Satsuki (サツキ Satsuki?, May) is a member of the Dolls who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo to be trained as an assassin working for M. Bison. Her name is the archaic Japanese name of May (皐月).

Biography Edit

Originally from Japan, Satsuki specializes in sword fighting, being a professional able to skillfully manipulate her beloved katana Murasame Blade (ムラサメ・ブレード?) and the ninjatō Rasetsu Blade (ラセツ・ブレード?). Besides kenjutsu, she is also good with taijutsu.


Satsuki is like a samurai, being always serious and very stubborn, not even understanding what a joke is. She has a firm duty and never forgets a received favor.


Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Satsuki appears briefly with the other Dolls.

Super Street Fighter IV OVAEdit

She is defeated by Juri and captured by S.I.N..

Street Fighter VEdit

A Shadow FallsEdit

Satsuki appears during Shadaloo's takedown, where she ambushes Zangief and fights him. Zangief defeats her and shows her that her sword is no match for his muscle power. In the end, Satsuki, like all the other dolls, are no longer under the influence of Psycho Power.

Fighting StyleEdit

Satsuki shares the same normals as all the other dolls, but has her own unique moves when she uses her sword to attack her opponents.

Other appearancesEdit

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UDON comicsEdit

In the Udon comics, she was spotted and captured by Cammy. Satsuki recognizes Cammy and calls her as "Killer Bee" (which was the latter's code name when she was with Shadaloo), revealing her past as a former Shadaloo member while believing Cammy was working undercover.

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