The Shooting Peach (シューティングピーチ Shuutingu Piichi?) is one of Rainbow Mika's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick
Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch

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Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Executed by performing a quarter circle backwards motion and pressing kick, similar to her Flying Peach but with considerably less startup, R. Mika launches herself at her opponent back-first while shouting "Bomber!". As a trade-off, R. Mika will land on her backside and rub it in pain after attacking, leaving herself vulnerable to a counterattack for a few seconds even if the move hits her enemy. To counteract this, the Shooting Peach is capable of launching the opponent a good distance away if it connects successfully, giving Mika time to recover.

Depending on the kick button used, Mika will cover a longer distance: a light kick will send her about a step forward, while a heavy kick will send her about half the screen, with the medium kick variant lying somewhere in between.

Street Fighter VEdit


Shooting Peach is now executed by performing a quarter circle forward motion and pressing punch. Shooting Peach in Street Fighter V retains its properties of launching R. Mika rear end first into her opponent. However, it lacks the ending animation of her rubbing her backside in pain (unless it is the EX version).

Performing her EX variation, R. Mika performs two clotheslines, followed by her Shooting Peach. The Shooting Peach does not come out if the clotheslines are either blocked or whiffed.


StreetFighterV 12 31 2019 10 02 39 PM

Mika hitting her opponent in the face using Shooting Peach.

This move primarily serves as a combo ender. It is one of a few special attack R. Mika has that is not a command throw. The strength of the punch button determines the move's startup and damage inflicted. The Light version comes out the fastest, but has the shortest range and does the least amount of damage. The Heavy version has the longest range and inflicts the most damage, but it comes out the slowest. The EX version comes out the fastest and does the most damage. It also gives R. Mika one hit of armor.

The EX version is effective because it comes out fast and can be used to challenge the opponent who are pressuring R. Mika with pokes.  It also has great corner carry, which means R. Mika can get her opponent across the screen and into the corner if this move hits. Also, the EX version gives R. Mika one hit of armor for her upper-body at the beginning of the move.  This allows her to stuff normals, air attacks, fireballs, etc. This is actually quite a good move during the neutral game and can catch unsuspecting opponents by surprise.

Unfortunately, the armor does not protect R. Mika against low attacks or throws. Also, if the EX version (or the other normal versions) gets blocked, R. Mika can be punished.

Trivia Edit

  • This attack is usually compared to Princess Peach's "Peach Bomber" side B attack in the Smash series, as they are both very noticeable "butt attacks" in their series. They both even land on the floor and both users show noticeable discomfort temporarily due to their hard seated position landing if they miss.
  • Realistically this attack can actually be considered dangerous for Mika's future well being, as many real life wrestlers who have performed maneuvers that land in a seated position (such as a leg drop) throughout their careers have documented hip or spinal problems such as Matt Hardy and Hulk Hogan in their later years.

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  • This move is based on a professional wrestling move called the Hip Attack.
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