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Concept art of the Shadaloo Headquarters in Street Fighter II

Shadaloo Headquarters is one or more of the secret bases of the Shadaloo organization.


In Street Fighter II, Shadaloo's base is in Thailand, appearing to be vaguely near Bangkok.

In the Street Fighter Alpha games, Shadaloo bases are identified in Thailand and Brazil that seemed to contain technology and weapons sufficiently advanced to rival a medium-sized nation.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, a series of plots showed the downfall of at least one of Shadaloo's bases in Thailand, greatly weakening him and the organization.

Street Fighter V features two stages, known as Shadaloo Base and Lair of the Four Kings, that take place in one of Shadaloo's many bases. The base features heavily in the game's story mode, A Shadow Falls, and towards the end of the campaign, Abel, who was working undercover in Shadaloo, revealed it to be the main headquarters of the organization. From above, the base is shaped like Shadaloo's logo, and seems to be located somewhere in or near China, as most scenes in the characters' story mode that are intended to take place near the base occur in the Bustling Side Street stage. The base is destroyed at the end of the story after Rashid deactivates the Black Moons and Ryu defeats M. Bison.


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Details from a major base.

Details from the Shadaloo Secret Base (シャドルーひみつ基地?) in Street Fighter II.


  • Sagat's Home (サガットの家) - A small lodge used by Sagat.
  • Statue - A large statue of an ashura, with an interior and outfitted with a wide view range telescope.
  • Anti-aircraft Missiles (対空ミサイル) - A missile launcher hidden in a stupa, near the statue.
  • Prison Facility - A towered structure used to detain and hold captive martial artists and scientists kidnapped throughout the world. Outside of a strongly secured and monitored two way route, the facility is surrounded by towering stalagmites and spikes, and utilizes a suspension bridge, ensured to make potential escape impossible.
  • Satellite Communications Parabola Antenna - Used to control Beelzebub.
  • ICBM - An intercontinental ballistic missile disguised like a decoration.
  • The Wall of the Four Heroes of Shadaloo - A large mountain with the face of the Four Kings of Shadaloo, resembling Mount Rushmore. On its right is an aircraft landing strip and cave hangar.
  • Balrog's Residence (バイソンの住居) - A large casino and the home of Balrog. Still under construction without a definite date of completion.
  • Great Competition Arena - A large dome stadium. The stage Ring of Power is based on this part of the base.
  • Vega's Castle (バルログの城) - An enormous castle of Spanish design, as made to Vega's specifications of beauty and perfection. Likely made as an in joke, the castle is reminiscent of the Sagrada Família Cathedral of Barcelona, as neither see completion to this day (and as of 2018, it's stated that the Sagrada Família Cathedral will be completed in 2026).
  • The Cape of Treachery - A long harrowing seaside cliff, it is used by Shadaloo for a bungee jumping exam for their recruitment program and screening process for new inductees.
  • Waterfall - Located near the Cape of Treachery, it is valued as a serene place for training. Located further above is a cave entrance to a helicopter hangar.
  • Training Stupas - A series of 48 training halls for Shadaloo's armies.
  • Pool (プール) - A pool for swimming. It can open to allow passage for the shuttle below.
  • Jogging Course (ジョギングコース) - A large course for jogging.
  • Hospital


  • Experimentation Lab (実験室) -
  • Specimen Hall (標本室) -
  • Bathing Hall -
  • Food Processing Facility -
  • Resting Area -
  • World Intel and Surveillance Facility -
  • Secret Factory (ひみつ工場) -
  • Sea Life Breeding Area -
  • Subway (地下鉄) - Due to its large size, the base has a subway transit system for easier access to some areas.
  • Main Conference Room (大会議室) - A meeting room with pictures or screens of the Four Shadaloo masters and tables around a large globe resting on a snake statue. Under the room is a pool with a alligators (ワニ), and if the leaders wish, an opening can appear under a chair, dropping the person on it into the pool. The stage Lair of the Four Kings from the new Shadaloo base appears to be based on this part of the base.
  • Emergency Shuttlecraft Evacuation Hangar -
  • Atomic Power Reactor -
  • Giant Rose (巨大バラ) -
  • Bar and Lounge -
  • Game Center (ゲームセンター) - Entertainment area with several arcades. Fighting games located here are said to copy and bootleg various well known titles with Shadaloo themes to further bolster morale and mentally train forces through propaganda, somewhat referencing the many known unauthorized conversions and bootlegs of the Street Fighter series.
  • Diner (定食屋) - A restaurant grade cafeteria with a menu that specializes in nearly every nationality and cuisine found throughout the world. Specials change daily.
  • Shopping Center (ショッピングセンター) - An all purpose shopping center for general commodities and necessities.
  • Video Rental Shop (レンタルビデオショップ) - Shadaloo's entertainment and movie rental center. Frequently run by teenagers and elderly workers for an extra side of pay.
  • Submarine Dock - With special submarines (特しゅせん水艦).
  • Shadaloo's Secret Ocean Floor City -


Beelzebub (しもべの星 ベルゼバブ Shimobenohoshi Beruzebabu?) is a satellite with a large skull. It appeared in M. Bison's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and in Street Fighter IV: Aftermath. It was also mentioned in Street Fighter × Tekken, where it detected, analyzed, and attacked Pandora while it approached Earth, but without success.

Other media[]

  • In the Street Fighter film, Shadaloo is a country with a large headquarters in it. The headquarter contains several facilities such as a command center, a laboratory, a training room, and a prison. It is destroyed in the end of the film.
  • In Street Fighter II V, it is located in an island.
  • In the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, the Shadaloo headquarters is hidden in a mountain with a statue. The statue can open to allow the passage of aerial transports.
  • A Shadaloo Base appears in Chun-Li's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.
  • As revealed by Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama on Twitter, Shadaloo has an employee cafeteria known as Shashoku (シャ食 Shashoku?, from "Shadaloo" and "shoku", meaning "food").[1]


A Shadaloo Headquarters playset was released as part of the Street Fighter movie toy line.


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