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The Shadaloo Combat Research Institute (シャドルー格闘家研究所 Shadorū Kakutō-ka Kenkyūjo?, "Shadaloo Fighter Institute"), referred to as the Shadaloo C.R.I. (シャド研 Shadoken?) for short, is a section of the Capcom Fighters Network website dedicated to Street Fighter V, featuring extra content related to the game.


The site is presented as if it were a database used by members of Shadaloo, with each of the posts being authored by different Shadaloo Soldiers. It features news relating to Street Fighter V, complete movesets for each character, and "Activity Reports", columns which cover various topics, including profiles of numerous characters from the Street Fighter series, unused stages and characters, concept art, and interviews.

Character Reference[]

One type of Activity Reports, the Character Reference section, features profiles on many characters in the Street Fighter series and its associated games. The profiles are presented as Shadaloo's research on various characters in the series, each profile being written by a soldier known as Private Nakagawa. The profiles feature various information, such as the characters' height, weight, blood type, birthday, likes, dislikes, and place of birth. The art in the profiles is done by KIKI, one of Street Fighter V's lead artists.

List of profiles[]


  • Several characters received multiple profiles in the Character Guide.
    • Birdie received a profile early on detailing his role in Street Fighter V. He later received a second profile along with the rest of the playable cast.
    • Ken and Laura have received an additional profile alongside their families.
    • Ryu and Chun-Li have both a main profile and an extra one featuring their Red Bull DLC costumes.
    • Sakura has a separate profile for Dark Sakura.
    • Juni received two profiles, one as part of the Dolls, and one for after being freed from her brainwashing.
    • Kairi has two profiles, one for his initial appearance, and one for his appearance from Street Fighter EX2 onwards.
    • Gill's secretary received two profiles, one under the identity of Helen, and the other as Kolin.
  • Lucinda Davila was given profile artwork, but has yet to recieve a profile.