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"Show me your power. All of it! Don't hold back."
—Seth, as a boss (Street Fighter IV series)
"Show me everything you have to offer. (貴様の全てを見せてもらおう Kisama no subete o misete moraou?)"
—Seth, as a playable character (Street Fighter IV series)

"Doll Unit Zero activated. EH HEH HEH HEH HA HA! My name is Seth! (素体ゼロ号、起動します。ブハハハハ! 我が名はセス! Sotai Zero-gō, kidō shimasu. Buhahahaha! Waga na wa Sesu!?)"
—Seth (Street Fighter V series)

Seth (セス Sesu?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as the main antagonist of Street Fighter IV. He is the CEO of Shadaloo's weapon division, S.I.N., and one of many genetically engineered replacement bodies for M. Bison. Seth is also playable in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, with a female physique becoming his default form.



Seth is an artificial-intelligence designed to inhabit synthetic humanoid bodies that possess a Tanden Engine. As noted by Capcom-Unity, Seth is genderless[5] (the second playable character with this known distinction after Twelve).

In the abdomen, enclosed inside a pattern consisting of the Eight Trigrams of Taoist cosmology known as the Taijitu, is an exposed area, which contains a rotating sphere known as the Tanden Engine, which appears to be the source of his power. his eye and skin color changes to yellow and black respectively, when the Tanden Engine is activated.

In Street Fighter V, Seth has an entirely different appearance; having a body based off of a muscular female physique, with a face heavily resembling that of Juri. This is an interesting coincidence as Juri is the one responsible for his reemergence. This body is known as "Doll Unit Zero". The skin is predominantly a metallic polished silver with smaller black areas separated by glowing orange lines, has very long black hair with a unique hairstyle, tied in a high ponytail along with a single large undorned ox horn, to have it bear resemblance to an aureole or divine halo or tenne, and amber eyes. Although Seth now has a feminine appearance, his voice remains unchanged.

Doll Unit Zero does not seem to exhibit the ability to stretch its limbs as the previously used body was capable of, but displays a previously unseen ability to rapidly increase and decrease its muscle mass according to the move being used.


Seth was originally named Cain, in contrast to Abel. Abel and Cain were the first sons of Adam and Eve, and Cain later committed the first murder by killing his brother out of jealousy. Adam and Eve then gave birth to Seth, who was considered a replacement of Abel; the character was then named after Seth Killian, the former senior manager of community at Capcom who ran the website, preserving the reference and still explaining the correlation between the two (i.e. as replacement bodies for M. Bison).

Outside of that, Seth's name and design has other possible inspirations; his name could be a double reference to the Egyptian God of Chaos, Seth. He may have also been inspired by S.E.T.H. from the movie Universal Soldier: The Revenge. In addition to sharing the same name (S.E.T.H. stands for "Self Evolving Thought Helix"), S.E.T.H. is originally an orb shaped super computer similar to the Tanden Engine. A miniaturized version is installed in the head of a super 'Universal Soldier' thus giving it a body. After being shot in the chest, S.E.T.H.'s shirt has a round hole in it, reminiscent to the round orb in Seth's abdomen. Before being destroyed, S.E.T.H. is covered in liquid nitrogen which leaves them looking completely pale and white like Seth. Both Seth and S.E.T.H. are capable of self determination and consider themselves superior to his 25 counterparts (clones and uni-sols respectively).

Additionally, Seth's appearance is similar to countless other characters with featureless humanoid designs, such as Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen), Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four), Geegus (World Heroes), Tyrant T-103 (Resident Evil 2) and Dural (Virtua Fighter). Perhaps coincidentally, he use both Dural and Tyrants as minions in his appearances in Project X Zone.

Furthermore, Seth's ability to use other fighters' attacks as part of his movelist may be inspired by the Sheng Long rumor, as Sheng Long was said to have moves from every character in the game. This is also similar in concept to the Cycloids and Ace from the Street Fighter EX series. Furthermore, the basis of Seth's design and fighting style could have been based on the Shadaloo Cyborgs from the Street Fighter animated movie game adaptation for the home consoles as he was originally a nude cyborg whose fighting style was constructed from scanning battle data from Ryu. In one of the endings, the cyborg even wears apparel identical to that of Seth.[citation needed]

Due to he backstory and the nature of his integrated cybernetics, he may likely be a jab at Taiwanese fighting video games, such as Alien Challenge, Martial Masters and Best of the Best, which came to plagiarize many features from Japanese fighting games, and bears similarity to the Alien Challenge character Stevarino, who was able to morph akin to Twelve and was similar in appearance to the aforementioned Dural.

Seth's Street Fighter V appearance is very similar to, and possibly inspired by, the alternate "costume" of Jivatma (an antagonist from The King of Fighters' Maximum Impact series), as it is also that of a female body, and while 'wearing' it Jivatma still retain a regular male voice. Incidentally, one of Seth's scrapped designs was highly reminiscent of Kyo Kusanagi, the protagonist of The King of Fighters series.

According to Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama, Seth's design in the game was influenced by a rejected idea for a "cute but muscular" apprentice of Gen. Nakayama also stated that the reason for his female appearance may be discussed at some point in the future.[6]


Seth is just as intelligent as M. Bison himself, with ruthlessness and cunning to match. Unlike M. Bison, Seth is generally very calm and concise, though he displays a fair bit of arrogance, often through his annoying-by-design tendency to laugh and gloat when using his more powerful moves. Seth also demonstrates a deep knowledge of the philosophy of human nature and the pursuits of purpose and self-awareness. This unusual trait, coupled with his endless thirst for power, implies that Seth intends to become his own entity entirely and not be bound to M. Bison as his replacement shell. Notably, while Seth appears to be the only "sentient" enhanced being, his Arcade Mode win quote against another Seth implies that at least one other clone may have developed self-awareness.

However, his desire for power and philosophical pursuits are a one-sided and neutral affair; he displays very little (if any) morality or respect for life, and values people only for his usefulness. Due in part to his ego, Seth will keep his S.I.N. subordinates in the dark in case he plans to betray them - insubordination is something he refuses to tolerate.

Seth is of the belief that any power is good power, as indicated during his fight with Ryu in Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind.[7] In addition, despite his philosophical leanings, Seth displays rather pragmatic, overly skeptical and cynical displays of disbelief in more intrinsic and spiritual views on life; his Arcade Mode win quote against Dhalsim states that if the latter's techniques were truly mystic, he could not possibly imitate them.

During his fight with Ryu in The Ties That Bind, Seth opens up about his beliefs while goading him:

"Power only has meaning if it's put into action... it defines you. Power like that is what rules the world. Everyone seeks power, seeks to grow in strength! But this goal is out of reach of ordinary men. The poor seek riches, the ugly beauty. We compare ourselves to others and seek to cover our own inadequacies to find peace of mind. The mere existence of those who are better than us becomes intolerable! We FIGHT in retaliation! If beauty is not enough, we use money! If money does not work, we resort to violence! This energy is what powers our world! IT IS ESSENTIAL! All I seek... is to help this natural process along, this destructive force begotten from conflict! This power that everyone lusts for, I will spread it over the world with but a TOUCH! It is like a well that can never run dry, a precious mineral... flowing from an exhaustible mind! This power will be mine."
— Seth

In Street Fighter V, due to serious systematic errors that occurs with the integration of his brain and the body of Doll Unit Zero, Seth's personality is drastically affected, showing signs of severe psychosis. He become obsessed with hunting down M. Bison to the point that he becomes delusional, resulting in mistaking both Falke and Ed (due to their exposure to and use of Psycho Power) as Bison during his confrontation.

Character Relationships[]

Seth has made many enemies during his time as both CEO of S.I.N. and the tournament's host, no different to M. Bison, and does not wish for allies due to his paranoia for betrayal.


In Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind Seth wanted to capture Ryu so he can use the Satsui no Hado for his own purpose. It's established that Ryu and Seth have different philosophies on power and on how to acquire it. The two would clash with Ryu emerging the winner.

M. Bison[]

Even though Seth had served as both a potential new replacement body for Bison and as the CEO of Shadaloo's S.I.N. weapons division, Seth had personally vowed to not be a mere puppet of Bison via his own personal self-awareness as he seeks to eliminate Bison and take over Shadaloo himself for his own personal plans of world domination.


Juri sees Seth as a pawn in her attempt to get revenge for the murder of her parents, despite the perverse joy she displays in working for him and brutally dealing with the enemies of S.I.N. Seth is well aware of this as shown in his ending. Although Juri initially betrayed Seth in order to try to extract her revenge on Bison, she later recovered the salvaged brain of former S.I.N. leader. This was followed by her placing his brain in the latest model known as "Doll Unit Zero". Despite a warning, she booted the system immediately, thus bringing Seth back into the fray.

C. Viper[]

Even though C. Viper worked for him, she is against everything Seth and the S.I.N. stands for. After the tournament, she states to her superior that Seth was eliminated and searches for the remaining 26.


Street Fighter IV series[]

Seth is the 15th of at least 26 enhanced beings that use data collected from the world warriors to create a deadly style of mixed martial arts. Seth claims to be superior as a result of his humanity, while the others are merely puppets. Seth's storyline indicates that he plans to control the remnants of Shadaloo through S.I.N. after M. Bison's apparent death at the hands of his own explosion.

Seth also attempts to use Juri Han, a woman who possesses the Feng Shui Engine in her left eye that his company created who has a vendetta against Shadaloo. She confronts Seth and unexpectedly offers to work for him, to which he agrees.

Seth hosts a World Fighting Tournament in hopes of luring Ryu, and then using the Satsui no Hado to complete his BLECE project, but is dismayed at reports that M. Bison has once again returned from death. M. Bison finally encounters Seth and defeats him in combat, afterwards telling Seth that in fact everything that has happened has gone according to M. Bison's plan. After M. Bison leaves, Juri tells Seth that she intentionally pitted the two against each other, but is disappointed that Seth was not more of a challenge for M. Bison. She then crushes his Tanden Engine, leaving Seth dead and twitching on the floor.[citation needed]

One of Seth's brethren is found by C. Viper, she then proceeds finishes said brethren off.[8] After the tournament, C. Viper informs her superiors that the "remaining 26" are in her sights.[8] Whether this statement takes the final bosses encountered by all characters into account is not clear; Ryu encounters what appears to be another "Seth" and defeats him, destroying the BLECE machine as well. It is possible M. Bison may have commanded the remaining "puppets" to wreak havoc on the fighters in and around the S.I.N. compound, but it is also implied that Juri destroyed most of them.

In Seth's character story, Juri later recovers the salvaged brain of former S.I.N. leader, and places his brain in the latest model known as "Doll Unit Zero". Despite the warning, she booted the system immediately. Thus giving Seth new life, and a new body.

Connected story appearances[]

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind[]

In the movie, Seth is first seen talking to a scientist about the experiment in the Amazon, wanting to make it commercially viable. Later, Seth discusses BLECE with Viper, revealing that BLECE is used to allow access to fighting energy, which is the reason why S.I.N. abducted the fighters, and are now after Ryu. C. Viper suggests that Seth come to see what Ryu is capable of personally.

In a cruise ship owned by S.I.N, Ryu is in a struggle with Seth, and losing. Seth speaks in length about obtaining ultimate power. Ryu realizes that the power he was looking for is not what he thought, and, indirectly through Seth's speech, found his purpose of seeking strength - to protect what is good and fight evil. Seth laughs and tells Ryu his speech is pure nonsense and attempts to attack him.

Ryu exhibits his new power, a result of rejecting the Satsui no Hado through his enlightenment (the same power Gouken uses and Ken used earlier, but even more powerful, his eyes glowing blue). His power burns the skin off of Seth's hand, and he defeats Seth with an unstoppable Metsu Hadoken, which burns through the android's muscles for a short period of time. After his defeat, Seth is rescued by S.I.N. members.

Seth is eventually cornered by Guile, Cammy, and the U.S Coast Guard, however a Shadaloo helicopter picks up Seth, with Balrog and Vega on board, the latter of whom tells Seth that Shadaloo is the real manipulator.

Super Street Fighter IV: Juri OVA[]

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Street Fighter V[]

Confirmed at the end of the Capcom Cup 2019, Seth returns as a playable character in Street Fighter V, having a female design as his default form.[5] After the events of Street Fighter IV, the remnants of Seth's biological brain paired with the body of one of the Dolls, specifically Doll Unit Zero.

In his character story, Doll Unit Zero is activated by Juri, working on the behest of an unidentified party. Unexpectedly, the doll awakens with Seth's personality, much to her surprise. However the system within Doll Unit Zero alerts of systematic errors concerning the personality integration with the body, which results in Seth becoming mentally unstable and bent on finding and defeating Bison. Later, Seth confronts Ed and Falke, both of whom he mistake for Bison, and fights them. Afterwards, Falke realizes that Seth was drawn by her and Ed's use of Psycho Power, making Seth see only the shadow of Bison. With this in mind, Falke and Ed leave, while the delusional Seth continues to claim his superiority.


UDON comics[]

Seth appears in UDON's Street Fighter IV comic, which is centered on the original SFIV newcomers. As #15, the C.E.O. of S.I.N., he sends C. Viper to kidnap martial artists from around the globe to further enhance his ultimate weapon, BLECE.

After capturing Dan and Sakura, #15 selects the former as his next test subject (believing that the Satsui no Hado lay within his body), however, Sakura escapes and attacks his underlings in an effort to save Dan. #15 defeats her easily, and decides that she will be the next test subject, when he suddenly hears a noise. Investigating the source of the sound leads them to an intruder, who turns out to be Abel. #15 desires to know how Abel is capable of free will, and Abel wants to discover his true identity.

As the two fight, #15 tells Abel about his true purpose and lack of humanity; though he eventually overpowers Abel and defeats him, before #15 can finish him he feels a power very similar to the Satsui no Hado. This marks the appearance of Akuma, who believes #15 to be a worthy opponent, and challenges him.

As the fight continues, Akuma realizes that #15 has no true soul and uses the Raging Demon on him; as a result of the previously mentioned fact, the attack does not kill #15. Suddenly, the BLECE project malfunctions, and #15's program starts to reboot; he realizes that he is free from M. Bison's control, and decide to go by the name of Seth (having seen the name in a "book" he was reading at some point in the past).

From that point on, the newly christened Seth begins to devise a plan to conquer the world for himself.

Crossover appearance[]

Project × Zone[]

Seth appears as an enemy in the crossover game, Project × Zone, where he plays a major role in the game. Seth hacked Alisa Boskonovich's systems to make her a weapon; he also took a V-Dural and mass produced it, creating four Dural stones. Seth also intended to destroy KOS-MOS to get her Vector technology (such act caused an enraged T-elos to join the player's party). With the bioweapons of Resident Evil, he created clone capsules, which were Nemesis T-Type to guard it.

Seth planned to take down Juri, retrieve the Feng Shui Engine and use her body as a core for Dural; he also sought not only to copy other characters' moves in order to "become an ultimate weapon", but also to capture Ryu and Jin Kazama to use his hidden powers (the Satsui no Hado and Devil Gene) in the BLECE. However, he was defeated for good.

In the last chapter, Seth is revived by the Portalstone, only to be beaten once more.


Fighting style and abilities[]

Seth's fighting style is officially referred as "Move duplication".[2] Through the use of his integrated Tanden Engine, he have the ability to copy the special attacks and powers of any fighter through analyzing one's ki, be it from drawing it from a battle's surroundings or witnessing and analyzing extensively footage of various fighters from afar. Not only is Seth able to utilize individually exclusive forms of developed body ki flow and techniques from various characters with this process, such as to access the Sonic Boom and Shoryuken, he also possesses a metamorphic body of sorts, being able to stretch his arms and teleport similarly to Dhalsim, and with later upgrades, to even expand his body's muscle mass to properly utilize Abigail's own Abigail Punch. In Street Fighter IV Seth's moveset is not just confined to the current roster either; some of his attacks follow body movement and techniques found in Street Fighter III antagonists Urien and Gill, and he also puts his own "original" spin on many of the copied moves, explained below.

Regarding his play style, while many of his moves are technically stolen, he does come to manifest his "own" moveset with his own dynamics; Seth's catalog of moves are mainly centered on drawing out the best of the best the Street Fighter cast has to offer - be it from Dhalsim's range, Zangief's specialty on unblockable throws, Chun-Li's agility, Guile's defensive zoning, and Ryu's countering - for a dangerous full bent optimization for any situation in a fight, be it to utterly poke and harass opponents from afar, to having a dangerous presence of mental pressure when in close due to the nature and variety of his moves, all coalescing into a character who can essentially mentally lock down opposition and keep players constantly on edge should they face him.

In turn, while his moves make him a certifiable threat and demands players to push themselves to his limit, Seth is ironically very predictable to veteran players and quick thinkers, and is not the powerhouse as fought in Arcade Mode in terms of health, and requires a high degree of specialization in turn to master, from not just those experienced in Street Fighter and with his copied characters to get the full approach on his advantages and nullify his weaknesses, but to also be extremely unpredictable and adaptable akin to Gen and Zeku, a feat that is easier said than done. In addition, many of his moves "lack" the inner dynamics of proper motions and correct features by his own "customization", essentially "dulling" his original edge compared when used by the namesake characters, and is especially reliant on combos and extreme hit confirms for his damage output. Seth's difficulty is also evident in that he essentially changes movesets with every new installment, and so comes across as a daunting character who demands only the best of the best players pilot him.


In Street Fighter V, Seth's moves are completely changed, using various moves reminiscent of characters not featured in the game's own roster, but rather other games entirely.

his first V-Skill is the Tanden Engine, pulling the opponent close and absorbing his special moves directly as an Install Art which can be activated by triggering the V-Skill again. his second V-Skill is the Tanden Booster in which Seth dashes forward and can input any of one his special moves during the dash. If a special move is inputted, it will retain the momentum of the dash and have other special properties.

His first V-Trigger is the Tanden Ignition which adds a Yoga Teleport to the end of his special moves and Install Arts, allowing Seth to stick to the opponent and extend combos. His second V-Trigger is the Tanden Manuever in which he manipulates a powerful flaming projectile serving as a combo extender or setup tool.

Copied moves[]

  • Sonic Boom - The motion is identical to the Hadoken, but the projectile itself functions just like Guile's. Seth uses one hand for the attack, like Charlie did (albeit the other hand).
  • Shoryuken - Though it resembles Ryu's Shoryuken somewhat, Seth can land up to 3 hits with follow-up motions.
  • Spinning Piledriver - Based somewhat off Zangief's version, Seth uppercuts the opponent into the air, then teleports above the opponent and piledrives them into the ground.
  • Hyakuretsukyaku - Seth does a single kick followed by a rapid flurry of unseen force if it connects. Note that the function and properties are much different than Chun-Li's "lightning kick" move of the same name.
  • Yosokyaku - While in the air, Seth kicks the opponent while upright, similar to Chun-Li, though it can be repeated three times with follow-up motions.
  • Yoga Teleport - The move is nearly identical to Dhalsim's, and is named as such in his moveset. Unlike Dhalsim, Seth cannot use it in midair, making it slightly more like a Bison Warp.
  • Tenmakujinkyaku - While in the air, Seth dive kicks towards the opponent, similar to Akuma and Gouken, though performed using heavy kick rather than medium kick.
  • Chariot Tackle - In OMEGA Mode, Seth can use Urien's Chariot Tackle from Street Fighter III, but with an input rather than a charge.
  • Focus Attack - A long-range tackle similar to Urien's Chariot Tackle in Street Fighter III.

Install Arts[]

After using his Tanden Engine and performing the Tanden Install grab, Seth can use his opponent's move once as an Install Art by performing the same command. Install Arts function similarly to the moves he copies, but can also be cancelled from Seth's own special moves. During Tanden Ignition, the Install Arts also have access to a corresponding follow up, depending on which move is used.

List of Install Art[]

Install Art
Character Special Attack Tanden Ignition
Abigail Abigail Punch
(Mash Arcade Button Punch to increase hits)
Mad Spin
Akira Kiko Kai
(Medium Punch version)
Akuma Sekia Goshoha Titanomachy
Alex Air Stampede Mad Spin
Balrog Turn Punch Titanomachy
Birdie Bull Head Titanomachy
Blanka Rolling Attack Titanomachy
Cammy Spiral Arrow Titanomachy
Charlie Nash Sonic Scythe
(Medium Kick version)
Cyclone Disaster
Chun-Li Hyakuretsukyaku Titanomachy
Cody Zonk Knuckle Titanomachy
Dan Dankukyaku
(Heavy Kick version)
Cyclone Disaster
Dhalsim Yoga Flame Titanomachy
E. Honda Sumo Headbutt Titanomachy
Ed Psycho Upper Mad Spin
F.A.N.G Ryobenda Titanomachy
Falke Psycho Kugel Titanomachy
G G Spin Kick
(Level 2 version)
Cyclone Disaster
Gill Moonsault Knee Drop
(EX version)
Mad Spin
Guile Sonic Boom Titanomachy
Ibuki Kasumi Gake
(Medium Kick version)
Juri Ryodansatsu

Cyclone Disaster

Kage Ryusokyaku
(Heavy Kick version)
Karin Kanzuki-Ryu Hokojutsu Seppo
(Press Punch for Tenko)
(Press Downward+Punch for Orochi)
Mad Spin
Ken Shoryuken
(Heavy Punch version)
Mad Spin
Kolin Vanity Step
(Press Punch for Silver Edge)
Laura Thunder Clap
(Hold to charge)
Lucia Fire Spinner Cyclone Disaster
Luke Flash Knuckle
(Medium Punch version)
(Hold to charge)
M. Bison Double Knee Press Cyclone Disaster
Menat Soul Sphere
(Repeat input for Soul Sphere: Ankh)
Mad Spin
Necalli The Disc's Guidance Titanomachy
Oro Jinchuu Watari
(EX version)
Cyclone Disaster
Poison Love Me Tender Cyclone Disaster
R. Mika Flying Peach Cyclone Disaster
Rashid Eagle Spike Titanomachy
Rose Soul Spiral
(Medium Kick version)
Ryu Hadoken Titanomachy
Sagat Tiger Knee Cyclone Disaster
Sakura Shunpukyaku
(Heavy Kick version)
Cyclone Disaster
Seth Brutal Impact Titanomachy
Urien Chariot Tackle Titanomachy
Vega Crimson Terror Cyclone Disaster
Zangief Screw Piledriver N/A
Zeku Old Zeku: Bushin Gram - Teki
Young Zeku: Hozanto
Mad Spin

Original moves[]

  • Tanden Engine - Seth attempts to draw the opponent closer with the Tanden Engine. This ability is his V-Skill in Street Fighter V as explained above.
  • Tanden Storm (Super Combo) - Seth produces a ball of energy that draws in his opponent and hits them repeatedly before blasting them away. This ability is changed to Tanden Manuever as his second V-Trigger.
  • Tanden Stream (Ultra Combo I) - Seth attempts to draw the opponent into his Tanden Engine and, if successful, ejects them into the screen. This move later became his Critical Art in Street Fighter V known as Tanden Extreme. If it connects, Seth is able to duplicate themself in both normal and his Tanden Engine form to create a powerful blast to eject his opponents into the screen.
  • Tanden Typhoon (Ultra Combo II) - Seth twists his body into an arc, with his feet and head on the ground and his stomach facing upwards. Seth then unleashes a violent vortex diagonally upwards from his Engine.
  • Brutal Impact (Tanden Engine V Skill) A very fast punch that Seth uses when he copies another Seth.

As a Boss Character[]

In the Street Fighter IV series's Arcade Mode, Seth serves as the default final character to face off as the boss character for all characters; as such, Seth's power is increased enough to provide a greater challenge to the player. In story, Seth in actuality is not the same entity faced off against by the cast, rather being the entire rest of the spare Seth models that are kept in S.I.N.'s Secret Laboratory. His enhanced power is attributed to them being augmented by the Tanden Engine in the background. Conversely, the playable version of Seth (i.e. #15) is significantly less powerful.

As stated by Ono, Seth's boss AI is made to be "as infuriatingly cheap as possible"; Seth's behavior in this regard has him try to poke and harass the player as much as possible to make them act rashly and impatiently, either by unleashing more powerful special moves at higher strengths, trying to open up vulnerabilities with obvious lead ins (ie jumping attacks), or go on an extreme defensive, to ensure that the player is always off balance before coming out with theirown high priority special moves to ensure counter damage and to overwhelm the player mentally to lock them down. This in turn allows the AI to literally read the player and has them play into Seth's own mindgame, which is then ended with them performing his Ultras, and almost always when the overwhelmed player is goaded in frustration or overconfidence. Taunting at any point or defeating them during the first round increases the difficulty of the battle.

Players in turn must be on his feet always and to maintain both distance and a ready calm mind to act according to Seth's actions, controlling and having good feel for executing appropriate strengths and forms of special moves and attacks for efficient reservation of focus, punishing them and countering his own attacks and lead ins, and nullifying any chance for retaliation or baiting Seth may have in turn, be it to have a good reactive situational defense if he tries to setup and lead into his own Hyakyuretsukyaku, Shoryuken, or Spinning Piledriver, beating his Focus Attack with an armor breaking attack, and to not overreact if one has taken damage from them as well. Seth also has a tendency to get impatient as well if he is thwarted constantly, in which he will try to read the player's every move by blindly executing an Ultra as a counter once his gauge builds up.

Due to the intense and frantic nature of preceding fights, it is easy to forget that Seth is a foe who is awaiting the player at the end of the general lineup, and that he is both a foe who has immensely threatening moves at his disposal yet has his own weaknesses, and is not an almighty figure as he like to portray himself. In short, as his intro goads the player into showing him all of their moves, the key to this is to both not go all out by clearing one's mind from constantly being on the offense at all times to fight beyond pure brute force, and to show him said moves executed at his finest moment to overload his "analysis".

Other appearences[]


As part of a Minecraft collaboration, Seth appears along with most of the Street Fighter V cast in the World Warrior skin pack.[9][10]









  • Due to his skill and status in the Street Fighter storyline, his status is somewhat similar to the god Shinnok from the Mortal Kombat series.
  • Seth is the third playable character who was originally meant to be a "replacement body" for M. Bison, the first two being Cammy and Abel. Seth would be followed by Decapre, Ed and Falke.
  • Due to being created by M. Bison sometime during Street Fighter II, Seth could be considered one of the youngest playable Street Fighter characters.
  • Seth's business attire was also intended to be one of his alternate costumes, but ended up unused.
    • The outfit would eventually appear as a costume in Street Fighter V, albeit for his feminine design, with slicked back hair to replicate his formerly bald head.
  • Seth is one of the characters that interact with his defeated opponent on the victory screen as of Street Fighter V. The others are Q, Rolento, Oni, Necalli and Urien. In Seth's case, he hangs his defeated foe by the face, before dropping their body and laughing maniacally.
  • Seth is the only character in Street Fighter V who has a specific win quote for more than one character; he uses the same quote for Ed and Falke.
  • Seth and Daigo from Rival Schools (as of the second game for the latter) share the same voice actor combination in both Japanese and English.
  • Seth's Street Fighter V redesign seems to take inspiration from or reused one of Juri's concept designs, which is fitting as Juri is the one responsible for Seth's return in Street Fighter V.
  • Seth's Doll Unit Zero body's "monitoring" voice appears to use the same voice actor as the N.E.S.T. PA system voice from the remake of Resident Evil 2; another similar feature can be found in the English dub of the Mega Man NT Warrior anime, where an activity announcer for NetNavi activity was used to provide a "futuristic cybernetic" feel.
  • Despite being an android, he still has a visible skeleton when electrocuted.


Stage Theme[]

Title Game Artist Track
Street Fighter IV
Secret Laboratory (Round 2) Street Fighter IV Hideyuki Fukasawa
Crumbling Laboratory Super Street Fighter IV Hideyuki Fukasawa
Street Fighter V
Seth's Theme Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Hideyuki Fukasawa

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