The Sekisei Jiraiken (赤星地雷拳 Sekisei Jiraiken?, "Red Star Thunderbolt Fist") is one of Oni's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

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Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion? and pressing kick, Oni jumps vertically into the air and slams down into the ground with his fist, similar to Akuma's Tenma Shurettou.

The power and speed depends on which kick button is pressed: the light kick deals the lightest damage with the highest speed, while the hard kick deals the most damage with lowest speed, and the medium kick is in between. The EX version of the attack hits twice and requires the same time as the medium version. All versions of the move are relatively safe on block, except against grapplers.


This attack is good as a dodge or counter method against moves such as the Tatsumaki and Thunder Knuckle, but it can be countered by anti-air attacks, such as the Shoryuken. The attack is also an extremely good occuring attack, as it is unthrowable on startup, an overhead (EX only), and also delivers an untechable knockdown. The EX version makes for an excellent component of a 'blockstring'.


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