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The Slap & Smash is one of Poison's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Punch, followed by Heavy Punch in succession during mid-jump, Poison performs a backhanded slap. If the initial attack hits, she follows up with a short-ranged, diagonal lash with her whip that knocks her opponent to the ground. 



This attack is one of Poison's aerial target combos, including her Slap & Slash. The first hit is also one of her primary air-to-air moves. It has a fairly quick startup and decent range for a Jumping Medium normal. The first attack also puts her opponent in a juggle state, allowing Poison to finish the target combo with Jumping Heavy Punch. Compared to Slap & Slash, the final hit of this target combo knocks her opponent back about halfscreen. From that distance, Poison can still zone out her opponent with her long-range normals to keep them back. She can also set up her first V-Trigger to inflict easy chip damage on her opponent.