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"Now I'm going to have my fun with this! (Hums gleefully) Let's do it again!"

The Skip To My Chain (バッド・スキップ・チェーン Baddo Sukippu Chēn?, "Bad Skip Chain") is Birdie's Critical Art in Street Fighter V. It combines aspects of multiple attacks, including the Bull Horn, Bull Head, and the Bandit Chain.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward+Punch


Birdie spiking Cammy into the ground at the end of Skip To My Chain.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing Punch, Birdie combs his Mohawk as his skin turns red before striking his opponent with a Bull Head that sends them reeling backwards. As his opponent is hurled back across the stage, Birdie's chains are thrown and wrapped around their body. The opponent falls on their stomach, getting dragged and bounced toward Birdie.

Once when the opponent is close enough, Birdie "jump ropes" with the opponent twice whilst gleefully humming a tune. On the third rotation, Birdie smirks as he before performing a triple under, turning the chain with his opponent underneath three times, before somersaulting forward and slamming them headfirst into the ground. If the opponent is knocked out during the move, the opponent will continue to lay motionless inside the crater, with their legs comically sticking up from the ground.


This move is highly versatile. It is fast, far reaching, and can inflict a lot of damage. It can also be used to deliver a devastating long range punish. Like most Critical Arts, this move is used to end combos to deal large amounts of damage to the opponent. Skip To My Chain can be canceled from Birdie's special moves such as Bull Head for a high damaging confirm combo.[1]

In addition, if Birdie gets the opponent to jump back in order to avoid his Bull Revenger command grab, he can immediately use this move raw to punish them in the air. However, it requires a hard read. Also, if the opponent uses an aerial move, as Zanku Hadoken, Birdie's Critical Art may whiff, leaving him vulnerable.