The Senkugoshoha (閃空剛衝波 Senkuugoushouha?, "Flashing Air Strong Piercing Wave") is one of Gouken's special attacks, and is a variation of the Ashura Senku used by his brother, Akuma.

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Punch



Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion? and pressing punch, Gouken glides forward along the ground on a zen-state one-legged stance (not unlike the parent technique) and strikes with an underhand palm. The distance traveled and the damage inflicted depends on the punch button used, with light punch traveling the shortest distance.

The attack travels through projectiles when Gouken is sliding, but not when it is starting up. The EX version delivers two hits upon contact with the opponent, with the second blow being an upward chin-aimed palm with his following hand, causing them to fly up and allowing for follow up.


This move has many combo opportunities, and is best used after any Gohadoken or Gouken's throw that lifts the opponent straight up. However, improper usage of this move will often result in Gouken getting punished, but it's possible with proper spacing to use it as an unexpected poke during neutral game, though it risks getting stuffed by certain moves.




Demonstration of each "version" of Senkugoshoha with the hitboxes displayed.