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"Say goodbye! No passion! (覚悟せい! 他愛も無い! Kakugo sei! Taai mo nai!?)"

The Shitenketsu (死点穴? "Deadly Pressure Points") is Gen's second Mantis style Ultra Combo, introduced in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Punch x3
Gen 443


Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward motions and pressing all three punch buttons, Gen draws back before launching a flurry of Hyakurenko strikes. If any of these connect, Gen launches another flurry of strikes to various pressure points on the opponent's torso before hitting one final pressure point on the opponent's forehead. The opponent then crumples to the ground. Note that despite him striking the opponent many times, only two of them are registered as "hits"; the first and final strike.

Shitenketsu used against Guy in Super Street Fighter IV.


This Ultra Combo is unique in that it does not inflict normal damage, but instead a massive amount of provisional damage, as if the opponent had been hit while executing a Focus Attack. It is therefore important for the person playing Gen to follow up by hitting the opponent one more time before the damage recovers. However, if the attack inflicts more provisional damage than the opponent has health, the opponent is knocked out. For this reason, the attack is significantly more effective at finishing an opponent off than at simply inflicting non-"fatal" damage, in keeping with its status as a "touch of death".



Super Street Fighter 4 - Gen Ultra 2 Shi'tengetsu

Super Street Fighter 4 - Gen Ultra 2 Shi'tengetsu

Super Street Fighter IV (Japanese voices).

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