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The Shikofumi (四股踏み, Shikofumi) is one of E. Honda's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter IV. In Street Fighter V, the name of this attack is changed to Chikara-Ashi.

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Executed by pressing down-forward and Heavy Kick, E. Honda raises his leg and performs an overhead sumo stomp.



The move has a long startup, and knocks the opponent down on contact. The Shikofumi can be canceled into a Sumo Headbutt that goes through projectiles on startup.[1] The move can also be canceled into an Oicho Throw to extend its reach. In Street Fighter V, this attack can be cancelled into E. Honda's V-Triggers or into any of his special attacks, as long as it's in between the 12th frame and the actual attack. In addition, E. Honda can use this attack for an additional OTG (on the ground) hit.


  • Gan Isurugi from the Rival Schools series has a similar attack, only his is embedded with bursted flames.