In Street Fighter attacks freeze the screen for a few frames, here Ibuki's standing hard punch freezes the screen for 15 frames. on contact when it is blocked.

Screen Freeze is a mechanic in video games where many attacks or certain actions temporarily pause the gameplay.

Description[edit | edit source]

There are countless video game franchies that have the Screen Freeze mechanic, in the Super Mario games for example, screen freeze occurs when the player is hit. Sometimes Screen Freeze only affects affects the characters making contact and other pauses the whole game.

In Street Fighter[edit | edit source]

Most unsafe attacks tend to have very little screen freeze on block and little on hit when they are not meant to be followed up on.

In Street Fighter, Screen Freeze occur on most normal attacks and unique attacks such as Reverse Spin Kick. Most Special Attacks do not do screen freeze in the main series, with unsafe special attacks tending to do very little to no screen freeze due to little need. In some team games such as Street Fighter X Tekken sometimes screen freeeze is increased on specials for safer tags. Screen Freeze is used as in modern games the amount of frames available to Combo is rather low. Screen freeze gives players more time to confirm if attacks connected or were blocked without increasing the frames to combo.

Screen Freeze also increases the amount of time players have to Cancel their attacks. Hard attacks tend to have the most screen freeze, to visualize their harder impact compared to mediums and lights. Mediums have more screen freeze than lights. Light attacks can be difficult to cancel in time if an attack is contradictory to the input.

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