The Sardine Beach Special is one of the R. Mika's Super Combos introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and available in the A-ISM and X-ISM modes. There are many variations of this movement.
All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick

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R. Mika runs forward. Pressing different buttons during the run have different effects:

  • LP: Dropkick LK: Front Flip
  • MP: Slide Kick MK: Front Flip
  • HP: Clothesline HK: Front Flip

If R. Mika knocks the opponent the HP Clothesline, she will automatically leap onto the cornerpost of her wrestling ring and perform a backflip drop that will always hit. With either the LP or MP attacks, the opponent will still be standing and there is another choice of attacks, by pressing the following motions just as R. Mika leaps off the post:

neutral: Flipping Backdrop F: Rolling Neck Breaker Kick: Sky-High Dropkick (Or, when just about to make contact with the opponent's head) {C}F+Kick: Wingless Airplane Spin

The Front Flip moves will makes R. Mika tumble forward. If she lands on her opponent, she will flip over them to their other side. She will automatically do this if she runs into her opponent. If she runs into the side of the {C}screen, she will double back and run in the opposite direction. The higher the Super Combo Level used, the more times R. Mika will run back and forth across the screen.

Another explanation is as follows. Different attacks happen whatever the player:

A) run into the opponent and press a punch button to floor opponent and jump off ring for a follow up attack.

B) Vault (flip) over opponent flip over them, land immediately behind them and attack.

A) The player run at opponent and press a punch button and initiate an attack which knocks opponent down, as opponent recovers Mika jumps off ring for a follow up attack. Which follow up attack used is determined by button presses done before Mika touches her ring and jumps off of it.

LP: Dropkick

SP: Sliding Kick

HP: Lariat Clothesline

neutral / do nothing: Moonsault Press (attack)

forward / back: Paradise Hold (throw)

kick button: Missile Kick (attack)

forward / back + kick: Wingless Airplane (throw)

NOTE: Paradise Hold and Wingless Airplane throws are

  • NOT* available if "HP: Lariat Clothesline" was used, however its follow up attack is guaranteed. Opponent cannot recover and then block in this case.

The opponent can recover and then block during situations where the "LP: Dropkick" or "SP: Sliding Kick" are used, whereas the "HP: Lariat Clothesline" is a guaranteed second hit. The player can play mind games with the opponent this way, and when said opponent are standing there blocking feeling safe, the player can attack them with an

  • unblockable* throw they were never expecting. Of all the follow up attacks, the Wingless Airplane throw does the most damage with the Paradise Hold doing second most.

B) Second option is vault over opponent, land immediately behind opponent and perform an attack.

press K or P at middle of vault: land right behind enemy (in throwing range)
punch: Medulla Lariat (attack)
kick: Medulla Dropkick (attack)
forward / back + punch: Rainbow Suplex (throw)
forward / back + kick: Daydream Headlock (throw)

NOTE: The easy way to vault and land right behind an enemy is to just double tap a kick button just before the middle of the vault. If the player do not press K or P at the correct time then Mika will vault up and over opponent and will land farther away, out of range to do throws or attacks.

The player can control running left or right by pressing in that direction. Pressing any K button at any time to perform a small flip is good for jumping fireballs. If right in front of the opponent, pressing K will make Mika vault/flip over the opponent. Strangely if Mika just run into the opponent, she will vault over them anyway. If she land right behind an opponent, she will stop running though. The appeal to all these possible attacks is the mind game of performing an attack or throw, whichever the opponent expects the least.

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