam, but also to carry a spear.
    • Assuming she is Vietnamese, she is the first female to represent South East Asia and the only South East Asian character to originate outside of Thailand.
    • Assuming she is Ethiopian, she is the second character (and female) to represent Africa.



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