The Shunpukyaku (春風脚 Shunpūkyaku?, "Spring Breeze Leg"), also known as Twirling Gale Kick, is one of Sakura's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

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Sakura hitting Cammy with her Shunpukyaku at the beginning of Sakura Rain.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Sakura jumps and rotates her legs while in midair, and kicks the opponent 1-3 times. The move is Sakura's own version of Ryu and Ken's own Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. Instead of floating in the air, Sakura's variation allows her to ascend and then float back down while spinning. She can also use it in the air in most of the appearances.

In Street Fighter IV, the EX version adds an extra kick that launches the opponent, leaving them open for follow-ups.

In the OMEGA Mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV by pressing another kick button while Sakura performs the medium or heavy Shunpukyaku, and Sakura will hold a kick that knocks the opponent on the ground called Shunpurenkyaku.



Shunpukyaku as it is seen in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection's frame viewer.

Like most of Sakura's special attacks, this attack is primarily used to end combos. It has a slower startup than Shouoken and inflicts slightly less damage. However, similar to Ryu's and Ken's Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Sakura can use this move to avoid projectiles. While it doesn't result in a knockdown, she is frame advantage on hit, allowing her to maintain offensive pressure and keeping her opponent on their heels with frametraps and throws.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the move's startup, range, number of hits, and damage inflicted.

  • The Light version has the fastest startup and recovery. However, it only hits the opponent once and inflicts the least amount of damage. It also has the shortest range. The Light version is mainly used to end blockstring combos, since it is -2 on block. Because it is difficult for her opponent to punish Sakura after blocking Shunpukyaku, she doesn't risk much in ending combos with this move.
  • The Medium version has a longer startup, compared to the Light version. The trade-off is that it deals more damage and has a slightly longer range. It also hits her opponent twice. This version can be linked from her Heavy attacks, although she needs to be close to her opponent in order to for it to combo afterwards. It also +3 on hit. Unlike her other normal versions, Medium Shunpukyaku serves as one of Sakura's combo extenders. On hit, she can link into Crouching Light Punch for a follow-up combo. However, it is the only version that is unsafe on block.
  • The Heavy version has the longest startup. However, it hits the opponent three times and inflicts the most damage. It also has the longest range. Sakura is also in the air longer with this version, making it useful to go through fireballs and punish her opponent at the same time. Unlike the Medium version, Heavy Shunpukyaku cannot be used to extend combos. However, it is also safe on block. Sakura is also +2 on hit. After hitting her opponent with the Heavy version, she can use Standing Medium Punch to beat out 3-frame normals.
  • The EX version hits the opponent four times. It also inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. Unlike the normal versions, EX Shunpukyaku results in a knockdown. It also leaves Sakura -2 on block. Hitting the opponent with this version gives Sakura great corner carry and okizeme. In the corner, the EX version is a great combo extender. It puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing Sakura to follow-up with Light or EX Shouoken.



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