Street Fighter IV series Edit

Prologue (SFIV) Edit

(A S.I.N. Operative is talking to Seth in his office with his back turned)

S.I.N. Operative: "At the last minute, a fighter named Dan Hibiki managed to squeak by with just enough points to qualify. And also sir... Uh..."

Seth: (Rotates himself.) "Out with it. Speak."

S.I.N. Operative: "Among the more powerful entrants was a mysterious man who managed to completely incapacitate several of his opponents... It seems it was, uh... It's Bison, sir.

Seth: (Quiet, but visibly annoyed) "What was that?!"

S.I.N. Operative: "Sir, we are looking into it. I will notify you the instant that we know for sure."

Seth: "Whether this is true or not, this information cannot leave this room."


Seth: (Thinking) "Foul ghost, why have you returned? Something must be done before the old Shadaloo rises again. I will show the world that Bison is nothing more than a ghost. Soon, they will see what true power really is."

Prologue (SSFIV) Edit

"Juri... That power... That eye... She's no ordinary fighter. She is an untamed animal who seeks to destroy and consume all that enters her sight. And that includes me. Still, as long as I can manipulate her like a pawn in my grand game, I shall leave her to her own devices. She has altered her own body in her insatiable quest for power. She respects no law. No morality. She does whatever it takes to achieve her goals and quench her limitless thirst. In that way, she's no different from me. Of course, all of humanity walks that path, whether they admit it or not. Strip away the restrictions of law and common decency, and it becomes clear that the engine that drives humanity is their own selfish ambition. To achieve one's own goals necessitates trampling those of others underfoot. Yet mankind is all too anxious to label those who would do so as evil. What tragic irony. Humanity's defeat at my hands will serve to strengthen me. I will be baptized in the fire of their unabashed ambition and be born anew, ready to usher in a new age free from the restrictions of artificial morality. Ha ha ha... I can then hunt down this emotionless animal for sport and put her down for good..."

Rival CutscenesEdit

1st Rival: AbelEdit

Abel: "That face... You're with Shadaloo, aren't you? My name is Abel. I'm looking for someone who knows who I am."

Seth: "So... you are the imperfect one who fled?"

Abel: "You - you know me?"

Seth: "Abel... It appears the outside world has softened you. I'll put an end to that right now!"

Abel: "Just, who am I anyway?"

Seth: "You have no memories."

2nd Rival: HakanEdit

Hakan: "Daaah! What is this? How are you floating like that? Oh, I know what this is! This must be a new S.I.N. weapon!"

Seth: "Interesting. You utilize an unusual move set. It may serve me well to assimilate it."

Hakan: "Hey, just because you've devised some new technology doesn't mean you have to act high and mighty! Get down here! I'm going to teach you a lesson about humility!"

Seth: "Stop wasting my time. Here I come!"

Boss Dialogue Edit

"I'm impressed you made it this far... Show me your power. All of it! Don't hold back!"

Epilogue (SFIV) Edit

Clone 21: "W-Why... We should all be... the same... 15...

Seth: (Angry, grabs clone) "Never call me by my number! My name is Seth. And I am unique. I am not a toy who can only blindly obey Bison's orders." (Kills clone) "Defy me and perish! That includes you as well as Bison."


S.I.N. Operatives: "Hail Seth, our new lord and master..."

Seth: "All that I found unpleasant has been purged. From this day forward... I shall rule as emperor of planet Earth."

Epilogue (SSFIV) Edit

Seth: "Show yourself, Juri! Shadaloo murdered your parents and took your eye, but they are no more. Are you through with your foolish games now, woman?"

Juri: "Let's just say I'm almost through."

Seth: "If you're planning to take down me as well as Bison, I'm afraid you've overestimated yourself. Or perhaps you've just come here to test me."

Juri: "Nah, I'll pass. I get the feeling I'll have more fun working for you."

Seth: "Really? Then do what you will. I certainly hope I live up to your... expectations, my dear."

Match Start Edit

  • "Show me everything you have to offer."


  • "I thought you would be more valuable than this."
  • "Useless!"
  • "Show me something worth taking!"
  • "Finished already?!"
  • "You cannot compare to me!"
  • "Foolishness!"
  • "You have no value or purpose!"
  • "Why do you hold back?!"
  • "You look tired. Need a break?!"

Defeat Edit

  • "This...isn't...over..." (Chip KO)

Win QuotesEdit

Round WinEdit

  • "Ah, so there was value in observing you after all..."
  • "I won't soil my memory banks with your weakness."
  • "Do not grieve; your data will reside in me for eternity..."
  • "This is actually rather fun."

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Hmph! You call yourself a fighter?"
  • "You possess neither power, nor technique. There isn't any reason to let you live."
  • "My name is Seth and I shall unleash destruction upon this world."
  • "I am the most powerful being on the planet! No ordinary human can compare!"
  • "Etch my name upon your soul, and know that the one who killed you is called Seth."
  • "There is no need to put up a false front, it is only natural to fear me."
  • "Your business here is finished. Be gone!"
  • "This body is merely a vessel. Should it become frail, I simply find a replacement."
  • "Yes, that's it. Bow your head before me, this won't take long."
  • "When I'm finished, I will be the sole survivor of this world."
  • "I rule all."

Arcade ModeEdit

Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "You should have been destroyed long ago. Your unnatural ends here!"
  • "Your power will be put to good use within my body."
  • "I have already assimilated boxing moves more refined than your own."
  • "If nature is so great, why have humans been able to subjugate it?"
  • "Your efforts to stop me are futile. There's nothing you can do."
  • "You dare attack me with mere toys. Your foolishness shall be your undoing."
  • "Never have I engaged an opponent as weak as you. Why do you even try?"
  • "Humanity's devotion to the culinary arts stunts your evolution."
  • "I have no reason to fight you. Your moves have already been assimilated."
  • "You impress me. I shall assimilate your moves so you will die with no regrets."
  • "Are you surprised? Is your death at the hands of your own creation so unexpected?"
  • "If your moves were as voluminous as your words, you may have been worth something."
  • "So you are the one called Ryu. Your data will be useful to me."
  • "I find your moves intriguing. They shall be assimilated."
  • "Perhaps I have underestimated you. Your data will be useful after all."
  • "You are just a toy, yet you attempt to usurp me, how utterly foolish."
    • "Number 15 is no longer operational. I shall become Bison's new right hand man."
  • "Your moves offer nothing unique, but they shall add to my repertoire."
  • "Your moves are crude, and not worthy of my attention. You have wasted my time."

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "My name is Seth. Remember it."
  • "Evil? Like the concept of gods, this is a meaningless human construct."
  • "Your cannot escape your destiny no matter how long and you run."
  • "Bah! What kind of fool embraces a power he cannot even control?"
  • "Your moves are worthy of drunken back alley punks, nothing more!"
  • "There is no value in fighting out of pure instinct. You have nothing for me."
  • "The slightest distraction can cost even a great fighter a match. What weakness!"
  • "I had you pegged for a worthless street punk, but you proved to be much more."
  • "If you have nothing to offer but noise, I will kill you where you stand!"
  • "If your moves were truly born of the divine, I would not be able to use them."
  • "I had planned to pursue you for your moves. Thanks for saving me the trouble."
  • "I have no need of the pitiful and clumsy moves you possess. Begone from my sight!"
  • "If you are too cowardly to admit your own faults, you are beyond useless."
  • "Your flashy looks are not worthy of the weakness you display in battle."
  • "I have no use for an aged assassin. I have weapons sufficient for that task."
  • "Your moves have been judged worthy of assimilation. Prepare to die!"
  • "Is this all Bushinryu has to offer? I accept your data with reluctance."
  • "Haha, you blubbery fool! The oil you wear is worth more than you!"
  • "Worthless! Your speed is impressive, but my body is already capable of more."
  • "I didn't think you would throw your life away so carelessly."
  • "Is that all you have! You do not even begin to compare to Ryu!"
  • "Farewell, Bison! Die knowing that your empire is in good hands! Mwah hah ha ha!"
  • "No matter how strong you become, you cannot overcome my power."
  • "Once I have collected the world's best moves, I will be the greatest fighter!"
  • "I must thank you for the moves I have assimilated. Now leave me at once!"
  • "I shall let you live. You shall make an excellent test subject."
  • "We may share the same origin, but I am lightyears ahead of you!"
    • "Number 15 is no longer operational. New data aquired... Saving..."
  • "Humanity is not its own best judge! You are nothing but a fool!"
  • "It is impossible for a pest like you to keep up with my speed."
  • "This is truly pathetic. Your knowledge will never surpass mine!"
  • "I hadn't expected to discover any of your moves worth stealing. I was wrong."

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "Another one of the Dolls, eh? Back to the fish tank with you!"
  • "Interesting. To think that rhythm itself can be a weapon..."
  • "The world lies in the palm of my hand. Your utopia is meaningless."

Street Fighter VEdit

Character SelectEdit

  • "Come and show me everything that you have to offer."
  • "The king awakens." (Character Story)
  • "That one. Where is that one?" (Character Story)
  • "Can you follow me?" (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "I'll show you the fullness of my power." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "Behold the power of the king!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Kneel down before my absolute power!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Intro Edit

  • "Bwahahaha! My name is Seth!"
  • "Doll unit zero activated." (System Voice)
  • "Now I shall enhance my eternal power!" (Training Mode)
  • "Fine. Let me input the data." (Training Mode)

Idle Edit

  • "Show me your skill. Don't hesitate."
  • "You'll become a part of the king. You should be honored."
  • "Data is the tapestry of world history. Therefore, I am the world!"


  • "How stupid! Now perish!" (Forwards)
  • "You idiot!" (Backwards)
  • "It can’t be!" (Throw Miss)
  • "Imperfect." (Throw Escape)
  • "Pathetic." (after Backward Throw)

Crush Countered Edit

V-Skill IEdit

  • "Hahahahaha." (Tanden Engine)
  • "Show me everything!" (Tanden Install)
  • "Installed." (System Voice)

V-Skill IIEdit

  • "I'm over here!" (Mad Spiral)
  • "Hehahahaha!" (Hecatoncheires Glide)
  • "Not satisfied!" (Spin Pendulum)

V-Reversal Edit

  • "Don't pity me!"

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Die a thousand deaths!" (Activation)
  • "Downloaded!" (Titanomachy)
  • "Let's go!" (Hell's Gate)
  • "*Laughter*" (Mad Spin)
  • "Did you think it was over?" (Cyclone Disaster)

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "You'll learn a hard lesson!" (Activation)
  • "Delete!" (Tanden Explode)

Hecatoncheires Edit

  • "In my way." (Low)
  • "Useless struggle!" (Medium)
  • "Hecatoncheires!" (High)
  • "Ora ora ora! Ooryah!" (EX)

Mad Cradle Edit

  • "Mad Cradle!" (Low, Medium and High)
  • "Cut to pieces!" (EX)

Cruel Disaster Edit

  • "Ooyah!" (Low)
  • "Too easy!" (Medium)
  • "Die!" (High)
  • "There!" (EX 1st hit)
  • "Fly!" (EX 2nd hit)

Annihilate Sword Edit

  • "I see." (Low)
  • "Tear you apart!" (Medium)
  • "Submerge!" (High)
  • "Fall down!" (EX)

Install Arts Edit

Critical Art Edit

Tanden DestructionEdit

  • "See what I’m really made of." (Activation)
  • "Tanden Engine Overdrive." (System Voice)
  • "I'll settle this now." (during Cinematic)
  • "It's the end!" (end of Critical Art)

Tanden ExtremeEdit

  • "Your data is now useless!" (Activation)
  • "Witness the power of the Tanden Engine!" (during Cinematic)
  • "Warning. The error level has exceeded its threshold." (System Voice)
  • "This is the power of the king!" (end of Critical Art)


  • "Show me something worth taking!"

Round Win Edit

  • "This version of Seth is true perfection!"
  • "Don't you dare call me defective!" (below 20% health)

KO Edit

  • "This isn't... over." (Chip K.O.)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Finally... Finally, my time has come!"
  • "Bwahahaha! I am Seth! Pure data!"
  • "I achieved all I sought because you are too simple to stop me!"
  • "Fear not. Your data will reside in me for eternity."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Your crude movements are of no value to me."
  • "All will bow before the indomitable Seth!"
  • "Your power will serve me well."
  • "Your pathetic organization is no more! Bwahaha!"
  • "I do not require data on feral creatures."
  • "I expected more from the missing Doll..."
  • "Hah. You have provided ample data. Well done."
  • "Mystical techniques? Bwahaha! I know them all!"
  • "Your tricks will not work on me!"
  • "You speak nonsense! I rule this world!"
  • "My name is Seth. Your name is irrelevant. Bow down before me!"
  • "You had potential. That potential is mine!"
  • "Your speed is not match for a machine, little girl."
  • "You will serve me and ONLY me!"
  • "You and all other fighters will kneel before me."
  • "This world belongs to me. You are nothing but a bit of data!."
  • "You will live on as data in my memory banks."
  • "The only future... is my future! Bwahahaha!"
  • "I detect power, but it is difficult to convert into data."
  • "Amusing techniques! I will make them mine!"
  • "I am the true martial arts master!"
  • "My data says your are an emperor. Nonsense!"
  • "You display a slither of potential."
  • "NEVER call me by my number!"
  • "I am Seth, the one true king!"
  • "Power measured. Results: unimpressive."
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