Scramble Battle action.

Scramble Battle is a game mode in Street Fighter X Tekken. It is somewhat akin to the Dramatic Battle Modes of the older games.

Description[edit | edit source]

In Scramble Battle, both teams are out on the same time. Before the match starts players can choose teams either on the pre-fight screen or via online teaming in either the endless lobbies or "partner finder". Both characters in a single team share a Cross Gauge and Health Meter. Characters that are not taken by players are controlled by an AI. Grab attacks also can not be interrupted, meaning a partner can not be "saved" from the sequence.

Differences from original gameplay[edit | edit source]

In Scramble Mode there are some changes to gameplay to accommodate 4 characters battling.

  • Grabs and Throws, Command Grabs, and Air Throws do not cause cinematic changes (seen in picture above).
  • Pandora is not an option in this mode..
  • Super Arts remain the same but Cross Arts have both characters of one team assault the hit character of the other team. Furthermore after the Cross Art the character positions are "reset" where the hit character's partner comes back to one side of the screen and both characters of the attacking team come to the other side of the screen.
    • It should be noted that both incoming partners are vulnerable coming in as the game uses the same come in animation for each character alongside the properties from the "tag in" animation of the game's Tag system. Depending on which character finishes the Cross Art sequence with their super art the need to protect the first incoming ally increases, for example as Rolento's Super Art leaves the opponent closer and they stand up while his partner is incoming there is a chance that Rolento's ally can be punished, but Ibuki's Yoroitoshi sends the opponent away thus leaving very little danger. The incoming ally of the cross art hti character comes last and is very vulnerable to getting hit further.
  • Both characters of a team share Health Meter. The total depends on the individual health values of the team (Example, Ibuki would add 900 to the total health meter, Ryu would add 1000 and Hugo would add 1150).
  • Cross Assault is not available in anyway, Plus there is no way to access it's temporary infinite meter benefits.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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