Slash (スラッシュ Surasshu?) is a character from the Final Fight series, appearing as a member of the Mad Gear Gang. Slash, along with his palette swap Axl, appears as a common enemy in the original Final Fight.



Slash is a muscular black man, sporting an afro as well as a red open jacket and pants. He wears gray fingerless gloves, as well as brown boots.

In his Street Fighter V artwork, Slash now has long, curly hair (due to him growing his hair out), as well as a yellow jacket and brown pants. His boots are now black with silver toes, and he wears a chain necklace. Slash's gloves are black and cover his fingers, and he is shown wielding a steel pipe.


Slash has a very quiet and reserved personality, and always takes care to act professionaly. Due to this, he is widely respected in the Mad Gear Gang. However, he hates to lose, and lets his emotions show in a big way when playing games or any sort. Slash enjoys watching soccer games, but does not play the sport himself.[1]


Final Fight

Slash appears in Final Fight as a common enemy. He is a member of the Mad Gear Gang, working under Belger in his gambit to retain control of Metro City by kidnapping the newly-elected Mayor Haggar's daughter, Jessica.

Gameplay and fighting style

Slash, along with Axl, rely largely in a double hammer punch and a roundhouse kick on his fighting style, dealing a sizable amount of damage to the player if his attacks connect. Unlike most enemies in Final Fight, Slash has the ability to block attacks, something exclusive to himself and Axl. Despite their excessive damage input and their high blocking skills, both Axl and Slash possess small amount of health, with Slash being the one who presents with slightly more HP than his counterpart Axl.


  • Slash is named after musician Saul "Slash" Hudson, lead guitarist of the rock band Guns 'N Roses. His Street Fighter V profile adds several details likening him to the musician, namely his birthplace of England and his new hairstyle, which resembles Hudson's own. Axl's name is also a reference to the band, as he is named after lead singer Axl Rose.
  • In the SNES version of Final Fight, Slash will sport a short crew cut instead of the pompadeur hairstyle that is present in the Arcade version of himself.


Slash (FF) Model


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