Scott and Max are the two fighters that appear in the opening of Street Fighter II fighting in front of a crowd.

Scott[edit | edit source]

Scott (スコット Sukotto?) is the blonde fighter in the opening. He is a former boxer that now works as an bouncer of a bar. His straight punch is powerful and he can do a high speed duck in the nick of time to dodge the opponent's attack. He starts street fights against hoodlums in the city. On weekends he seems to go black bass fishing in a lake.

Max[edit | edit source]

Max (マックス Makkusu?) is the African American fighter in the opening. He is an active heavyweight boxer with great speed and techniques. He is a moderately formidable fighter that participates in mixed martial arts tournaments, but he often causes problems and is punished for his bad behavior. He invests most of his prize money in gambling.

Max also appears in Street Fighter V in A Shadow Falls, where he faces Alex in a CWA match and is defeated. He can also be seen in the background in the High Roller Casino stage.

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