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Rose using her Slide

Slide is one of Rose's unique attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter IV series.

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Executed by pressing down-forward and Medium Kick, Rose does a regular low slide kick with her back leg.



This attack can be used against some aerial attacks to catch the landing frames, allowing Rose to perform a maximum damage combo. It can also be used in spacing battles to gain positioning and avoid some attacks due to it's low profile nature Slide can be used on the opponent's wake up to set up a frame trap situation.

This move is also one of Rose's unique attacks in Street Fighter V. It is unsafe on hit and on block, meaning that it's only effective as a mid-range tool. She can use this attack to slide underneath projectiles and still have enough range to inflict some damage. A well-spaced Slide makes it difficult for her opponent to punish. If Rose has her second V-Skill active, she can potentially keep them on their heels as they are forced to respect the circling orb, even if on a blocked Slide.

When Rose's second V-Trigger is active, Soul Presa becomes more of a threat from up close. At point-blank range, it becomes +6 on block; potentially putting them in a mix-up situation where Rose can follow up with another normal or break their defenses with a throw. Rose's slide becomes a decent combo extender on hit; bringing her up close to her opponent and, being +11 on hit, allowing her to follow up with a Crouching Heavy Punch, Soul Presa, or her target combo for some exciting, yet damaging combos.



  • This is one of the few attacks of Rose that does not have the "Soul" or "Aura" prefix.