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The Silent Step is one of Cammy's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch>Arcade Button Punch
Modern Arcade-Stick-Down+Modern SP>Arcade-Stick-Left+Modern Button



Cammy performing Silent Step in Street Fighter 6.

"A quick descent performed from Hooligan Combination. This fast maneuver is useful as a feint after making an opponent think you're about to attack."
Street Fighter 6

Executed by pressing punch while Cammy is airborne during her Hooligan Combination (or pressing back and any attack button for Modern Control), Cammy uncurls her body as she drops almost vertically back to the ground without attacking the opponent.


This move is Cammy's newest follow-up options from her Hooligan Combination. It is the only follow-up move that doesn't attack the opponent. However, its main purpose is to bait out an opponent's anti-air attack. By quickly descending to the ground as the opponent performs a counterattack, Cammy can avoid the potential attack and be in a position to punish the opponent. Additionally, even if the opponent doesn't perform an anti-air attack, she can keep them on their heels if they are expecting a follow-up attack from Cammy. As she hits the ground, she can perform a Crouching Light Kick to a standing opponent or go for a throw if she's in range. The closer she is to the ground, the quicker she can recover. During an OD Silent Step (or from a held Hooligan Combination), Cammy falls to the ground faster.