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Shinten is one of Ibuki's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

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Ibuki slamming Dhalsim with the final hit of Shinten.

Executed by pressing Light Punch, Medium Punch, and then Heavy Punch, Ibuki first delivers a quick palm strike. Once the attack connects, she delivers a second palm strike with her other hand. If the second attack hits, Ibuki rotates and finishes the combination with a spinning downward chop.


This is Ibuki's main target combo from close range. It can be cancelled into most of her special attacks such as Kunai, Raida, or Kazekiri. However, this target combo is unsafe. It also becomes uncancelable on block. If the opponent blocks all three of Ibuki's attacks, they can punish her an inflict a decent amount of damage right back. This attack can only connect after her overhead in the corner if it connected at point blank range. Ibuki players should remember the range that medium punch will connect after the light punch starter as it will not make contact with her opponent if started from the limits of her light punch's range.


  • A difference between Shinten and Target Combo 4 visually is that Shinten is visually based on regular attacks while Target Combo 4 was based on different variations of Ibuki's attacks of the same strength, specifically Target Combo 4 uses Ibuki's Proximity Attack close light punch as the starter, at the medium punch strength stage Ibuki uses an attack visually similar to Agemen, and at the hard punch stage instead of her standing hard punch she uses her crouching hard punch.