The Shoot Slicer is one of Seth's unique attacks in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-MPunch>Arcade-Button-HKick

Description Edit

Executed by pressing forward and Medium Punch, followed by Heavy Kick, Seth first takes a step toward his opponent and delivers a straight punch. If the initial attack connects, he finishes the sequence by delivering a low, spinning heel kick.


The first attack is one of Seth's mid-range pokes. Not only this move has a fairly quick startup, but it is also -2 on block. Linking it with Turning Slicer allows Seth to perform this target combo. The second attack hits low. If the opponent isn't ready, he can sneak in the low kick to inflict decent damage and bring his opponent closer toward him.

Additionally, he is +2 if this target combo hits. Seth has a few options after hitting the opponent with Shoot Slicer. Because his opponent is very close to him, this target combo gives him opportunity to put them in a mix-up situation. Seth is in range to either go for a throw, continue pressure with one of his stronger normals, or use shimmies to open up his opponent. By pressing Heavy Punch at the end of this target combo, Seth can perform Fatal Rush.


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