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The Shien Renkyaku (熾炎連脚, "Kindling Flame Chain Leg") is one of Fei Long's Super Combos in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
All appearances Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward motions and pressing kick, the move is a more powerful version of the Shienkyaku with more hits, with a maximum number of thirteen hits at level three Super Combo Gauge activation. The Shien, when properly executed, can take out roughly half a health bar when all hits connect at max power. Like with the original, Fei Long steps back a bit after landing the move, making it hard to punish without a long range poke.

Landing all hits can be difficult, as the range of the attack is not particularly generous, having slightly more than a Shinryuken, and the foe needs to be at an exact spot to get all 13 hits -- in the majority of cases, the move will hit 12 times. It is also possible to mash the buttons for more hits.

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