This is a list of quotes used by Shin Akuma.

Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

Anyone: "Who are you?!"

Shin Akuma: "I am power made flesh! Fell (sic) how weak you truly are!"

  • "........."
  • (Others same as Akuma)

Street Fighter III: 2nd ImpactEdit

Anyone: "Who are you?!"

Akuma: "I am power made flesh! Feel how weak you truly are!"

  • (Others same as Akuma)

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC ChaosEdit

Pre-battle dialoguesEdit

Vs AkumaEdit

Akuma: "......"

Shin Akuma: "Away with you, shadow. I'm the true fist master!"

Akuma: "Me back down? It's you who have that destiny!"

Vs BalrogEdit

Balrog: "[What awesome power!...]"

Shin Akuma: "Rumble!"

Balrog: "[I gotta fight dirty... It's my only hope!] Gah!"

Vs M. BisonEdit

M. Bison: "I have you now, Akuma. There's no place to run or hide. Put'em up!"

Shin Akuma: "Undiscerning fool! I've no reason to run."

M. Bison: "Don't act so tough. I'll wring every last drop of blood from you."

Shin Akuma: "Rumble!"

Vs ChoiEdit

Choi: "Th-this one looks reeeeeally tough!"

Shin Akuma: "Rumble!"

Choi: "Holy freakshow! Game over, buddy boy!"

Vs Chun-liEdit

Shin Akuma: "You fear my wave...?"

Chun-li: "Yeah, well... Just the stress of an impending fight, I guess."

Shin Akuma: "Can you handle me...? Feel my furious fists!"

Chun-li: "If you ask me if I'm ready, I've long been so. Eat this, freak!"

Shin Akuma: "Comply!"

Vs DanEdit

Dan: "Who're you?"

Shin Akuma: "I am Akuma. Master of the Fist...."

Dan: "All that punching's made you punch! Thank me cause I'm gonna send you to nirvana!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs DemitriEdit

Demitri: "Hmph. Such power..."

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Demitri: "How amusing. You shall become my loyal servant!"

Vs DhalsimEdit

Dhalsim: "What is this? An evil spirit... And bigger than before."

Shin Akuma: "Are you prepared... To go to heaven?"

Dhalsim: "By my life... I will stop you!"

Shin Akuma: "Nonsense!"

Vs EarthquakeEdit

Earthquake: "I don't know, but being stared at really freaks me out!"

Shin Akuma: "I'll fling you into hell in a flash!"

Vs Geese HowardEdit

Geese Howard: "Wh-what's this!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Geese Howard: "Hmph! So this is the real Murder Wave, eh? Bring it on!"

Vs GenjyuroEdit

Genjyuro: "You dare hinder me! Move! Or I'll fillet you!"

Shin Akuma: "Draw a blade on me? You risk destruction!"

Genjyuro: "I risk my life, do I...? Delightful. What's life without a little thrill?"

Vs GoenitzEdit

Goenitz: "So you are the fist master I hear of. Impressive, indeed."

Shin Akuma: "Rumble!"

Goenitz: "Hoo hoo... Yah ha ha! Let me uplift you... And don't dissapoint me. Whoo ha ha ha!"

Vs GuileEdit

Guile: "You give even me goose pimples..."

Shin Akuma: "Back off... There's no reason to throw your life away."

Guile: "What're you joking? If I must turn tail, I'd rather die."

Shin Akuma: "There's no glory in being a courageous corpse."

Vs HugoEdit

Poison: "He looks pretty tough. This guy's for real!"

Shin Akuma: "...."

Poison: "Think you can take him? May be out of your league."

Hugo: "I'll show you how tough a pro wrestler can be!"

Vs IoriEdit

Iori: "Argh... Why you...!"

Shin Akuma: "I am the fist master! Now you will feel the sting of Asura's might!"

Vs KasumiEdit

Kasumi: "A d-demon! And here I am with no talisman..."

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs KenEdit

Ken: "We haven't yet met, and I'm sweating like a pig! I can tell this guy's going to be tough."

Shin Akuma: "You've no taste for murder, I see. Die!"

Ken: "I can't do that. I'm a man. Sorry, but I'm staying."

Shin Akuma: "...Then suffer my rage!"

Vs KimEdit

Kim: "A real fighter fights responsibly! Got that?"

Shin Akuma: "Ludicrous!"

Kim: "For the likes of you, justice's hammer's coming down hard on your head."

Vs KyoEdit

Kyo: "Agh! Who now?!..."

Shin Akuma: "I've mastered my fists. Show me your power."

Vs MaiEdit

Mai: "Who're you?"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs Mars PeopleEdit

Mars People: "BEEP BO BA BO BEE."

Shin Akuma: "Rumble!"

Mars People: "BOOP BLAP!"

Vs Mr. KarateEdit

Mr. Karate: "Whoa. Neanderthals still do exist."

Shin Akuma: "I am the fist master! Show me your strenght!"

Mr. Karate: "First, you must purge all desires. Ok. I'll teach you the power of Kyokugen!"

Vs Orochi IoriEdit

Orochi Iori: "Oh-whooaa!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Orochi Iori: "Gah-aah-aaaah!"

Vs RyoEdit

Shin Akuma: "I am the fist master.."

Ryo: "Fist master? Ha ha. That's rich!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs RyuEdit

Ryu: "Th-the Murder Wave..."

Shin Akuma: "Take yourself back, kid. You got what it takes..."

Ryu: "Me... I won't go there. I don't need to sell my soul to become tough!"

Shin Akuma: "It's too late... You're on your way there."

Vs SagatEdit

Sagat: "What a spirit! What murderous intent!"

Shin Akuma: "You won't escape... Die!"

Sagat: "Me?... Escape?! I'm not a cowardly emperor like you!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy..."

Vs ShikiEdit

Shiki: "...."

Shin Akuma: "...."

Shiki: "...."

Shin Akuma: "... Expire!"

Vs TerryEdit

Terry: "!!! What is this strange sensation?"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Terry: "Uh, oh.... This could be trouble!"

Vs TessaEdit

Tessa: "A growing evil! Asura controls this soul. The Murder Wave!"

Shin Akuma: "Die!"

Tessa: "Hoo hoo hoo. No can do. This is my job too. Defend yourself!"

Vs VegaEdit

Vega: "This one.... Has a powerful spirit."

Shin Akuma: "I am the fist master. You are no foe of mine. Die!"

Vega: "It will not be.... One as ugly as you cannot be the mightiest!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs Violent KenEdit

Violent Ken: "Ooh-woooh-ooh."

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Violent Ken: "Ooh-waaaagh!"

Vs ZeroEdit

Ciel: "[Error.... I cannot analyze this opponent.]"

Zero: "This, too, is another form... Of a mighty mortal? Curious."

Shin Akuma: "I am the fist master. Show me your strenghth!"

Vs Shin Mr. KarateEdit

Shin Akuma: "Why... Do you not flee? Only despair faces you."

Shin Mr. Karate: "Flee? Get serious! The battle that settles my true potential awaits!"

Shin Akuma: "What will be settled... Is but your death!"

Shin Mr. Karate: "Oh-hoh! If that's all you got, I am not daunted!"

Vs Mirror MatchEdit

Mirror Match: "Darkness charms light... Light seeks darkness..."

Shin Akuma: "Between we two, which is the light...?"

Mirror Match: "The answer will soon be revealed! Have at you!"

Vs AthenaEdit

Athena: "Power like that... No, it can't be...!"

Shin Akuma: "Do you hear the groans of spirits...?"

Athena: "I can't let you run wild here. Defend yourself, demon!"

Shin Akuma: "I, too... Will be their prey...."

Vs Red ArremerEdit

Red Arremer: "Gyah?! Gyah-gyah!"

Shin Akuma: "... No more chit-chat. Destroy!"

Red Arremer: "Gya-gyaaaah!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "God and devil live in the power of my fists!"
  • "May you die and be devoured by 100 demons!"
  • "My wave...destroys all!"
  • "Ye dead, off to the netherworld!"


Shin Akuma: "... The principles of heaven cannot hope to rule my malevolent Murder Wave!

*Raises fist*

Shin Akuma: "Ooohnnn! Eat my 'Heaven-Earth Slice Destroyer'!"

*Seas split in two*

Shin Akuma: "I am the Fist Master... Heaven nor hell cannot hold a candle to my power!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Shin Akuma)Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "I will crush any opponent with one swift stroke!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Dark Energy is invincible!"
  • "Feel the Power! Embrace the dark side!"
  • "You are no match for my Shungokusatsu!"
  • "I'm the strongest creation in the universe!"
  • "Nothing can damage me!"
  • "The Earth trembles in awe of my fighting prowess!"
  • "This is the end!"
  • "A man has become mightier than anything and everything!"

Capcom Fighting Evolution (Shin Akuma)Edit

  • "Knowledge is power!"
  • "My power is eternal."
  • "My rage burns like a flame!"
  • "Only through sacrifice can you attain power!"
  • "The stronger mind will always prevail!"
  • "True strength can be attained by only those with a heart of stone."
  • "You cannot grasp the depths of my power."
  • "You lack concentration."

Tekken 7 Edit

  • "My power is absolute."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Edit


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