The Shukumyo is one of Zeku's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by pressing down twice, followed by two punch buttons at the same time, Zeku seemingly throws a pellet at his feet, which then explodes and releases a smoke cloud, hiding Zeku from view. The smoke then clears, revealing Zeku in his other form. Zeku then briefly stands still and poses with his hands together in a focused position before either moving or reverting back to his idle stance. This move can be performed by both Old and Young Zeku.

Tactics[edit | edit source]


Shukumyo allows Zeku to switch at will without the need to attack his opponent, unlike his Fukuro and his second V-Trigger. This move is best used when the opponent is knocked down or at a distance from Zeku. It is also used to deceive the opponent. While pressuring them with normals and combos, Zeku can use Shukumyo to not only transform into his younger/older self, but it can also catch his opponent off-guard if they expect him to complete a combo.

This move is the safest way for Zeku to change forms. While his V-Skill and second V-Trigger are unsafe on block, he can still defend himself after the transformation. This is because Zeku is completely vulnerable throughout the duration of the move and a little bit after it is done. It is also possible for Zeku to switch forms back-and-forth during a single combo. By effectively utilizing Shukumyo, Zeku can perform flashy, yet tricky combos to inflict optimal damage and maintain positional advantage.

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