"Your guard's down."

Silent Sharpness is Nash's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Nash casually adjusts his glasses as the gem on his forehead flashes momentarily. This enhances his next Sonic Scythe, increasing the move's range, hit-count, and overall damage.


This move works similar to Balrog's second V-Skill. While it takes a total of 53 frames to perform, Nash can execute this move with little risk if he is zoning out his opponent with projectiles or backing away from them. Once this move is active, Nash keeps this buffed ability until a Sonic Scythe is performed. If he gets hit or is knocked down, he maintains this enhancement. In addition, performing a Sonic Scythe while in this buffed state builds a bit of Nash's V-Gauge, even on whiff. His V-Meter increases if Sonic Scythe is blocked and gains a bit more if he hits his opponent with it.

Each version of his Sonic Scythe is enhanced while his second V-Skill is active. Besides the increased range and damage output, the Light version becomes +2 on block. This gives Nash a safe way to end combos, dealing a bit more chip damage in the process. The Medium version is -5 on block. However, its range is improved significantly. Nash can surprise his opponent from afar as he is able to hit Medium Sonic Scythe from about 3/4 of the screen. The Heavy version launches his opponent higher for more juggle combos. He can link into Light or Medium Sonic Scythe for additional damage. The EX version inflicts the most damage and builds up a good chunk of Nash's V-Gauge.

While Nash's first V-Skill gives him a way to counter against fireballs, it can be difficult to use against other characters who lack projectiles. Silent Sharpness gives Nash a more consistent way to build V-Meter, allowing him to have access to his V-Trigger more quickly. Additionally, the enhancements to his Sonic Scythe makes him more of a threat in the neutral game.


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