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The Shocking Heel is one of Poison's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Poison turns and faces the opposite direction. As she bends over, Poison lefts one of her bent knees off of the ground. She then quickly extends her leg upward to send her opponent flying into the air. If no directional input or button is pressed after the attack, Poison raises both her hands and smirks before dropping back to her stance.



Shocking Heel is one of Poison's main combo enders. This attack originally appeared in Ultra Street Fighter IV's OMEGA Mode under the name Ascension. While it doesn't have the range as her Avant Line, it inflicts just as much damage. Besides ending combos with Shocking Heel, Poison can also use this move as an anti-air tool. With proper timing and spacing, she can interrupt her opponent's jump-ins from almost any distance. It can be linked from most of Poison's normals. Shocking Heel can also be cancelled into her Critical Art.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the move's startup, damage output, and range. Each version is also very unsafe on block.

The Light version inflicts the least amount of damage and has the shortest range. However, it has an 8-frame startup, making it her fastest special move. The Light version is one of her best anti-air attacks. While it doesn't give Poison any sort of invincibility, the kick's hitbox extends upward to intercept her opponent before they can perform their jump-in attack. Additionally, the Light version is an excellent way to build meter after stunning her opponent. Poison can perform up to three Light Shocking Heel to build some meter before delivering a heavy jump-in combo on her stunned opponent.

The Medium version has a slightly longer startup than the Light version. It also has a longer range, moving Poison a little bit forward before delivering the kick. In addition, Medium Shocking Heel inflicts more damage. While the Light version's fast startup makes it a decent anti-air attack, the Medium version can also be used to intercept her opponent's jump-ins. However, because of it's 15-frame startup, it requires fast reactions and a good read on the opponent for it to be effective.

The Heavy version has the slowest startup, but has the longest range. It also inflicts the most damage out of the other versions. Because of its 25-frame startup, this move can only be linked from her Standing Heavy Punch. While it's not as an effective anti-air attack, Heavy Shocking Heel launches her opponent a little bit higher into the air. This allows Poison to extend combos with this move by canceling into EX Heavy Heart Raid for optimal damage and okizeme.

The EX version requires 1-bar of Critical Gauge. It has a faster startup than the Heavy version, while having the same range as the Medium version. Even though EX Shocking Heel inflicts the same damage as the Light version, this version is used to extend combos. Poison can cancel the EX version into her V-Skill to push her opponent further into the corner. She can also cancel EX Shocking Heel into Heavy Heart Raid to get better wake-up pressure.