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The Sazan is one of Ibuki's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

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Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by pressing down-forward and Medium Kick, Ibuki slides at the opponent's ankles with one leg out in front.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Street Fighter IV[edit | edit source]

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Street Fighter X Tekken[edit | edit source]

Ibuki using Sazan in Street Fighter IV

In Street Fighter X Tekken Sazan returns as part of Ibuki's moveset and is classified as a Unique Attack. In this game it loses a lot of anti projectile potential (but not all of it), still being able to go under projectiles such as Ryu's Hadoken and Alisa's projectile but not being able to go under Guile's Sonic Boom or Chun-Li's Kikoken. A good trade-off is that this attack lowers Ibuki's hit-able hurtbox by a very notable degree, leaving her able to Low Profile many attacks such as Cammy and Ling Xiaoyu's standing light punches. Sazan is able able to go under many character's launchers despite launchers being able to defeat low attacks. This attack has a startup of 8 frames and 11 active frames, while the relatively quick startup and rather high amount of active frames may seem like a blessing the player must be careful to hit as close to the end of the attack as possible, as the attack connecting too early could leave Ibuki able to be punished on block and even on hit. Spaced correctly this attack can be safe on block and lead to combos on hit. While rare this attack can juggle aerial opponents due to it's unique attack nature.

This attack can be used after EX Tsumuji to combo for higher damage than the standard Dash-Raida followup, but it requires very strict and specific timing alongside proper spacing to accomplish.

Street Fighter V[edit | edit source]


This move hits low and covers a short distance. It has 11 active frames, which is quite a bit for an attack. If Ibuki uses this move as a meaty, it can potentially make it safe or even plus on block. Additionally, Ibuki is invincible to most projectiles as she slides on the ground. It can be used to punish her opponent at a distance as they are about to throw a fireball. However, it requires a fast read and proper spacing, so that Ibuki doesn't take any damage.

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