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Shukuchi: Rimon Chochu (縮地・裡門頂肘 Shukuchi: Rimon Chouchuu?, "Reduced Earth: Inside Gate Peak Elbow") is one of Yun's special attacks, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Shukuchi is a mythology originated term to refer to the magic based teleporation powers of xian, hence "reduced earth" or to "cover ground immediately". In the context of martial arts, it refers to techniques used to immediately close distance and strike at a foe's blind spot.

Meanwhile, the Rimon Chochu itself is another common move in Japanese media that several Chinese martial artist characters use, and is another commonly-associated bajiquan/hakkyokuken technique, often used to rush in with a sudden forward stomp-step in tandem with an upwards-forward elbow thrust. Its opposite tends to be the Gaimon Chochu (外門頂肘 Gaimon Chouchuu?, "Outer Gate Peak Elbow"), which instead involves a forward-across elbow instead.


By tapping forward twice and pressing a punch button, Yun performs a forward-stomping-step motion in tandem with his following elbow thrusting upward-and-forward all with explosive force and with a single side of the body, which is how the Rimon Chochu itself is often performed (used to rush in and strike at a foe's whiffed attack from underneath).

This attack knocks back the foe. The punch button pressed determines the distance covered via the advancing step, while the EX version has 4 hits and a follow-up attack.

Renkan Shoko[]

In the EX version, by pressing two more punches, Yun will make his Renkan Shoko (連環衝靠 Renkan Shoukou?, "Chain Loop Piercing Lean"), which is a follow-up attack. Yun will perform a Tetsuzanko that will launch the opponent up, and uses an extra bar of meter.


This move works well with Yun’s Genei Jin. It can be the basis of Yun’s combos and offense. It can also be used in several of his combos.