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This is a list of quotes used by Sean.

Street Fighter III games[]

New Generation[]

In Battle[]

  • " I did it!"「やったぜ! 」('Yatta ze!')
  • "Hyper ... Tornado !! Shoot!"「ハイパー、、、 トルネード!! シュート! 」('Haipā,,, torunēdo! ! Shūto!')
  • "Eat this! Shoryu, Cannon!"「くらえ! ショウリュウ、、キャノン! 」('Kurae! Shouryuu,, Kyanon!')

Win Quotes[]

  • "Shoryu-reppa! I'll perfect it next time!"
  • "Hado-power! I think I've come to understand it!"
  • "You lack strength of purpose. Don't despise me!"
  • "I'm as quick as the wind, fierce as fire, and solid as a rock!"
  • "I did it, master! I beat my first opponent!"
  • "When it comes to the fighting spirit, I can not lose!"
  • "I've reached my potential!"
  • "Don't call me Dan!"
  • "I like close fights. It makes me stronger!"
  • "I must learn more. Where is Ken?"
  • "I can't lose! I must defeat everyone!"
  • "Rule #1: Never give up! Rule #2: Don't fight me! Rule #3: Don't be like Dan!"

Win Quotes (character specific)[]

  • "I could tell when you were going to execute your move. It was too obvious!"
  • "My fist is my soul! You can't defeat me with that spiritless punch!"
  • "When it comes to the sense of rhythm, you can't beat me!"
  • "Great! Are you a real Ninja?"
  • "Master! One more match please!
  • "You are a man right? Don't be so slow!"
  • "I'm too desperate to win to be deluded by your strange moves!"
  • "You're great old man. You've shown me how it feels to defeat a worthless opponent."
  • "Please show me that move again! This time I'll watch your hands!"
  • "Kung Fu is supposed to be the best, right?"
  • "Unlike you, I always try to defeat the opponent with one punch!"

2nd Impact[]

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Win Quotes[]

Super Arts Quotes[]

Win Quotes (character specific)[]

3rd Strike[]

In Battle[]

  • "Hi! Nice to meet you! Huh?"「おっす! よろしくお願いします! あれ? 」('Ossu! Yoroshikuonegaishimasu! Are?')
  • "Don't hold back!"「手加減なしっすよ! 」('Tekagen nashissu yo!')

Introductions, Conclusions and Attacks[]

Win Quotes[]

  • "Call the fire department, cause I'm on fire, baby!"
  • "Wow! That actually worked?! Next time I'll do it with skill!"
  • "My master was right... I have to improve myself with every battle!"
  • "Now I understand why they fight! This feeling is incredible!"
  • "With every match, my timing becomes more precise!"
  • "Oh yeah! I'll start using that move more often now!"
  • "Tell me who just rocked your world with skill!"
  • "I'm so eager to try out new and different things! This is great!"

Win Quotes (character specific) (Japanese)[]

  • "By the way... I won? Se, Seriously!?"「ひょっとして・・・・俺、勝った?マ、マジに!?」
  • "Challenging wrestling techniques! I study on TV every week!"「プロレス技なんてチョロイぜ!毎週TVで研究してるしな!」
  • "I heard from Master Ken about your success! It's an honor to fight you!"「ご活躍はケン師匠から聞いてました!闘えて光栄ッス!!」
  • "It's a very fast punch, I can't help but avoid it." 「メチャッ速のパンチっすね カンで避けるしかないスよ」
  • "...Oh, Oh no! I have defeated God!?"「・・・・ヤ、ヤベェ!おれ、神様ブッ倒しちまったのか!?」
  • "Thank you for your hard work! Thank you again!" 「お疲れ様ッス!またよろしくお願いしますッ!」
  • "I'm not done yet! I don't have enough training!!"「まだまだっ!修行が、足りないぜっ!!」
  • "My hot spirits can’t be stopped by anyone!"「俺の熱いスピリッツ、誰にも止められるもんかっ!」
  • "Isn't it a bad idea for a disciple? I also want to learn a strange technique!"「弟子のかけもちってのは、駄目スか?俺も変な術、習いたいス!」
  • "Are you a member of the secret organization you hear a lot of these days?" 「あんたって、最近よく聞く秘密組織とかの構成員じゃないのか?」
  • "Now I'm happy with the victory!!" 「今はもう勝った嬉しさでメイッパイす!!」
  • "Isn't that surprising? This is America, the wall of the world!"「そんなに驚くことはないだろ?これがアメリカ、世界の壁ってやつだ!」

Pre-battle quotes[]