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View of Small Airfield.

The Small Airfield is a stage that appears in the Street Fighter IV series. It takes place in Central Africa.


The stage is a small airfield with several African men, (presumably mercenaries), watching the fight. At the end of each round, the spectators fire machine guns into the air. A large cargo plane rolls into the stage, and its left wing will enter the fight area, where it can be broken off by an airborne attack.

During the fight, Balrog will open the plane's door and spectate. If Balrog is participating in the fight, Vega will appear instead. If both Balrog and Vega are fighting, M. Bison will appear. This is in reference to their names being swapped with one-another in Japan.

The aircraft featured in the background is a two engine version of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III with S.I.N. markings on it. There are other scenery that can be seen only with camera mods such as boxes labeled as "Fragile".


Off Camera SceneryEdit


Street Fighter 4 - Theme Small Airfield

Street Fighter 4 - Theme Small Airfield

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