The Shinkuu Midare Uchi (真空みだれ打ち Shinkū Midare Uchi?, "Vacuum Riot Pounding") is one of Ryu's Super Combos in the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie.

Input (all appearances)
Punch hold Sf3 punch light + Sf3 punch medium, Arcade Stick QCF Arcade Stick QCF and release Sf3 punch light + Sf3 punch medium



Ryu performs a combo of four punches and four kicks consecutively, with the final kick knocking the opponent far away. The move's short range makes it extremely difficult to combo into, and the damage is only a bit better than Shinku Hadoken, so this move has limited use.

Trivia Edit

  • This move seems to be inspired by the Ryuuko Ranbu attack by SNK character Ryo Sakazaki, from the Art of Fighting series. Ironically, this very same move would be parodied with Dan Hibiki and his Hissho Buraiken Super Combo. Dan's move comically has difficulty reaching the opponent, while Ryo performs a lunging dash to ensure that the full combo connects. Ironically, Shinkuu Midare Uchi is unintentionally weak for very similar reasons to Dan's intentionally weak Super Combo.
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