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This is about the character from Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. For the form of Akuma, see here.

Shin (シン Shin?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation as the game's sole original character. He is a confident South Korean man who gives up music and painting to become a Taekwondo martial artist.



Shin has full blond hair and sports an orange shirt, a blue down vest, green pants and black and orange shoes with zippers.


Shin is a good-natured, easy going young man who still maintains his wide eyed innocence. He also has a side to him which shows his more selfish and shallow side. This tends to bring out narcissistic tendencies when it comes to Shin's appearance, as he wants to be stylish and cool and has great confidence in himself. He even chose taekwondo over karate because of its "cool, brilliant appearance".[1]


Shin was born to a South Korean mother, who comes from a lineage of Taekwondo masters, and a Japanese father, who is a karateka. Shin was trained in Taekwondo but was disinterested because of his dislike for martial arts.[1]

He studied abroad in America, searching for his way into music and painting. During his stay at an American hotel, he saw the Vale Tudo Eternal Fighting tournament by chance. The match between Alex and Gerald Golby shocked him. Inspired, Shin returned immediately to his home country and resumed his taekwondo practice.[1]


Fighting style[]

Shin fights using Taekwondo.

Special Attacks[]

The Tornado (トルネード Torunēdo?), similar to an attack of the same name used by Sean, is an aerial spinning kick that lands numerous hits on an opponent.

The Shinku Geri (真空蹴り Shinkū Geri?, Vacuum Kick) is an energized reverse spinning rolling sobat kick that simultaneously launches a crescent-shaped projectile similarly to the Sonic Boom at the opponent. There is a version of this move called the Shinku Naname Geri (真空斜め蹴り Shinkū Naname Geri?, Vacuum Diagonal Kick) which can be done in the air in a downward direction.

The Jinrai Sanren Kyaku (迅雷三連脚 Jinrai Sanren Kyaku?, Thunderclap Triple Leg) is an anti-air attack where Shin preforms a backflip kicking opponents that are in the area of the flip.

The Shooting Star (シューティングスター Shūtingu Sutā?) is Shin's Super Combo attack in which he performs several Shinku Geris in succession, firing many crescent projectiles at once. Shin finishes the combo with a Jinrai Sanren Kyaku that emits a great shockwave.

The Bu Rankyaku (舞乱脚 Bu Rankyaku?, Storm Leg) is Shin's Super Combo attack he gains from obtaining the his Kakusie Shita costume.


  • While not a part of the mainline games' fighters, Shin is the Street Fighter series' first South Korean character and the first Taekwondo practitioner. Juri, who was introduced in Super Street Fighter IV, is the second character to possess these traits.


Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation[]

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