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Sayaka (さやか?) is a character seen in both Street Fighter Alpha: Generations and Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist as an important figure in the backstories of both Gouken and Akuma. While only seen briefly in Alpha Generations, with the only thing shown about her being that she was connected to Akuma, it was later shown in Assassin's Fist that she is actually the niece of Goutetsu, Gouken and Akuma's deceased master.



In both of her appearances, Sayaka is shown to be around the same age as Gouken and Akuma, but is a bit shorter than either of them. Unlike the two of them, though, her uncle Goutetsu did not seek to train her in Ansatsuken, and thus she is not that strong, in both appearance and ability. In Alpha: Generations, she had long, brown hair, but in Assassin's Fist, she had tied-back black hair.


Sayaka is shown to be a timid yet sympathetic figure. She cares for her uncle, Goutetsu, and his students, Gouken and Gouki, very much, and frequently aids them in her endeavors. She encourages Gouken and Gouki to pursue other hobbies, like calligraphy, English and Photography on the side during their training. However, she seems to show a particular liking towards Gouki, who is somewhat oblivious to her due to his personal pursuit for attaining power via the Satsui no Hado. Though it is hinted in the director's commentary that the two have a secret relationship and Sayaka did not discourage Gouki from using Satsui no Hado.


Street Fighter Alpha: Generations[]

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Sayaka is first seen tending to Gouki's wounds after he loses a fight to Gouken. Later on Sayaka hears Gouki and Goutetsu arguing about the use of Satsui no Hado. After Gouki leaves the room, Sayaka fails to persuade Gouki to consider to Goutetsu's warnings, then begins to worry about him when he appears to be in pain.

Due to abusing the Satsui no Hado, Gouki becomes Akuma and fights Goutetsu. Sayaka being aware of this turns to Gouken for help. Sayaka is unable to keep up with Gouken, as she is nauseous and then vomits due to it: this is all but stated to be morning sickness, indicating she was pregnant (near surely by Akuma).

In modern day, an apparation of Sayaka appears before Akuma, trying to clean his wounds much she did when they were younger, the event cause Akuma to revert to a more human looking form before leaving Ryu in the forest and cursing Gouken.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist[]

The majority of Sayaka's role in the story of Street Fighter is shown in Assassin's Fist. While away at war, Goutetsu left his niece Sayaka under the care of his housekeeper, Senzo, at his dojo. When he returned, he brought with him Gouken and Gouki, caring for them after their father, who had served under Goutetsu, died in combat. He began training them in the art of Ansatsuken while also caring for Sayaka, who grew up alongside them.

At some point, before Gouki pursuits Satsui no Hado, Sayaka tries to teach Gouki to use her camera. Gouki attempts to capture a photo of her holding flowers, which she is initially shy and embarrassed by, however Gouki tells her that she told him "to focus on the most beautiful subject" when using the camera. Flattered by this, she allows Gouki to take the photo of her and the two start a secret romance.

Sayaka isn't really seen again until a while before Gouki was exiled from the dojo, where she has the two brothers practicing calligraphy during a break from their training. She tries to encourage Gouki to work on his English as he refuses to use English in front of Gouken. When she went over to see what Gouken was writing, Gouki hastily left after writing the character 滅 (Metsu, lit. "destruction"), signifying to both of them that Gouki's delving into the secrets of the Satsui no Hado was getting worse.

During a training fight between Gouken and Gouki that Gouki lost, Gouki loses his temper and tried to kill Gouken. Gouken reverses his attacks and was about to kill him with a Hadoken if it hadn't been for Sayaka, who stood in the way, making Gouken cease charging the projectile. Shortly afterwards, while Gouki is being scolded by Goutetsu, Sayaka tries to intervene, but Gouken prevents her. As a result, she goes to Gouki's room to wait for him. After Gouken is called in, Sayaka waits outside the room.

Gouki is told by Goutetsu to pack his belongings and leave the dojo, Sayaka was waiting for him outside the room and walks with him to his room. Sayaka attempts to convince him to stay, saying that she will talk to her uncle about changing his mind, but Gouki refuses. He recognizes that Sayaka is attracted to him, but tells her that he must pursue his training in the ways of the Satsui no Hado above all else, he kisses her goodbye. Saddened, she stays in the room after he leaves it, and is soon found by Gouken, who she is angry at for not defending his brother.

When Gouki begins leaving the dojo grounds, Sayaka runs to catch up with him to give him a basket of food for his journey and a piece of paper with the character 天 (Ten, lit. "heaven") written upon it, symbolizing his quest for immortal glory.

A year passes and Sayaka longs for Gouki's return, but Goutetsu notices this and tells her to stop her infatuation, as it is hindering Gouken's training.

After Goutetsu dies at Akuma's hands, Sayaka finds little reason to stay at the dojo and departs in the night, leaving Gouken and Senzo. She isn't seen again.


  • Sayaka is portrayed as the daughter of Goutetsu in Alpha Generations. In Assassin's Fist, she is his niece.
    • It is speculated that her father is Gouma, Goutetsu's identical twin brother.
  • Due to her relationship with Akuma, Sayaka is speculated to be Ryu's biological mother in Alpha: Generations.
  • She is the only female character in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.