Senoh is M. Bison's top scientist in the 1994 feature-length film, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.


Senoh first appears when Bison and his top men (Vega, Balrog and Sagat) return to the Shadaloo base, and displays the first of the organization's new Monitor Cyborgs to the warlord, but almost regretfully informs him that they have had no progress in locating Ryu. Senoh briefly expresses doubt over Ryu's high power level, but Bison chastises him and orders him to find Ryu no matter what.

From then on, Senoh only appears on a screen communicating with Bison and informing him of several occurrences, including the successful assassination of an Indian prophet. Senoh also shows Bison a video of Ken defeating T. Hawk in battle while displaying several similarities between his and Ryu's fighting styles, which prompts Bison to hunt Ken down to make him his newest recruit. Senoh then expresses concern about Cammy's detainment at Interpol headquarters, showing Bison a video of Chun-Li interrogating her and worrying that Cammy may regain her memories and expose them, but Bison pacifies him by later sending Sagat to kill Cammy. In his final appearance, Senoh informs Bison that Guile has located Ryu near Thailand, prompting Bison to tail Guile and find Ryu at last.

Following Bison's apparent defeat and the destruction of the Shadaloo base, it is unknown if Senoh was killed in the explosion or arrested by the authorities.

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Senoh makes a cameo appearance in Bison's ending for Street Fighter Alpha 2, where he and Bison are preparing to brainwash Ryu.


  • In a Brazilian comics taking place some months after Bison's presumed demise, Chun-Li identifies Senoh as being "Dr. Haruo Ichihara, former chief of Shadaloo's scientific divison", but whether this is his real name is unknown.
  • Senoh plays a very similar role to Zoltar, Bison's top henchman in Street Fighter II V, since they play almost the same role. Both are voiced by Milton James in the English dubs.


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