The Sekiei Gozanken (赤影豪斬拳 Sekiei Gouzanken?, "Red Shadow Great Slashing Fist") is one of Kage's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-HPunch>Arcade-Button-HKick>Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick
(Only during V-Skill II)


Executed by pressing forward and Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick, followed by Medium Punch and Medium Kick, Kage steps toward his opponent a performs a straight punch. If the first attack connects, Kage delivers a spinning heel kick to launch his opponent into the air. Kage ends the combo with a diving punch with his fist surging with energy.

Tactics Edit

Sekiei Gozanken can only be performed if Kage is equipped with his second V-Skill. The first attack is one of his Crush Counter moves that puts the opponent in a juggle state. By linking into the second attack of this target combo, Kage can launch his opponent into the air to further juggle them and inflict more damage. However, by cancelling the Standing Heavy Kick into his second V-Skill, Kage can get decent okizeme while building V-Meter at the same time. If Kage has his first V-Trigger active, then the properties of his second V-Skill are amplified. Besides a longer range and a higher damage output, hitting the opponent with an enhanced Sekikeken launches them into the air. This allows Kage to follow-up with Shoryuken for optimal damage.

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